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WPA Supplicant wrapper for GNU+Linux and the BSD's
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WPA Supplicant wrapper for GNU+Linux and the BSD's

Old instructions

Install instructions (old)

 echo your_password > password
 echo your_interface > interface
 mkdir /etc/wpa_supplicant
 sudo chown -R username /etc/wpa_supplicant
 also edit and set home= 'directory with .wpa_wrapper (the files have to be in a folder called .wpa_wrapper)'

that's probably all you have to do (?) I'm going to add an installer soon :D.

New instructions

Install instructions (new)

./ -- setup/reconfigure
./ -- execute
Note, that the files may need to be set executable by:
sudo chmod +x
  • You can also move wpa_wrapper(generated by to your PATH. Also make sure it's executable.
    This package is also dependent on:
    • wpa_supplicant
    • iw
    • python (version 3)

Usage probably doesn't need much explanation.

To autostart on boot:

sudo chmod +x autorun

Then add to PATH

Add to startup file:
sudo echo "autorun" >> /etc/profile.d/

In the case of issues, or any enhancemets, post to the Issues page

Copyright (c) 2019; CuBeRJAN3

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