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zrm.patch zebra_org_20030428 zebra_org_20030404 zebra_org_20030325 zebra_org_20030301 zebra_org_20030207 zebra_org_20030203 zebra_org_20030117 vyatta/3.4.0/i386 vyatta/3.3.99test3/i386 vyatta/3.3.99test3/amd64 vyatta/3.3.99test2/i386 vyatta/3.3.99test1/i386 vyatta/3.3.2 vyatta/3.3.1 vyatta/3.2.1 vyatta/3.2.0 vyatta/3.1.4 vyatta/3.1.3 vyatta/3.1.2 vyatta/3.1.1 vyatta/3.1.0 upstream/0.99.9 start rfc3021-ipv6-fix quagga_1.1.0-dn42.12.1 quagga_1.1.0-dn42.12 quagga_1.1.0-dn42.11-rc1 quagga_1.1.0-dn42.11-rc0 quagga_0_99_21_release quagga_0_99_20_1_release quagga_0_99_20_release quagga_0_99_19_release quagga_0_99_18_release quagga_0_99_17_release quagga_0_99_16_release quagga_0_99_15_release quagga_0_99_15-dn42.10 quagga_0_99_14_release quagga_0_99_14-dn42.9 quagga_0_99_13_release quagga_0_99_12_release quagga_0_99_11_release quagga_0_99_11_release.cp1 quagga_0_99_11_dn42_4 quagga_0_99_10_release quagga_0_99_9_release quagga_0_99_8_release quagga.0.99.7.release quagga_0_99_7_release quagga.0.99.6.release quagga_0_99_6_release quagga.0.99.5.release quagga_0_99_5_release quagga.0.99.4.release quagga_0_99_4_release quagga.0.99.3.release quagga_0_99_3_release quagga.0.99.2.release quagga_0_99_2_release quagga.0.99.1.release quagga_0_99_1_release quagga.0.98.6.release quagga_0_98_6_release quagga.0.98.5.release quagga_0_98_5_release quagga.0.98.4.release quagga_0_98_4_release quagga.0.98.3.release quagga_0_98_3_release quagga.0.98.2.release quagga_0_98_2_release quagga.0.98.1.release quagga_0_98_1_release quagga.0.98.0.release quagga_0_98_0_release quagga.0.97.5.release quagga_0_97_5_release quagga.0.97.4.release quagga_0_97_4_release quagga.0.97.3.release quagga_0_97_3_release quagga.0.97.2.release quagga_0_97_2_release quagga.0.97.1.release quagga_0_97_1_release quagga.0.97.0.release quagga_0_97_0_release quagga.0.96.5.release quagga_0_96_5_release quagga.0.96.4.release quagga_0_96_4_release quagga.0.96.3.release
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bgpd bgpd: Support for exchange MAC+IP routes Mar 23, 2017
cumulus Merge branch 'cmaster' into evpn Feb 23, 2017
debian Make logrotate more intelligent for high rotation rates Feb 28, 2017
doc doc: vtysh doc updates Nov 10, 2016
fpm Use only the ISC license for .proto files. Sep 23, 2016
gdb gdb: Add a directory of files with gdb macros May 26, 2016
init build: delete .cvsignore files Dec 13, 2011
isisd Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/cmaster' into cmaster-next Jan 23, 2017
ldpd ldpd: use red-black trees to store 'adj' elements Dec 15, 2016
lib lib, bgpd: Define and use generic IP address structure Mar 22, 2017
m4 build: fix "pragma weak" mixups Feb 9, 2013
ospf6d ospf6d: resolve problem with area range lsid creation Dec 17, 2016
ospfclient lib: migrate to new memory-type handling Sep 19, 2016
ospfd ospfd: Stop attempt to read beyond end of argv Jan 6, 2017
pimd pimd: Fix pim_ssm build failure by including zebra.h Mar 24, 2017
pkgsrc build: delete .cvsignore files Dec 13, 2011
ports pimd: merge pimd as of 2015-01-19 May 26, 2016
qpb fpm/protobuf: fix compile errors & warnings Sep 23, 2016
redhat redhat: fix up to build in a mock chroot Dec 5, 2016
ripd ripd: print md5 auth digest correctly Oct 21, 2016
ripngd *: Consolidate routemap initialization Oct 19, 2016
solaris solaris: fix SMF manifest dependency model and start method May 26, 2016
tests Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/cmaster-next' into evpn Nov 11, 2016
tools tools: VtyshMarkException needs to include "vtysh -m" Mar 27, 2017
vtysh Merge branch 'cmaster' into evpn Feb 23, 2017
watchquagga watchquagga: Pay attention to return values from write Dec 3, 2016
zebra zebra: Fix incorrect reference Mar 25, 2017
.gitignore Add various TAGS format files to be ignored by git. Jan 8, 2017
AUTHORS Initial revision Dec 13, 2002
COPYING *: nuke ^L (page feed) Jun 4, 2014
COPYING.LIB *: nuke ^L (page feed) Jun 4, 2014
ChangeLog [trivia] Make 'make dist' happy about ChangeLog expunge Aug 23, 2008 HACKING: Change format to MarkDown May 26, 2016
HACKING.pending HACKING.pending: Add Quagga-RE details Mar 2, 2012
INSTALL.quagga.txt build: goodbye, gawk Sep 19, 2016 bgpd: add L3/L2VPN Virtual Network Control feature Oct 3, 2016
NEWS release: 0.99.24 Jun 3, 2016
README 2004-11-12 Paul Jakma <> Nov 12, 2004
README.NetBSD Omit --opaque-lsa from build (now default). Jun 28, 2011
REPORTING-BUGS Update for git and emphasize asking for good reports. May 5, 2010
SERVICES pimd: merge pimd as of 2015-01-19 May 26, 2016
TODO doc: update TODO for ospf6d work & bgp multipath Apr 16, 2013 autoreconf -i Feb 6, 2007 build: remove --disable-ipv6 Jun 3, 2016 qpb: Add support for protobuf. Sep 23, 2016 Merge branch 'evpn' into cmaster Feb 25, 2017 Initial revision Dec 13, 2002
update-autotools * README.NetBSD: use update-autotools instead of autoreconf Feb 2, 2007


Quagga is free software that manages various IPv4 and IPv6 routing

Currently Quagga supports BGP4, BGP4+, OSPFv2, OSPFv3, RIPv1,
RIPv2, and RIPng as well as very early support for IS-IS.
See the file INSTALL.quagga.txt for building and installation instructions.
See the file REPORTING-BUGS to report bugs.
Quagga is free software. See the file COPYING for copying conditions.