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CubeSpawns mechanical components and models updated for 2019
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CubeSpawn New 3D Printer Models
	deleted:    Introduction to the CubeSpawn System.gdoc
	new file:   Models/5_Machines/3DPrinter_V0/UltimakerClone 2017/Shell/Mechanix.stl
	new file:   Models/5_Machines/3DPrinter_V0/UltimakerClone 2017/Shell/ZAxis&Table.stl
	new file:   Models/5_Machines/3DPrinter_V0/UltimakerClone 2017/Shell/shell.stl
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CubeSpawn 1.01

Copyright 2008-2014 James Jones Copyright 2015-2019 CubeSpawn Team - All rights Reserved

"Open Source, Modular, Flexible Manufacturing System"

This system design is distributed free of charge, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the TAPR Open Hardware License as published at; version 1.0 of the License, or (at your option) any later version

the text version is included in this package

TAPR_Open_Hardware_License_v1.0.txt MD5-659518fa65dbbe6958a8ad2acb2aae1a

Software, sourcecode and documentation are licensed under the MIT License (Included)

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