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Simple brightness control frontend for brightnessctl
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Simple Brightness

A simple brightness control frontend for brightnessctl.

What does it do

This program interfaces with the brightnessctl terminal tool to allow changing the brightness of the screen by controlling its backlight.


  1. First install brightnessctl.
  2. Add users who will run simplebrightness to the video group. Do this by executing sudo usermod -a -G video USERNAME from the terminal for each user, replacing USERNAME with your desired user.
  3. Then download simplebrightness from this repository.
  4. Extract the downloaded files on your computer.
  5. Make sure that simplebrightness is marked as an executable. You can run chmod +x ./simplebrightness on the terminal, from inside the extracted folder to make it an executable.
  6. Run simplebrightness (simple double click on the script or run it from a terminal).

About the code

Simple Brightness is written in Python 3, using Tk, and is licensed under the MIT License, the same license as brightnessctl.

Why did I write this

I was having trouble getting xbacklight to work in KDE Neon 5.15 and I needed a way to control the laptop's brightness from the terminal. Brightnessctl did the work, but then I wanted a simple frontend to use in WindowMaker (my desktop of preference for saving battery and older machines). After being unable to find any frontends, I decided to create this one.

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