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Tezori - A whitelabel wallet framework for Tezos

Node.js CI Dependency Review


Tezori is a whitelabel wallet framework for the Tezos blockchain.

Most notably, Tezori is used for deploying the Galleon wallet.

The main branch for the third generation of the project is trunk. The current generation is actively under development and therefore at an early stage right now.

For the first generation of the product, see the main branch. For the second generation, see the T2 repo.

Tezori is built using Node.js, React.js and Typescript.

Build and run

This project is meant to be run using Node.js v16.

First, install all dependencies:

npm install

Then, to run the web application, run:

npm run dev

To build a deployable web application, run:

npm run build

To run the app as a native Electron.js application, run:

npm run electron-dev

to build a deployable native application using Electron.js, run:

npm run electron-package