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"""Examples for QuickCheck. Run with nosetests."""
import zlib
import math
import qc
# This test will be run 100 times, with a variety of strings, and we run the function
# each time. Since zlib works, this test should always pass.
def test_compress_decompress():
"""Test that compressing and decompressing gives the original string."""
data = qc.str()
assert zlib.decompress(zlib.compress(data)) == data, repr(data)
# Some silly string properties. Again, pretty simple.
def test_upper_lower_utf8():
data = qc.str()
assert data.upper().lower() == data.lower().upper().lower(), repr(data)
def test_upper_lower_unicode():
data = qc.unicode()
assert data.upper().lower() == data.lower().upper().lower(), repr(data)
# Now let's try testing out something a bit more custom! The point() function will
# generate points with coordinates designed to produce interesting combinations, like the
# ever-popular (0, 0), or stuff like (-1, 0).
class Point(object):
def __init__(self, x, y):
self.x, self.y = float(x), float(y)
def point():
"""Get an arbitrary point."""
x =, 20)
y =, 50)
return Point(x, y)
def test_triangle_inequality():
pt = point()
assert abs(pt.x) + abs(pt.y) >= math.sqrt(pt.x**2 + pt.y**2), (pt.x, pt.y)
# It really is that simple!