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Apollo server implementation that uses the traditional koa middleware pattern
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Apollo server implementation that uses the traditional koa middleware pattern. Heavily inspired by apollo-server-koa.

This package is a work in progress and currently does not support file uploads or GraphQL subscriptions.


While the official implementation of the Apollo GraphQL server for koa, the apollo-server-koa package mentioned above, provides an easy way to get a GraphQL server up and running, it does not work the same way that other koa middleware does. Rather than adding a middleware function to the koa stack (via app.use()), apollo-server-koa exposes an applyMiddleware function on an instance of the ApolloServer class (see package documentation for further details). This can be problematic if you, for instance, want to use path parameters for your GraphQL endpoint (e.g. /graph/:clientId).

@crystallize/koa-middleware-apollo exports middleware functions that integrate seamlessly into any koa middleware stack, thus providing better interoperability and allowing for greater customizability.

Batteries not Included

Since our aim is to integrate as seamlessly as possible into any middleware stack, we make as few assumptions as reasonably possible. Therefore, @crystallize/koa-middleware-apollo does not include a bodyparser, a router or anything other than the basic tools to run a GraphQL server. Contrary to apollo-server-koa, it also does not export graphql-tools or apollo-server-core, which means you will have to add that to your dependencies manually if you intend to use functionality provided by these packages (e.g. makeExecutableSchema or gql respectively).


yarn add @crystallize/koa-middleware-apollo

Basic GraphQL Server

basicGraphqlServer(options[, dependencies]) -> Function

Returns middleware for a basic GraphQL server (implemented using ApolloServerBase from the apollo-server-core package).

  • options: Configuration object that will be passed to the ApolloServerBase constructor
  • dependencies (optional): Allows for deeper customization of middleware behavior using dependency injection for various functions (default implementations shown here):
    • getMethod: ctx => ctx.request.method
    • getQuery: ctx => ctx.request.body
    • runQuery: runHttpQuery (from apollo-server-core)
    • getOptions: ctx => apollo.graphQLServerOptions({ ctx }) (from apollo-server-core)
    • getRequest: ctx => convertNodeHttpToRequest(ctx.req)


const { basicGraphqlServer } = require('@crystallize/koa-middleware-apollo')

const app = require('./app')
const schema = require('./schema')

const middleware = basicGraphqlServer({
  debug: true,
  context: ({ ctx }) => {
   const { user } = ctx.state

   return { user }


graphqlServer(apollo[, dependencies]) -> Function

Returns middleware for a custom GraphQL server instance.

  • apollo: Instance of an ApolloServer class
  • dependencies (optional): See above

GraphQL Playground

playground(options[, dependencies]) -> Function

Returns middleware for rendering a GraphQL playground via the @apollographql/graphql-playground-html package.

  • options: Configuration object that will be passed directly to the playground render function. See docs for available options
  • dependencies (optional):
    • getEndpoint: Returns the GraphQL server endpoint. Will receive koa ctx as its only parameter. Defaults to options.endpoint.

Full Example

This is a close to real life example implementation of a basic GraphQL server at an endpoint that makes use of a path parameter.

const Koa = require('koa')
const Router = require('koa-router')
const bodyParser = require('koa-bodyparser')
const {
} = require('@crystallize/koa-middleware-apollo')

const schema = require('./schema')

const router = new Router()
   context: ({ ctx }) => {
     const { clientId } = ctx.params

     return { clientId }

     settings: {
       'editor.theme': 'light'
     getEndpoint: ctx => `/graph/${ctx.params.clientId}`

const app = new Koa()


app.listen(process.env.PORT || 3000)


Michael Smesnik at crystallize



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