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Various tutorials to interact with the ConseilJS Library
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ConseilJS Tutorials

Welcome to ConseilJS Tutorials! This repo contains example applications built using ConseilJS and step-by-step walkthroughs to show you how they were built.

Available Tutorials

A simple web wallet

In this tutorial you will be building a super simple web wallet for Tezos using React and ConseilJS. This tutorials consists of 3 steps and is estimated to take ~1 hour to complete. To start with this tutorial follow these steps:

1. Clone this repo

git clone
cd ConseilJS-Tutorials

2. Switch to web-wallet-start branch

git checkout web-wallet/start

3. View README of the web-wallet-start branch in your browser

Next group of instructions for this tutorial can be found at the README file of the web-wallet/start branch. Click the following link to view it in your browser: web-wallet/start

A simple analysis tool

Coming soon

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