Extremely Simple WPF Web Browser using Chromium Embedded Framework (CefSharp)
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What is Opeity-Cef?

Opeity-Cef is a very simple web browser based on Chromium Embedded Framework (CefSharp). The focus of Opeity-Cef is to be a no bs easy to use web browser configured with fairly safe and secure defaults.


  • Basic (home, back, forward, refresh) functionality
  • Simple Preferences to toggle some options in CefSharp
  • File download support
  • Automatic Ad blocker using AdBlock style lists
  • Simple, automatic Tor support
  • Automatic update functionality
  • Extensive support for web apps


This is a side project of mine that I work on just for fun so updates may not be very frequent but over time I will try my best to update all dependencies and bring features into the browser until a basic feature set is achieved.


Opeity-Cef is built with Visual Studio 2017 on Windows 10. Nuget Package Restore is enabled to make things easier for other developers. Please feel free to contribute to Opeity via Github.