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Some VBA logic that helps to maintain requirements in Excel. There will be an explanation how to add this code to a workable Excel file. In not too complex projects, requirment can be stored in a simple list. This repository contains simple VBA coding that makes handling such Excel files easier. These are

  • Numbering of headings
  • Marking comments
  • Generate unique searchable ID
  • Set the status of an requirement
  • Set the status of development and test
  • Mark an requirement as deleted
  • You can add own columns if you need them.
  • Export the requirements to a file. This file can be loaded into Word. Word files are easier to read than the original Excel list.

The VBA coding was developed 2012 and is used for many productive applications.

The main use case are situations when the requirements provided by external departments do not have the quality needed by the developer. In that case a developer can use this VBA coding to build an Excel file that helps him to maintain an own list of requirements. But it may used also as a tool to maintain the official requirements.

The coding to generate unique searchable ID may be used in many Excel files, whether requirement or not.

To make a running Excel file go to the Wiki tab on this page wiki (You are probably currently in the tab code) and follow the guideline there. It should need about 30 minutes to make such an Excel file. The advantage is, that it can be in the layout that is used in your company and you know exactly what VBA code it contains.

The documentation should be part of the final Excel template. See also the Wiki tab on this repository wiki on what is to be written there.