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Get The AutoView Plugin

Buy AutoView

You will need:

Chrome or Chromium and USD $24.99 a month with 10% coupon code below API keys from your exchange A spare Google account

What is AutoView?

AutoView is a paid (per exchange) Chrome extension that will allow you to link your exchange via API keys so it buys when the TradingView alerts are triggered.

How to buy and install.

If you are on Linux please use the other guide first!

  1. Make sure that you are signed in to a SEPARATE google account than the one you usually use in the browser, this will link your auto view account with your browser.

  2. Go to and install this.

  3. Click on the dark AutoView cloud icon to the right of your address bar and click on change settings at the bottom of pop-up, it will take you to the permissions section.

  4. Click on the green grant button on the right for the exchange you have (Binance, Bittrex or Poloniex)

  5. Pay for the exchange and use coupon code D5GT4-164N3-FD7FP to get 10% off your order! We highly suggest using PayPal! You will see a pink window that will verify your payment

  6. If for whatever reason your Google payment fails you have to scroll to bottom of permissions section to revoke access to google payments in order for other purchases to work (its a bug not a feature!) If you use PayPal you can cancel payment if you selected and paid for the wrong exchange within a couple of hours.

  7. After payment go back to permissions page and it should say Active Subscription in a green button.

  8. If green button does not say Active subscription you can refresh page or click revoke and then click grant and it should now say Active Subscription

  9. Now on the left click Exchanges and go to to your exchange and add your API credentials

  10. Test credentials and if the test is successful you are good to go!

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