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How to import an existing Minecraft server into AMP

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If you have an existing Minecraft server that you want to manage with AMP, it's trivial to import it along with all of its configuration into a new AMP instance.

Recommended Method

  • Make a zip of your server, making sure the top level of the zip contains your jar file,, world directories and other data.
  • Make a new Minecraft instance within AMP.
  • Manage the new Minecraft instance and go to the file manager.
  • Drag the zip into the File manager to upload it (Alternatively, go to the datastore directory for that instance and extract it as the user that AMP is running as)
  • Extract the archive in-place (right click in the file manager)
  • Right click the file and select the 'Import' option.
  • Right click your servers jar file and select the 'Set as startup jar' option.
  • Start the server on the Status tab.

Other Options

  • In the new instances datastore, there will be a file called MinecraftModule.kvp containing the configuration data for that module, you can edit the ServerPath setting to point to the absolute path on-disk of your existing server. Make sure to check the ownership/permissions to allow the user AMP is running as to have full read/write access.
  • You can symlink the Minecraft directory under the new instances datastore to your existing directory. Again taking care of permissions.
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