The bare minimum you need to get a frontend up and running on Crystallize. React SSR with Next.js
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Crystallize React ecommerce frontend boilerplate

The bare minimum skeleton you need to get a frontend up and running on the headless commerce & GraphQL based PIM service Crystallize. React commerce with SSR with Next.js.

React: latest

Next: latest

code style: prettier

code linter: Eslint

Getting started

App structure


Put all your entry pages here


All your shared components


UI related components live her. Color variables and simple shared components


This is where the ultra-light frontend server lives. Its primary function is to render the React app in response to a request


Library code to enable GraphQL and REST API communication and more


Resources server statically by the web server. Including translation files


There are multiple alternatives for deployments, however for the easiest hosting of a Node application, one option is Now.

Deploying with Now

  • Register a Now account
  • Run yarn global add now
  • Navigate to your project folder
  • Run now