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A Python wrapper allowing convenient access to the Noun Project API.
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TheNounProjectAPI is a Python wrapper allowing convenient access to the Noun Project API. It supports all endpoints and types of responses. Documentation for this wrapper can be found here, while the official documentation of the API itself may be found here.


TheNounProjectAPI is supported on Python 3.7+. The recommended method of installation is via pip.

pip install TheNounProjectAPI

You can also install TheNounProjectAPI directly from github using:

pip install --upgrade

For help with installing Python and/or pip, see "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python" Installation Guides

Getting started

It's strongly encouraged to use the documentation's Getting started section to get started, as it's tied to the rest of the documentation, allowing you to quickly find exactly what you need.

However, I'll provide a quick sample.

# See the Documentation for more information:
from TheNounProjectAPI import API

if __name__ == "__main__":
    # API Key and Secret from
    key = "<my api key>"
    secret = "<my api secret>"
    # Create api object
    api = API(key=key, secret=secret)

    # See the documentation for more endpoints
    icons = api.get_icons_by_term("goat", public_domain_only=True, limit=2)

    # >>>icons
    # [<IconModel: Term: Goat Feeding, Slug: goat-feeding, Id: 24014>,
    # <IconModel: Term: Herbivore teeth, Slug: herbivore-teeth, Id: 675870>]

    for icon in icons:
        print("Icon's term:", icon.term)
        print("This icon's tags:", ", ".join(tag.slug for tag in icon.tags))
        print("Uploader's username:", icon.uploader.username)

Examine the TheNounProjectAPI documentation for more examples of what can be done with TheNounProjectAPI.


Documentation can be found here:


Run python, nosetests, python nosetests or python test to run all tests in one batch.


TheNounProjectAPI is licensed under MIT.


Contributions are welcome.

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