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Welcome to the EOS Jungle Testnet

Based on tag: v1.2.1 Please join out Jungle testnet telegram channel
Network Monitor: http://jungle.cryptolions.io/#

!!! If you are Not synced, you need to downgrade to v1.1.0 sync node and upgrade:

  1. stop node.
  2. downgrade to v1.1.0
  3. remove blocks/reverrsible folder.
  4. disable bnet /mongo plugin
  5. update peers in config
  6. ./start.sh --replay
  7. Upgrade to v1.2.1

BP node Registartion (auto installer script)

To get auto installer script please register:

Pin in registartion is your password to update node info later.

After registration will be created personal intallation script for you. It will download and compile EOS, create testnet and wallet folders, create start/stop/etc scripts, create all configs and examples how to register as producer, stake and vote.

Updating sources to new version

stop your nodeos before

cd ../eos-source  
git pull
git checkout v1.2.1 
git submodule update --init --recursive    

./eosio_build.sh -s EOS   

Manual installation

Install EOS

Lets get sources, change token symbol from SYS to EOS and compile

mkdir /home/eos-v1.0  
cd /home/eos-v1.0  

git clone https://github.com/eosio/eos --recursive    
cd eos  

git checkout v1.2.1  
git submodule update --init --recursive   

./eosio_build.sh -s EOS

Configuring Node

  • Create data-dir folder for you node:

    mkdir /opt/JungleTestnet 
  • Clone all files from this repo:

    cd /opt/JungleTestnet
    git clone https://github.com/CryptoLions/EOS-Jungle-Testnet.git ./ 
  • add execution rights

    chmod +x ./*.sh   
    chmod +x ./Wallet/*.sh 
  • If you use different data-dir folders -> edit all paths in files cleos.sh, start.sh, stop.sh, config.ini, Wallet/start_wallet.sh, Wallet/stop_wallet.sh: Also please change limits for your system, add in your start.sh:

  ulimit -n 65535
  ulimit -s 64000
  • Choose your producer name (12 symbols length a-z 1-5) and create own EOS key pair
    you can create key pair using cleos command ./cleos.sh create key or here.

  • Register account for your producer using created key:

  • Edit in config.ini next parameters:

    • server address: p2p-server-address = YOUR_NODE_IP_ADDRESS:9876
    • your producer name: producer-name = YOUR_BP_NAME
    • created producer keypair: private-key = ["YOUR_PUBKEY","YOUR_PRIVKEY"]
    • replace p2p-peer-address list with fresh generated on monitor site: http://jungle.cryptolions.io/#p2p
    • Check chain-state-db-size-mb value in config, it should be not bigger than you have RAM:
      chain-state-db-size-mb = 32768
  • Open http and p2p Ports on your firewall/router

  • Connect your node, run

  • Start wallet, run
  • Create your wallet
./cleos.sh wallet create -n <YOUR_WALLET_NAME>

rember the password,it will be used when unlock wallet

  • Unlock your wallet
./cleos.sh wallet unlock -n <YOUR_WALLET_NAME>

enter the wallet password.

  • Import your key
./cleos.sh wallet -n <YOUR_WALLET_NAME> import <YOUR_PRIVKEY>

First run should be with --delete-all-blocks and --genesis-json

./start.sh --delete-all-blocks --genesis-json genesis.json
  • Check if you can access you node using link http://you_server:your_http_port/v1/chain/get_info (Example)

If you installed and synced and would like to see your node in monitor - just register with you node data and skip step 2.

Get test EOS tokens:


Other Tools/Examples

  • In scripts folder you can find examples how to register as producer, stake, vote, claimrewards, etc
  • You can use testnet monitor for preparing vote command: https://t.me/jungletestnet/19081
  • Cleos commands:

Send EOS

./cleos.sh transfer <your account>  <receiver account> "1.0000 EOS" "test memo text"

Get Balance

./cleos.sh get currency balance eosio.token <account name>

Create account

./cleos.sh system newaccount --stake-net "10.0000 EOS" --stake-cpu "10.0000 EOS" --buy-ram-bytes 4096 <your accountr> <new account> <pkey1> <pkey2>

List registered producers (-l )

./cleos.sh get table eosio eosio producers -l 100  

List your last action (use -h to get help, do not work now)

./cleos.sh get actions <account name>

List staked/delegated

./cleos.sh system listbw <account>   

by: CryptoLions.io

Keybase account: cryptolions

================== History: BPs participating in dawn2/3 ======================

BP Nodes Information

BP Name Address Port (http) Port (p2p) Location Organisation
Volcano jungle.cryptolions.io 8888 9876 Ukraine, Kyiv CryptoLions.io
Lion jungle.cryptolions.io 8890 9890 Ukraine, Kyiv CryptoLions.io
Tiger 8888 9876 Ukraine, Lviv CryptoLions.io
Jaguar jungle.eosnewyork.io 8888 9876 Central Canada EOS New York
Bat ctestnet.eosio.se 8062 6602 Sweden EOSio.se
Mowgli mowgli.jungle3.eos.roelandp.nl 8765 9876 Germany roelandp.nl/eos
Dragonfly 8888 9876 Barcelona EOSbcn
Elephant2 8877 9876 USA Blockpro.one
Mosquito mosquito.prometeos.io 8889 9877 Spain IberEOS
Fox eosrio.entropia.in 8887 9875 Brazil, Rio de Janeiro EOS Rio
Gorilla Jungle.eosuk.io 8427 9927 UK EOS UK
Wombat pearls.capital 8888 9876 russia, moscow pearls.capital
Sloth 8888 9876 Singapore EOS Botetourt
Langurs eosgreen.uk.to 8888 9876 UK EOSgreen.io
Tokki bpseoul.eosnodeone.io 8888 9876 Seoul eosnodeone.io
Whale whale.eoscalgary.com 80 9876 Canada EOS.Cafe
Panther bp4-d3.eos42.io 8888 9876 London EOS42.io
Tortoise 8888 9876 France EOSdac.io
Galapago 7010 7015 Germany bitcoineos.fun
Mpenjati mpenjati.eosio.africa 8888 9876 Africa EOS.IO Africa
Cougars testnet01.eoseoul.io 8801 9901 Korea, Seoul EOSeoul.io
Ladybird 8888 9876 Barcelona EOSbcn
Giraffe 8888 9876 Hongkong Niuchain
Rhino 8888 9876 Hong Kong HKEOS
Cheetah cheetah.jungle3.bptn.eosamsterdam.net 8888 9876 Amsterdam EOS Amsterdam
Termite robotikalis.ddns.net 8888 9876 London EOS-East
Snake testnet.eosindia.io 8888 9876 India EOSIndia
Tapir 8888 9876 Germany 0xc0ffee
Boar 8890 9876 USA, San Francisco EOSBR
Spider 8888 9876 China , Beijing 北京星云比特科技有限公司
Koala jungle.genereos.io 8888 9876 Australia, Sydney GenerEOS
Beaver 8888 9876 Canada, Calgary EOS Calgary
Unicorn 8888 9876 China SuperONE.io
Scorpion 8888 9876 China, Peking EOS Zodiac
Hummingbird jungle.eoseco.net 8888 9876 China, Shanghai EOSeco
Kangaroo jungle.eosphere.io 8888 9876 Australia EOSphere.io
Leaf 8888 9876 Netherlands Massive Dibamics
Macaw 80 9876 USA EOSMX
Parrot testchain.jscut.org 8888 9876 USA, Virginia Todd Fleming
Pug 8888 9876 China, Shenzhen ViaBTC
Capybara testnet.eosdublin.io 8444 9878 Dublin EOSDublin.com
Bear eosslc.com 8889 9877 USA, Bluffdale, UT EOS SLC
Hedgehog jungle.worbli.io 8888 9876 USA, Ohio Worbli
Crow 8888 9876 China EOS UIP
Wildcat stealthbp.ddns.net 8800 6600 Korea, Seoul EOS Asia
Elk 8388 3389 Hong Kong EOS Gravity
Tarsier jungle.eos.blckchnd.com 8888 9876 Germany, Falkenstein blckchnd.com
Toucan 8888 9876 Hong Kong wancloud
Bull 8888 9876 China EOS.Hedging
Doppelganger 8888 9876 USA, Oregon James Sutherland
Eagle eosbeijing.one 8888 9876 Hongkong EOS Beijing
Wolverine 9879 6879 Canada, Monreal BP Node
Raven 8888 9876 Frankfurt EOS NL
Gazelle 8888 9876 USA BlockSmith
Marten 8888 9876 Russia TestNode
Hippo 8888 9876 USA, Los Angeles EOSBlock.co
Racoon 8889 9877 Poland eosemerge.io
Quokka quokka.eosreal.io 8868 9886 Mumbai-AWS EOSREAL
Rabbit 8888 9876 China EOS Cannon
Mamba 5280.duckdns.org 8888 9876 USA, Denver, CO Mamba
Monkey meow.eoslaomao.com 80 9876 Japan, Tokyo EOSLaoMao.com
Glowwarm dev.chainpool.io 7780 7781 Japan, Tokyo ChainPool
Frog eos-bp.bitfinex.com 8888 9876 Switzerland, Zurich Bitfinex
Dolphin 8888 9876 Ireland EOSEOS
Lamb 8888 9876 Germany, Kassel EOSVibes
Alligator bp-test.ono.chat 8888 9876 Japan, Tokyo eosONO
Ocelot avocado-toast.sandwich.farm 8888 9876 NL, Amsterdam sandwich.farm
Koalabear 8886 9876 Singapore EosLove
Croc 8888 9876 USA, Oregon EOS Floripa
Duck test.eosys.io 8888 9874 Korea, Seoul EOSYS
Pony 8888 9876 Japan www.eoshuobipool.com
Orca 8888 9876 China EOS Galaxy
Earthworm 8888 9876 USA EOS Plane
Toad bptn.eosraychain.com 80 9888 Hong Kong eosraychain.com
Shark 8888 9876 Newzealand EOSNz
Puffin 8888 9876 Canada, Vancouver eosvan.com
Fatmouse eos.shangtv.cn 28888 29876 China EOS HDTap
Dogo n2.eosargentina.io 8888 9876 USA, Miami eosargentina.io
Pelican jungle.eossv.org 8888 9876 USA, Oregon EOS Silicon Valley
Turtle 8888 9876 Korea, Seoul EOS R
Baboon eos.blockmatrix.network 8888 9876 UK, London Block Matrix
Mole 8888 9876 Canada, Toronto Eos Land
Cariboo 8888 9876 Canada, Toronto EOS Nation
Meerkat 8888 9876 Korea, Incheon IBCT.io


Address Port (http) Port (p2p) Location Organisation 8886 9874 Brazil, Rio de Janeiro EOS Rio
node-d3.eos42.io 6888 9876 EOS42 UK, London
node2-d3.eos42.io 8888 9876 EOS42 UK, London
axolotl.eoscalgary.com 80 9878 EOS.Cafe Canada

Nodes waiting to be connected

BP Name Address Port (http) Port (p2p) Location Organisation
Panda 8888 9876 Taiwan CIGEOS
Wolf eosbrazil.com 8884 9873 Brazil EOSbrazil.co
Snake testnet.eosindia.io 8888 9876 India EOSIndia
Leopard hlathi.eosio.africa 8888 9877 Africa EOSio.africa
Zebra jungle.eosnewyork.io 8888 9876 Canada, Montreal EOS New York
Python python.prometeos.io 8888 9876 Spain Prometeos.io
Lizard processing .... .... India EOS India
Ant robotikalis.ddns.net 8888 9876 London EOS-East