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Website of CulturePlex Lab. It is a Django based-web with Fiber CMS.


Just in case, first thing you need is to have installed pip_ and virtualenv_ in your machine:

$ sudo apt-get install python-pip python-dev build-essential
$ sudo pip install --upgrade pip
$ sudo pip install --upgrade virtualenv

Then, it's a good option to use virtualenvwrapper_:

$ sudo pip install virtualenvwrapper

In the instructions given on virtualenvwrapper_, you should to set the working directory for your virtual environments. So, you could add it in the end of your .bashrc file:

$ mkdir -p ~/.venvs
export WORKON_HOME=~/.venvs
source /usr/local/bin/

And finally, create a virtualenv for the project:

$ mkvirtualenv website --no-site-packages

After you setup your virtual environment, you should be able to enable and disable it. The system propmt must change where you have it enable:

$ workon website
$ deactivate

Now, if you didn't get the project yet, clone it in your desired location:

$ git clone

Enter in the new location and update the virtual environment previously created:

$ cd git/website/cultureplex
$ workon website
$ pip install --no-deps -U -r requirements.txt

Now you have installed the Django project and almost ready to run it. Before that, you must create a database. In developing stage, we use SQLite:

$ python syncdb

Now, we recommend to install fixture file in fixtures/pagesandsampledata.json , it contains fiber pages and some sample data for database:

$ python loaddata fixtures/pagesandsampledata.json

And that is. If you run the project using the standalone development server of Django, you could be able to access to the URL http://localhost:8000/:

$ python runserver localhost:8000 $ xdg-open http://localhost:8000/