Wallet for the Tezos blockchain
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Tezos Wallet

A wallet for the Tezos blockchain based on Conseil and ConseilJS.

This code was written for the community. Use it, hack it, fork it as you please!

Build Status


The wallet is built on React and Electron and uses electron-react-boilerplate

Active development happens on the develop branch with periodic merges to master.

Add the file extraResources/defaultWalletNodes.json with your Tezos and Conseil nodes:

  "tezosSelectedNode": "Cryptonomic-Nautilus",
  "conseilSelectedNode": "Cryptonomic-Conseil",
  "list": [
      "name": "MyTezosNode",
      "type": "TEZOS",
      "url": "https://mytezosnode.com/",
      "apiKey": "anapikey"
      "name": "MyConseilNode",
      "type": "CONSEIL",
      "url": "https://myconseilnode.com/",
      "apiKey": "anotherapikey"

To install all dependencies:


To run during development:

npm run dev

To package for deployment:

npm run package-all