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** keypair.go
** cs4501 Fall 2015
** Problem Set 1
// Every file in go is a part of some package. Since we want to create a program
// from this file we use 'package main'
package main
import (
// generateKeyPair creates a key pair based on the eliptic curve
// secp256k1. The key pair returned by this function is two points
// on this curve. Bitcoin requires that the public and private keys
// used to generate signatures are generated using this curve.
func generateKeyPair() (*btcec.PublicKey, *btcec.PrivateKey) {
// Generate a private key, use the curve secpc256k1 and kill the program on
// any errors
priv, err := btcec.NewPrivateKey(btcec.S256())
if err != nil {
// There was an error. Log it and bail out
return priv.PubKey(), priv
// generateAddr computes the associated bitcon address from the provided
// public key. We compute ripemd160(sha256(b)) of the pubkey and then
// shimmy the hashed bytes into btcsuite's AddressPubKeyHash type
func generateAddr(pub *btcec.PublicKey) *btcutil.AddressPubKeyHash {
net := &chaincfg.MainNetParams
// Serialize the public key into bytes and then run ripemd160(sha256(b)) on it
b := btcutil.Hash160(pub.SerializeCompressed())
// Convert the hashed public key into the btcsuite type so that the library
// will handle the base58 encoding when we call addr.String()
addr, err := btcutil.NewAddressPubKeyHash(b, net)
if err != nil {
return addr
func main() {
// In order to recieve coins we must generate a public/private key pair.
pub, priv := generateKeyPair()
// To use this address we must store our private key somewhere. Everything
// else can be recovered from the private key.
fmt.Printf("This is a private key in hex:\t[%s]\n",
fmt.Printf("This is a public key in hex:\t[%s]\n",
addr := generateAddr(pub)
// Output the bitcoin address derived from the public key
fmt.Printf("This is the associated Bitcoin address:\t[%s]\n", addr.String())