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docker-make is a command line tool inspired by docker-compose, while docker-compose focus on managing the lifecycle of a bunch of related docker containers, docker-make aimes at simplify and automate the procedure of building,tagging,and pusing a bunch of related docker images.

table of contents


install via pip

docker-make is a Python project, so you can install it via pip:

pip install docker-make

install via alias to docker run

or you can just execute it with a docker run command, and for convenience, you can set an alias:


alias docker-make="docker run --rm -w /usr/src/app \
                                   -v ~/.docker:/root/.docker \
                                   -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
                                   -v "${PWD}:/usr/src/app" jizhilong/docker-make docker-make"


function docker-make {
  docker run --rm -w /build `
    -v "${HOME}/.docker:/root/.docker" `
    -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock `
    -v "${PWD}:/build" `
    jizhilong/docker-make docker-make


docker-make is a user is itself, so you can build a image for it with the following command:

git clone
cd docker-make
docker-make --no-push

if all goes well, the console output would look like:

INFO 2016-06-19 01:21:49,513 docker-make(277) docker-make: building
INFO 2016-06-19 01:21:49,657 docker-make(277) docker-make: attaching labels
INFO 2016-06-19 01:21:49,748 docker-make(277) docker-make: label added: com.dockermake.git.commitid="3d97f0fc382e1f90f77584bbc8193509b835fce0"
INFO 2016-06-19 01:21:49,748 docker-make(277) docker-make: build succeed: c4391b6110f6
INFO 2016-06-19 01:21:49,756 docker-make(277) docker-make: tag added: jizhilong/docker-make:3d97f0fc382e1f90f77584bbc8193509b835fce0
INFO 2016-06-19 01:21:49,760 docker-make(277) docker-make: tag added: jizhilong/docker-make:latest

how it works

docker-make read and parse .docker-make.yml(configurable via command line) in the root of a git repo, in which you specify images to build, each build's Dockerfile, context, repo to push, rules for tagging, dependencies, etc.

With information parsed from .docker-make.yml, docker-make will build, tag, push images in a appropriate order with regarding to dependency relations.

typical use cases

single image-tag,push on condition

this is the most common use case, and docker-compose belongs to such case:

    context: /
    dockerfile: Dockerfile
      - 'always=jizhilong/docker-make:{fcommitid}'
      - 'on_tag=jizhilong/docker-make:{git_tag}'
      - 'on_branch:master=jizhilong/docker-make:latest'
      - 'com.dockermake.git.commitid={fcommitid}'
      - .git

two images-one for compile, one for deployment

    context: /
    dockerfile: Dockerfile.dwait
      - /usr/src/dwait/bin/.:./dwait.bin.tar

    context: /
    dockerfile: Dockerfile
      - ''
      - '{fcommitid}'
      - dwait

In this case, golang codes of the project are compiled in dwait, the compiled binary is extracted out by docker-make and installed to dresponse with a ADD instruction in dresponse's Dockerfile.Finally, dresponse is pushed to a private registry with two tags, git sha-1 commit id and 'latest'. With docker-make, you can do all of these steps properly via a single command;

$ docker-make
INFO 2016-06-19 21:06:09,088 docker-make(278) dwait: building
INFO 2016-06-19 21:06:09,440 docker-make(278) dwait: build succeed: ed169e889ecc
INFO 2016-06-19 21:06:09,440 docker-make(278) dwait: extracting archives
INFO 2016-06-19 21:06:09,599 docker-make(278) dwait: extracting archives succeed
INFO 2016-06-19 21:06:09,600 docker-make(278) dresponse: building
INFO 2016-06-19 21:06:10,305 docker-make(278) dresponse: build succeed: 671062910765
INFO 2016-06-19 21:06:10,318 docker-make(278) dresponse: tag added:
INFO 2016-06-19 21:06:10,325 docker-make(278) dresponse: tag added:
INFO 2016-06-19 21:06:10,325 docker-make(278) dresponse: pushing to
INFO 2016-06-19 21:06:17,576 docker-make(278) dresponse: pushed to
INFO 2016-06-19 21:06:17,576 docker-make(278) dresponse: pushing to
INFO 2016-06-19 21:06:18,505 docker-make(278) dresponse: pushed to

while the equivalent raw docker commands could be quite long, and require a careful atttension to the order of commands:

$ docker build -t dmake -f Dockerfile.dwait
$ tmp_container=`docker create dmake`
$ docker cp $tmp_container:/usr/src/dwait/bin dwait.bin.tar
$ docker build -t dresponse Dockerfile
$ docker tag dresponsehu
$ docker tag dresponsehu${git rev-parse HEAD}

two images-one for deploy, one for unit tests

    context: /
    dockerfile: dockerfiles/Dockerfile
      - '{git_tag}'
      - .dmake.yml
      - .gitignore
      - tools
      - contrib
      - doc
      - "com.dockermake.git.commitid={fcommitid}"

    context: dockerfiles/
    dockerfile: Dockerfile.test
    rewrite_from: novadocker
      - novadocker

In this case, novadocker is built for deployment, novadocker-teset inherits from it via a 'FROM' instruction. The primary content of 'Dockerfile.test' includes installing testing dependencies and running the unit tests, if the tests pass, docker build will succeed, otherwise it will fail.Finally, novadocker will be pushed to a private registry, if the image is built on a git tag.

The equivalent job could be expressed with some bash scripts.

set -e
fcommitid=`git rev-parse HEAD`
docker build -t novadocker -f dockerfiles/Dockerfile --label com.dockermake.git.commitid=$fcommitid .
docker build -t novadocker-test -f dockerfiles/Dockerfile.test .

if git show-ref --tags|grep $fcommitid; then
   tagname=`git describe` 
   docker tag novadocker$tagname
   docker push novadocker$tagname

several images-one as base with tools, others for different applications

    context: base
    dockerfile: Dockerfile

    context: java
    dockerfile: Dockerfile
    rewrite_from: base
      - base

    context: php
    dockerfile: Dockerfile
    rewrite_from: base
      - base

    context: app1
    dockerfile: Dockerfile
    rewrite_from: java
      - java

    context: app2
    dockerfile: Dockerfile
    rewrite_from: php 
      - php

In such case, libraries like libc and monitoring tools are installed in base's Dockerfile. A java runtime environment and a php runtime environment are built by inheriting from the base image. With java and php as the base images, a java app and a php app are built.

command line reference

$ docker-make --help
usage: docker-make [-h] [-f DMAKEFILE] [-d] [-rm] [--dry-run] [--no-push]
                   [builds [builds ...]]

build docker images in a simpler way.

positional arguments:
  builds                builds to execute.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        path to docker-make configuration file.
  -d, --detailed        print out detailed logs
  -rm, --remove         remove intermediate containers
  --dry-run             print docker commands only
  --no-push             build only, dont push