CueMol: Molecular Visualization Framework
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CueMol - Molecular Visualization Framework

CueMol is a computer program for the macromolecular structure visualization (CueMol was formerly called "Que"). CueMol aims to visualize the crystallographic models of macromolecules with the user-friendly interfaces. Currently supported files are molecular coordinates (PDB format), electron density (CCP4, CNS , and MTZ formats), MSMS surface data, and APBS electrostatic potential map.

Powered by Mozilla XULRunner, the application framework of Firefox and Thunderbird (and other mozilla-based application as well), CueMol2 now runs under both Windows, MacOS X, and Linux in a similar GUI appearance.


CueMol is distributed with NO WARRANTY. Please use it at your own risk.

For non-profit (academic) organization users, CueMol (including both binary and source code) is distributed with no costs, under the GPLv3.

If you are commercial organization user and want to use CueMol, you can use CueMol with no costs as well, but I'm appreciate if you could contact us, about what is the main use of our software.