CLI for the ssh client Termius
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Termius CLI utility

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Provides command line interface for cross-platform terminal Termius.

[this project used to be named serverauditor-sshconfig in the past]




For macOS users, there is a Homebrew formula. Usage:

$ brew install termius

Note: By default, the command above installs Bash and zsh completions.

For Linux users, there is a script. Usage:

$ curl -sSL | bash

Termius CLI utility can be installed via pip:

pip install -U termius

or easy_install:

easy_install -U termius


Init (login, pull, import-ssh-config, push)

termius init

Login to

termius login

Pull data from

termius pull

Create host

termius host --address localhost --label myhost

Connect to host

termius connect myhost

Push data to

termius push

Import hosts from ssh config

termius import-ssh-config

Export hosts from local storage to ./termius/sshconfig

termius export-ssh-config

termius vs serverauditor


A serverauditor user used to enter:

$ serverauditor export

Instead of it, a termius user enters:

$ termius import-ssh-config  # Not required password, or login
$ termius push  # Send all data to the cloud

To prevent import of some super secure host a termius user should write special # termius:ignore annotation:

Host super-secure
    # termius:ignore
    User secret_user

If a client are not logged in, the next command logs it in:

$ termius login  # One time


A serverauditor user used to enter:

$ serverauditor import

Instead of it, a termius user enters:

$ termius export-ssh-config  # Export to ./termius/sshconfig


Please see LICENSE.