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This demo create a base line tacacs demo that shows user authentication working.

It has two roles:

  1. Deploy TACACS server package onto oob-mgmt-server
  • Configure TACACS server with user account to allow login.
  1. Deploy TACACS client package onto all switches in infrastructure
  • Configure TACACS client to use TACACS server for authentication

There is a client called adminuser with password password. Test that tacacs is working by trying to log in with the user: ssh adminuser@leaf01

Steps to run demo

git clone
cd cldemo-vagrant
vagrant up oob-mgmt-server oob-mgmt-switch
vagrant up leaf01 leaf02 leaf03 leaf04 spine01 spine02
vagrant ssh oob-mgmt-server
git clone
cd cldemo-tacacs
ansible-playbook run-demo.yml

Test the Adminuser

The adminuser account has the ability to use SUDO and escalate their privileges to perform anything on the switch.

cumulus@oob-mgmt-server:~/cldemo-tacacs$ ssh adminuser@leaf01
adminuser@leaf01's password: password

Welcome to Cumulus VX (TM)

Cumulus VX (TM) is a community supported virtual appliance designed for
experiencing, testing and prototyping Cumulus Networks' latest technology.
For any questions or technical support, visit our community site at:

The registered trademark Linux (R) is used pursuant to a sublicense from LMI,
the exclusive licensee of Linus Torvalds, owner of the mark on a world-wide

Verify your privilege level:

adminuser@leaf01:~$ pwd

Look at logs:

adminuser@leaf01:~$ sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog
2017-09-05T22:29:38.173712+00:00 leaf01 sshd[3029]: Accepted password for adminuser from port 40259 ssh2
2017-09-05T22:29:38.208347+00:00 leaf01 sshd[3029]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session opened for user adminuser by (uid=0)
adminuser@leaf01:~$ groups
adminuser@leaf01:~$ sudo getent passwd adminuser
adminuser:x:1017:1002:TACACS+ mapped user at privilege level 15,,,:/home/tacacs15:/bin/bash

See Tacacs Events in the log file.

cumulus@oob-mgmt-server:~$ sudo tail -f /var/log/tac_plus.acct 
Nov 30 01:27:54	adminuser	pts0	oob-mgmt-server	stop		start_time=1512005274	task_id=10780	service=shell	cmd=/bin/ls exit=0

See Connection Events in TACACS Server Syslog

cumulus@oob-mgmt-server:~$ sudo grep tac_plus /var/log/syslog
2017-11-29T19:25:02.300619+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[26873]: Reading config
2017-11-29T19:25:02.302364+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[26873]: Version F4.0.4.27a Initialized 1
2017-11-29T19:25:02.304692+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[26874]: Reading config
2017-11-29T19:25:02.305469+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[26874]: Version F4.0.4.27a Initialized 1
2017-11-29T19:25:02.313412+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[26877]: socket FD 0 AF 2
2017-11-29T19:25:02.314641+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[26877]: socket FD 2 AF 10
2017-11-29T19:25:02.315544+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[26877]: uid=0 euid=0 gid=0 egid=0 s=-20254704
2017-11-29T19:25:08.862814+00:00 oob-mgmt-server ansible-stat: Invoked with checksum_algorithm=sha1 get_checksum=True path=/etc/tacacs+/tac_plus.conf checksum_algo=sha1 follow=False get_md5=False get_mime=True get_attributes=True
2017-11-29T19:25:09.368141+00:00 oob-mgmt-server ansible-copy: Invoked with directory_mode=None force=True remote_src=None owner=None follow=False local_follow=None group=None unsafe_writes=None setype=None content=NOT_LOGGING_PARAMETER serole=None dest=/etc/tacacs+/tac_plus.conf selevel=None original_basename=tac_plus.conf regexp=None validate=None src=/home/cumulus/.ansible/tmp/ansible-tmp-1511983508.22-98887147948235/source seuser=None delimiter=None mode=None attributes=None backup=False
2017-11-29T19:25:10.299916+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[26877]: Received signal 15, shutting down
2017-11-29T19:25:10.316821+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[27403]: Reading config
2017-11-29T19:25:10.318210+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[27403]: Version F4.0.4.27a Initialized 1
2017-11-29T19:25:10.320373+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[27404]: Reading config
2017-11-29T19:25:10.320966+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[27404]: Version F4.0.4.27a Initialized 1
2017-11-29T19:25:10.323448+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[27407]: socket FD 0 AF 2
2017-11-29T19:25:10.323944+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[27407]: socket FD 2 AF 10
2017-11-29T19:25:10.324486+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[27407]: uid=0 euid=0 gid=0 egid=0 s=-796471744
2017-11-29T19:30:01.270130+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[27696]: connect from []
2017-11-29T19:30:01.284004+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[27698]: connect from []
2017-11-29T19:30:01.591892+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[27702]: connect from []
2017-11-29T19:30:01.595533+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[27703]: connect from []
2017-11-29T19:30:01.719082+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[27704]: connect from []
2017-11-29T19:30:01.723899+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[27705]: connect from []
2017-11-29T19:30:01.766067+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[27707]: connect from []
2017-11-29T19:30:01.769761+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[27708]: connect from []
2017-11-29T19:30:01.881050+00:00 oob-mgmt-server tac_plus[27709]: connect from []

Try the Basicuser

The basicuser is a limited privilege account designed to provide troubleshooting abilities to NOC users. This account cannot make configuration chages or use sudo aside from for commands related to troubleshooting activities such as performing a packetcapture with TCPdump or collecting a cl-support file or looking at lldpctl output.

cumulus@oob-mgmt-server:~/cldemo-tacacs$ ssh basicuser@leaf01
basicuser@leaf02's password: password

Notice the Limited Privileges

Notice that you cannot make configuration changes, only use show commands:

basicuser@leaf02:~$ net show interface
State  Name           Spd  MTU    Mode          LLDP                    Summary
-----  -------------  ---  -----  ------------  ----------------------  -------------------------
UP     lo             N/A  65536  Loopback                              IP:
       lo                                                               IP:
       lo                                                               IP: ::1/128
UP     eth0           1G   1500   Mgmt          oob-mgmt-switch (swp7)  IP:
UP     swp1           1G   1500   BondMember    server01 (eth2)         Master: SERVER01(UP)
UP     swp2           1G   1500   BondMember    server02 (eth2)         Master: SERVER02(UP)
UP     swp49          1G   1500   BondMember    leaf01 (swp49)          Master: peerlink(UP)
UP     swp50          1G   1500   BondMember    leaf01 (swp50)          Master: peerlink(UP)
UP     SERVER01       1G   1500   LACP                                  Master: bridge(UP)
       SERVER01                                                         Bond Members: swp1(UP)
UP     SERVER02       1G   1500   LACP                                  Master: bridge(UP)
       SERVER02                                                         Bond Members: swp2(UP)
UP     bridge         N/A  1500   Bridge/L2
UP     peerlink       2G   1500   LACP                                  Master: bridge(UP)
       peerlink                                                         Bond Members: swp49(UP)
       peerlink                                                         Bond Members: swp50(UP)
UP     peerlink.4094  2G   1500   SubInt/L3                             IP:
UP     vlan10         N/A  1500   Interface/L3                          IP:
UP     vlan10-v0      N/A  1500   Interface/L3                          IP:
UP     vlan20         N/A  1500   Interface/L3                          IP:
UP     vlan20-v0      N/A  1500   Interface/L3                          IP:

basicuser@leaf02:~$ net add bgp autonomous-system 65000
ERROR: You do not have permission to execute that command.
basicuser@leaf02:~$ tail /var/log/syslog
2018-05-04T18:00:51.990777+00:00 leaf02 phc2sys: [271230.677] Waiting for ptp4l...
2018-05-04T18:00:51.991442+00:00 leaf02 phc2sys: [271230.677] uds: sendto failed: No such file or directory
2018-05-04T18:00:52.992084+00:00 leaf02 phc2sys: [271231.678] Waiting for ptp4l...
2018-05-04T18:00:52.992547+00:00 leaf02 phc2sys: [271231.678] uds: sendto failed: No such file or directory
2018-05-04T18:00:53.993434+00:00 leaf02 phc2sys: [271232.680] Waiting for ptp4l...
2018-05-04T18:00:53.993839+00:00 leaf02 phc2sys: [271232.680] uds: sendto failed: No such file or directory
2018-05-04T18:00:54.994669+00:00 leaf02 phc2sys: [271233.681] Waiting for ptp4l...
2018-05-04T18:00:54.995078+00:00 leaf02 phc2sys: [271233.681] uds: sendto failed: No such file or directory
2018-05-04T18:00:55.995926+00:00 leaf02 phc2sys: [271234.682] Waiting for ptp4l...
2018-05-04T18:00:55.996381+00:00 leaf02 phc2sys: [271234.682] uds: sendto failed: No such file or directory

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