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Release Notes CubicERP v9.0

Cubic ERP is a suite of open source apps for business and government processes, available on mobile and web devices, based on AGPL versions of OpenERP and Odoo.

The team for this launch was formed by two companies, Cubic ERP S.A.C. from Peru and Desoft from Cuba, we worked together seven weeks on "The Developer's MeetUp 2017" to develop the new and amazing CubicERP v9, we have a video to describe the Developers MeetUp 2017 and ask to you to join us as an expert developer or financial support (hiring services).

The main Improvement where focus on five areas: core, frontend, backend, localizations and verticals

Core Modules

  • Load module avoid rewrite the unchanged XML and PO files
  • Translation optimizations to avoid duplicate translations
  • Mail optimizations, showing the SMTP error message in the message sent
  • CubicERP branding, Odoo and OpenERP are register trade marks.
  • Improvements to guarantee clean migrations between versions
  • Report engine based on Excel (*)


  • Responsive design for views list, form, graph, gantt and kanban
  • Responsive design to menus with collapsible left bar
  • Mobility, branding and look and feel
  • Quick access to developer mode
  • Quick access to translate a label field from a form
  • Forum: Improvement in backend forms and email format
  • Forum: Support to copy and paste images
  • Mail: Button to new email and refresh inbox (*)
  • Website: Add parallax footer and main menu with horizontal submenu
  • Website: Support to customize the home page in a website
  • Website: Support intranet usage (login and password) (*)

Backend (*)

  • Account: Support for financial reports based on account user types
  • Account: Support for initial load for accounts, products and assets
  • Account: Improve reconciliation form and menus
  • Account: Annulation for invoices without lost the move number
  • Account: Integration between the vouchers and bank statements to avoid double transactions
  • Account: VAT unique, custom tax base compute and improvements in tax codes
  • Account: Transfer documents between bank or cash accounts
  • Account: Cash box support integrated with cash registers
  • Archives: Fully integrated with contextual menu attach and document standard modules
  • Archives: Add retention table for management of archives (store files)
  • Archives: Generate notification messages to users in their inbox
  • Archives: Support document templates for definition and control
  • Archives: BPMS functionality to navigate between process steps through customized rules
  • Asset: Refactoring of account_asset module and compatibility with old versions
  • Asset: Improvement to withstand inflation revaluation
  • Asset: Add multiple compute fields for asset control value
  • Asset: Support depreciation per use or activity method
  • Asset: Improvement to withstand inflation adjustment
  • Asset: Fully integrated with accounting and warehouse consumption
  • Box: Support integration with box file management (
  • Box: Fully integrated with CRM, mail and document modules
  • Box: Fully integrated with sale orders to send attach files
  • Budget: Refactoring of account_budget module and rename it to budget, for compatibility
  • Budget: Add periods, transaction moves and budget structs
  • Budget: Add control for amounts on states: available, committed, provisioned and paid
  • Budget: Support to PKI and indicators based on accounting data
  • Budget: Fully integrated with accounting, purchases, requisitions and sales
  • Human Resources: Payroll extend to support accounting based on contribution partners
  • Manufacturing: Support to procurement groups and manufacturing based on properties
  • Requisition: Add cancel button and compliance functionality
  • Point of Sale: Support for multi journals and predefined sequences
  • Point of Sale: Support for stock control, price list and discounts
  • Point of Sale: Support for credit sales without cash payment
  • Purchase: Supplier double validation per supplier and or brand
  • Purchase: Add compliance feature
  • Services: Support to order services, useful in labs and workshops
  • Services: Fully integrated with sale orders and stock pickings
  • Sale: Analysis for sales with their linked cost
  • Sale: Double validation to confirm a sale order
  • Sale: Control of minimum price of sale, maximum discount and show stock by location
  • Sale: Show margin by sale order line
  • Sale: Add tag to products to filter this tags in the sale order, useful with large number of products
  • Stock: Fully integrated with accounting and analytic accounts
  • Stock: Mass data entry with default locations per picking
  • Stock: Support properties and procurement groups
  • Stock: Support management of serial numbers in articles

Localizations (*)

  • Argentina: Fully integrated with electronic Invoices and fiscal printers
  • Argentina: Localization for taxes
  • Bolivia: Fully integrated with "DaVinci LC and LV" to declare taxes
  • Bolivia: Fully integrated with computer based invoices
  • Bolivia: : Import bank statements from bank Bisa and bank Union
  • Bolivia: : Localization for toponyms, cash box and taxes
  • Colombia: integrated with "Medios Magnéticos" to declare taxes, official format to invoices
  • Colombia: Localization for toponyms, VAT, payroll and taxes
  • Chile: Fully integrated with "Registro de Compras y Ventas (LCV)" to declare taxes
  • Chile: Fully integrated with electronic Invoices
  • Chile: Localization for toponyms, VAT and taxes
  • Ecuador: Localization for taxes
  • Peru: Fully integrated with "Programa de Libros Electrónicos" to declare taxes
  • Perú: Fully integrated with electronic Invoices
  • Perú: Fully integrated with point of sales and electronic Invoices offline
  • Perú: Fully integrated with SPOT (detractions taxes)
  • Peru: Localization for cost center (class 9), toponyms, vat, payroll and taxes
  • Paraguay: Localization for toponyms, vat and taxes

Verticals (*)

  • Energy
  • Coffe and grains
  • Luxury articles (brand management)
  • Retail (mass consumer products)
  • Cars and trucks

(*) The release of new modules would be included in the "Private Branch of CubicERP", to access on "Private Branch" you need a contract support or hiring hours (consulting, training and software develop), contact us at

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