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Cultivate Shared Config


Custom keybindings:

  • C-q toggle holy-mode - makes it easier to switch between Emacs and Vim modes.
  • C-x g run magit-status

Useful keybindings

To use these shortcuts, press Space in Vim mode and M-m (Alt-m) in Emacs mode followed by the key combination:

Description Keys
Toggle neotree p t
Reload .spacemacs file f e R

Copying to system clipboard from emacs -nw in tmux/tmate

When running Spacemacs in the terminal inside a tmux/tmate session, the system clipboard is not available as usual. The xclipboard layer is included for those using the develop branch of Spacemacs. This way you can select text and copy it to the system's clipboard with x y and paste it from the system clipboard to Spacemacs with x p (prefixed by the special command SPC in Vim mode and alt-m in Emacs mode).

Custom configuration file

If you want to have custom configurations, you can create a configuration layer for yourself. See this blog post for more information on how to create a private layer, and this repo as an example layer.


Call magit-status' by pressing SPC g s in evil-mode and C-x g in holy-mode. In case you don't know how to use magit and want to start, this is good documentation. There's also the official Getting started, to understand how common workflows work.

JavaScript development

The javascript layer is enabled by default. But we've disabled its error checking because it conflicts with flycheck (enabled with the syntax-checking layer). Ideally we should use flycheck for errors and warnings since we can choose which linter to use. Install any of the available linters and verify it's working with flycheck-verify-setup.



Ctrl a is used as the prefix, instead of the default Ctrl b.

Keys Action
PREFIX - split horizontally
PREFIX | split vertically
PREFIX : run tmux command
PREFIX + promote pane to its own window
PREFIX r reload configuration


Yeah yeah I know, this isn't Spacemacs. However I'm sure there is room in this world for both options ❤️

If you'd like to use neovim then you can do the following to get started.

Up and running

brew install neovim

On Mac OS X (and also Linux I suspect) you'll want to create a ~/.config/nvim folder and symlink init.vim from this repo into it. You can also copy paste custom_color.vim and custom_plugins.vim if you want a starter kit.

We're using vim-plug for plugin management. Head to that link and download the plug.vim file. Put it in a folder called ~/.config/nvim/autoload.

Now open neovim using the command nvim in the root folder of your project. You'll see some errors first time as we've not installed anything yet. Once neovim opens type :PlugInstall and hit return to install the plugins listed in init.vim (and custom_plugins.vim if you took that too).


If you want to use the fuzzy finder (<leader>f) you'll also need to install fzf.

If you want to use the alt file finder (<leader>.) you'll also need to install alt.


I've split the config out into several files to allow it to be pretty customisable:

  1. init.vim is the standard shared config and should only contain config that everyone will use.
  2. custom_color.vim is where you can put your desired colorscheme. If it needs a plugin then add that to custom_plugins.vim so that it gets added to the right part of the config file.
  3. custom_overrides.vim (not included) is where you can override anything else in the standard file if you so desire. Caution though, the further you get from the standard setup, the harder it will be for others to pair with you.
  4. custom_plugins.vim is for adding any plugins that you'd like to use that are not yet canon in the company.
  5. There's also a sample project specific .nvimrc file included in this repo so that you can see how to override things at a project level. Add it to the root of your project, fill out the desired overrides and enjoy. 😎
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