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Demo MLAG Configurations

This Github repository contains the configuration files necessary for setting up Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation using Cumulus Linux and FRRouting on the Reference Topology.

The flatfiles in this repository will set up a BGP unnumbered routing fabric between the leafs and spines, and will configure MLAG between the two top-of-rack switches and the two servers in that rack. Ansible is used to quickly deploy configuration from the OOB server to devices in the network.

Quickstart: Run the demo

Before running this demo, install VirtualBox and Vagrant. The currently supported versions of VirtualBox and Vagrant can be found on the cldemo-vagrant.

git clone
cd cldemo-vagrant
vagrant up oob-mgmt-server oob-mgmt-switch leaf01 leaf02 leaf03 leaf04 spine01 spine02 server01 server02 server03 server04
vagrant ssh oob-mgmt-server
git clone
cd cldemo-config-mlag
ansible-playbook deploy.yml
ssh server01


This demo runs on a spine-leaf topology with two dual-attached hosts. The ansible playbook deploy.yml requires an out-of-band management network that provides access to eth0 on all of the in-band devices.


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