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# This bash script is so written as to simulate a device wishing to
# access a berewic covered resource, discovering that bonding is
# required, and instructing the user's own berewic transport agent
# to fulfill it.
# At this date this script is incomplete.
# Want to watch an address made earlier? Use this and comment out sleep 30 below
# P2SH_ADDRESS="2N1zWYSLBNqgpxAh5XHvkdbpbA1qPCzFL3e"
# Set up somewhere to save confirmations
if [ ! -d "$CONFIRMATIONS_DIR" ]; then
if [ "$P2SH_ADDRESS" == "" ]; then
# BUYER_ADDRESS aka Alice's redemption address
# This is the address to which some or all of your bond is returned.
# The default, 2N89uTZbJ1K3jWRviJkfZ3uGVC9ATxmh4eS, is a testnet
# address at the berewic server: if you don't change it, your
# testnet funds may be returned to a faucet.
# If you have testnet available on your machine you can obtain
# your own address with something like:
# bitcoin-cli -testnet getnewaddress
# Obtain the headers when accessing the covered resource without bonding first
echo -n "Accessing URL to obtain a BTA. "
RESPONSE1=$(wget --method=GET -S -O /dev/null 2>&1)
echo "[Done]"
# Extract just the one header
RESPONSE2=$(echo $RESPONSE1 | sed 's/^.*\(berewic-transport-agent: 10,\)/\1/' | sed 's/ berewic-transport-agent: 20,.*//')
# Extract just the value (could have been folded into the above but I'm after clarity
BOBS_BTA=$(echo $RESPONSE2 | sed 's/berewic-transport-agent: 10,//')
echo "BTA chosen: "$BOBS_BTA
# Connect to Bob's BTA and obtain his proposals for a bond
echo -n "Get proposals from BTA. "
PROPOSALS=$(wget -q -O - --no-check-certificate "$BOBS_BTA")
echo "[Done]"
# Extract the btc/testnet proposal and reform as proper json (the surrounding { })
echo -n "Add buyer address "$BUYER_ADDRESS" to proposal. "
PROPOSAL1OF3={$(echo $PROPOSALS | sed 's/^.*\("0":{\)/\1/' | sed 's/,"1":.*//')}
# Add Alice's address
PROPOSAL2OF3=$(echo $PROPOSAL1OF3 | sed "s/^\(.*\"testnet\",\"buyer-address\":\"\)\(\",\"p2sh-address\":.*\)$/\1$BUYER_ADDRESS\2/")
echo "[Done]"
# Supply completed proposal back to Bob's BTA, expect "201"
# The BTA server will make a record of the proposal at this point, even
# if Alice ultimately doesn't post bond
echo -n "Supply above modification back to to BTA for the P2SH address. "
RESPONSE7A=$(wget -S --method=PUT --header=Content-Type:application/json --body-data=$PROPOSAL2OF3 -q -O - --no-check-certificate "$BOBS_BTA" 2>&1)
RESPONSE7B=$(echo $RESPONSE7A | sed "s/^HTTP\/1.1 //" | sed "s/^\(...\).*/\1/")
if [ "$RESPONSE7B" != "201" ]; then
echo "Didn't get 201 response when PUTting the proposal back\n"
RESPONSE7C=$(echo $RESPONSE7A | sed "s/^.*Location: //" | sed "s/^\(\S*\)\s.*/\1/")
echo "[Done] "
# Extract P2SH Address
P2SH_ADDRESS=$(echo $RESPONSE7C | sed "s/^.*\/\(.*\)/\1/")
echo "P2SH Address: "$P2SH_ADDRESS
# Add P2SH Address to our own copy of the contract
PROPOSAL3OF3=$(echo $PROPOSAL2OF3 | sed "s/^\(.*\"p2sh-address\":\"\)\(\".*\)$/\1$P2SH_ADDRESS\2/")
# Connect to Alice's BTA and instruct it to post bond. This
# part will end up credentialled up the wazoo. Expect "201"
echo -n "Fund the P2SH address and so commit to the bond. "
RESPONSE10A=$(wget -S --method=POST --header=Content-Type:application/json --body-data=$PROPOSAL3OF3 -q -O - --no-check-certificate "" 2>&1)
RESPONSE10B=$(echo $RESPONSE10A | sed "s/^HTTP\/1.1 //" | sed "s/^\(...\).*/\1/")
if [ "$RESPONSE10B" != "201" ]; then
echo "Didn't get 201 response when POSTting the bond\n"
# Resource = /bond/txid
RESPONSE10C=$(echo $RESPONSE10A | sed "s/^.*\(Location: \S*\)\s.*/\1/")
echo "[Done]"
# Alice's BTA has posted bond to the blockchain, we now want to
# see Bob's BTA confirm it. That might take a while during which
# time Bob may give some or complete access on the assumption
# the bond will arrive. The BUA should periodically poll Bob's
# BTA for final confirmation,
# HTTP2 allows us to be told when it's arrived but for now we'll
# just poll for it
echo "Poll BTA for '200' & confirmation code once it sees bond on the blockchain, 30 second sleep if not. "
until [ "$RESPONSE11B" != "202" ]; do
TIMESTAMP=$(date +%s)
RESPONSE11A=$(wget -S --method=GET -q -O - --no-check-certificate ""$P2SH_ADDRESS 2>&1)
RESPONSE11B=$(echo $RESPONSE11A | sed "s/^HTTP\/1.1 //" | sed "s/^\(...\).*/\1/")
if [ "$RESPONSE11B" == "202" ]; then
sleep 30
echo -n $TIMESTAMP": "$RESPONSE11B" "
echo "[Done]"
# Strip out the header we need
# BOND_CONFIRMATION_CODE=$(echo $RESPONSE11 | sed 's/^.*+OK //' | tr -d "\n")
BOND_CONFIRMATION_CODE=$(echo $RESPONSE11A | sed "s/^.*\(berewic-bond-confirmation: \S*\).*/\1/")
echo "Header which confirms bond acceptable will be:"
# Save the header provided back
# We can now use the header to prove the bonding status to
# the satisfaction of the covered resource
# RESPONSE13=$(wget --method=GET -q -O - --header="$BOND_CONFIRMATION_CODE"
# echo "Server response to the above header:"
# echo $RESPONSE13
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