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Fully modular, powerful JDA command processor library written in Kotlin
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Cubebase (W.I.P)

Cubebase is a fully modular, powerful JDA command processor library with useful utilities and diverse support written in Kotlin. This library is heavily inspired by ktor.


Cubebase is licensed under GNU AGPLv3, read more about the license here.


This libraries make use of JDA (Java Discord API) which is a wrapper for Discord APIs. JDA 4.x is currently still in alpha. Therefore this library might be unstable.

Getting Started





repositories {
    maven { url '' }

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.Cubxity:cubebase:COMMIT'

Check examples for detailed example

Starting a bot:

fun main() {
    // Creates a bot with token from environment variable
    createBot(System.getenv("token")) {
        // Installs features
        install(Embed) {
            colorFactory = { Color.CYAN }
            footerFactory = { MessageEmbed.Footer("Requested by ${}",, null) }

        // Installs modules
        processing {
            module("ping") {
                command("ping", "ping <msg...>") {
                    handler {
                        embed {
                            title = "Pong!"
                            a("Your message was ")


Cubebase is able to process 249474790+ commands in 1013ms on an i5-8400 system with 16GBs of ram. Benchmark is done using this


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