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  1. rubic-app rubic-app Public

    Rubic p2p trades is a decentralized p2p platform. It helps users to make trades on their terms, share and generate revenue.

    TypeScript 66 43

  2. rubic-sdk rubic-sdk Public

    Simplify dApp creation

    TypeScript 24 25

  3. multi-proxy-rubic multi-proxy-rubic Public

    Rubic's multi-facet smart contracts

    Solidity 12 6

  4. rubic-sdk-example rubic-sdk-example Public

    Example of Rubic-SDK using

    4 5

  5. instant-trades-proxy instant-trades-proxy Public

    TypeScript 3 1

  6. rubic-widget rubic-widget Public

    TypeScript 2 7


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