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This folder contains an example of how you can protect your SDK and how your customers (developers using the SDK). Below is a description of the folders:


  • SDKExample - This is a sample SDK (targeting .NET Standard 2.0) that we want to protect. Inside SDKExample, you can find the solution file that will also load SoftwareUsingSDK project.
  • SoftwareUsingSDK - This project (targeting .NET Core 2.2) will call methods from SDKExample. It's important to sign this assembly, which we cover later.
  • AssemblySigner - This project contains the Assembly Signer command line util with a demo build.json file.

Getting started

To test the

  1. Go to SDKExample folder and open SDKExample.sln in Visual Studio.
  2. Go to AssemblySigner folder and run the command below:
dotnet AssemblySigner.dll ..\SoftwareUsingSDK\bin\Debug\netcoreapp2.2\build.json
  1. Compile and run the SoftwareUsingSDK project.


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at!

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