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Welcome to the EOS MainNet

Based on tag: mainnet-1.6.0
Network Monitor and Voting command prepering tool:

! new nodeos config parametr in 1.6.0: chain-threads = 8

Manual installation

Install EOS

mkdir /home/eos-sources  
cd /home/eos-sources  

git clone --recursive    
cd eos  

git checkout mainnet-1.6.0 
git submodule update --init --recursive   

./ -P -f  

Update EOS

mkdir /home/eos-sources  
cd /home/eos-sources/eos  

git checkout mainnet-1.6.0  
git submodule sync  
git submodule update --init --recursive   

./ -P -f  

Configuring Node

  • Create data-dir folder for you node:

    mkdir /opt/EOSmainNet 
  • Clone all files from this repo:

    cd /opt/EOSmainNet
    git clone ./ 
  • add execution rights

    chmod -R 777 ./*.sh   
    chmod -R 777 ./Wallet/*.sh 
  • If you use different data-dir folders -> edit all paths in files,,, Wallet/, Wallet/

  • Edit in config.ini next parameters and uncomment it:

    • server address: p2p-server-address = YOUR_NODE_IP_ADDRESS:9876
    • your producer name: producer-name = YOUR_BP_NAME
    • created producer keypair: private-key = YOUR_BLOCK_SIGN_PUB_KEY=KEY:YOUR_BLOCK_SIGN_PRIV_KEY
    • replace p2p-peer-address list with fresh generated on monitor site:
  • Open http and p2p Ports on your firewall/router

  • Connect your node, run

  • Start wallet, run
  • Import your key(s)
./ wallet import <YOUR_PRIVKEY>

First run should be with --delete-all-blocks and --genesis-json

./ --delete-all-blocks --genesis-json genesis.json
  • Check if you can access you node using link http://you_server:your_http_port/v1/chain/get_info

add bp.json with info about your node:

Other Tools/Examples

  • In scripts folder you can find examples how to register as producer, stake, vote, claimrewards, etc
  • You can use testnet monitor for preparing vote command:
  • Cleos commands:

Send EOS

./ transfer <your account>  <receiver account> "1.0000 EOS" "test memo text"

Get Balance

./ get currency balance eosio.token <account name>

Create account

./ system newaccount --stake-net "1.0000 EOS" --stake-cpu "1.0000 EOS" --buy-ram-kbytes 8 <your accountr> <new account> <pkey1> <pkey2>

List registered producers (-l )

./ get table eosio eosio producers -l 100  

List your last action (use -h to get help, do not work now)

./ get actions <account name>

List staked/delegated

./ system listbw <account>   

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