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Linux Interface Network Manager

  • Free software: GNU General Public License v2


As of today (early june 2018), the preferred method to install ifupdown2, is by building the source code (as it will always install the most recent stable release). See Installing latest stable release from sources chapter.

Installing latest stable release from sources

The sources for ifupdown2 can be downloaded from the Github repo.

You can either clone the public repository:

$ git clone git://

Or download the tarball:

$ curl  -OL

Once you have a copy of the source, you should build a deb-package and install it

$ cd ifupdown2 && git checkout master-next && make deb

The generated deb should be in the root directory (../ifupdown2_1.2.1_all.deb)

$ dpkg -i ../ifupdown2_1.2.1_all.deb

We don't recommend using install directly, as it's still missing systemd/init.d scripts. This capability should be added in the near future.

You might need to manually download dependencies. Mandatory dependencies:

$ apt-get install build-essential devscripts dh-systemd fakeroot python-all python-docutils iproute2 python-ipaddr python-argcomplete python-setuptools

Suggested dependencies:

$ apt-get install ethtool bridge-utils python-gvgen python-mako


Contributions are welcome, and they are greatly appreciated! Every little bit helps, and credit will always be given.

You can contribute in many ways:

Types of Contributions

Report Bugs

Report bugs at

If you are reporting a bug, please include:

  • Your operating system name and version (uname -a).
  • Any details about your setup that might be helpful in troubleshooting.
  • Content of configuration files such as /etc/network/interfaces
  • Detailed steps to reproduce the bug.
  • Debug output of the ifupdown2 command (see --debug option)

Write Documentation

ifupdown2 could always use more documentation, whether as part of the official ifupdown2 docs, in docstrings, or even on the web in blog posts, articles, and such.

Submit Feedback

The best way to send feedback is to file an issue at

If you are proposing a feature:

  • Explain in detail how it would work.
  • Keep the scope as narrow as possible, to make it easier to implement.


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