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CsoundQt 0.9.3 introduces some new features, fixes a number of bugs and although not in the final release, the new Qt based Html5 support is available for testing from branch qthtml.

New in version 0.9.3:

  • Table editor for GEN07 tables
  • Improved and extended Insert/Update CabbageText - conversion of CsoundQt widgets into < Cabbage> definition.
  • Experimental html5 support based on Qt libraries - no CEF dependency any more, now available also on OSX and Linux.


  • Fixed wrong widgets behaviour if MIDI channel is 0 and widget's CC and Channel are unset.
  • Support for building both with older and newer Csound source code (CS_APIVERSION 4)
  • Numerous fixes in examples, correction of spelling errors
  • Better colour for word completion box