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Script to hop to common directories and servers
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Quickly navigate to common directories.

Copyright 2011 by The hop Authors.


Due to the fact that hop must modify your bash settings to work, at this time it must be installed from source:

git clone git://

cd hop

python install

python install_data

If you do not have a virtualenv set up, you may need to run the last command using 'sudo'.

It's also only compatible with bash at this time. Pull requests welcome.


# Add a dir
hop -a /var/vhosts/

# Jump by basename

# Tab complete
hop m<tab>

# Or just use the shortest unique prefix (a la git)
hop m

# Use custom aliases
hop -a /var/vhosts/ --as mos
hop mos

# Add ssh shortcuts
hop -s --as ext
hop ext


Greplin, Inc.


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