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This repo is no longer maintained.
For a list of current demos, please visit:

Routing On the Host (RoH) Demo

This demo shows a topology using 'Routing on the Host' to add host reachability directly into a BGP routed fabric. Switches are Cumulus Linux and servers running Ubuntu. This playbook configures a CLOS topology running BGP unnumbered in the fabric with numbered links towards the hosts, and installs a webserver on one of the hosts to serve as a Hello World example. The Ubunut server acts as the host to redistribute kernel routes as /32 host routes into the routing table when VMs or containers become available. When the demo runs successfully, any server on the network should be able to access the webserver via the BGP routes established over the fabric.

This demo is written for the cldemo-vagrant reference topology and applies the reference BGP unnumbered configuration from cldemo-config-routing.

Quickstart: Run the demo

Before running this demo, install VirtualBox and Vagrant. The currently supported versions of VirtualBox and Vagrant can be found on the cldemo-vagrant.

### Bring up the vagrant topology
git clone
cd cldemo-vagrant
vagrant up oob-mgmt-server oob-mgmt-switch leaf01 leaf02 spine01 spine02 server01 server02

### setup oob mgmt server
vagrant ssh oob-mgmt-server

### Run the ROH demo
git clone
cd cldemo-roh-ansible
ansible-playbook run-demo.yml

### check reachability of server02 from server01
ssh server01
cat index.html


[DEPRECATED] Cumulus Networks Routing on the Host with Ansible Demo



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