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@CurbShifter CurbShifter released this Jun 14, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release

SHA256 hash of file BurstHotWallet.msi:

bb 13 6c f8 87 a4 a9 2a 7b 22 f7 f3 8b 05 2a f8 66 3a b1 05 ca 10 47 f0 fd 4f ad 60 1a 73 dc 45

SHA256 hash of file BurstHotWallet.dmg:

8d 60 ca 58 a3 be ae 78 51 e8 cc cb 80 10 ad 4d 98 90 40 44 78 f6 9d 88 fa 46 66 7b f8 aa 7e 89

  • Much faster startup + various optimizers
  • Vanity address generator, simple to use, shown optional when creating new wallet.
  • Display and set account info, name + description on settings page
  • Display and set reward recipient on settings page
  • Assets support for balances and sending. Assets are selectable when balance is not 0.
  • Display support for AT bytecode messages UTF8
  • Easier saving of new wallet passphrase with options to save to file & copy to clipboard. (paper + pen still recommended).
  • Spot check of a few words of a new pass phrase. To ensure clients have a copy.
  • The shoutbox now allows you to open links and copy the text with pop-up menu
  • Default wallets and reward recipients lists added, including a online repo check for updates.
  • General UI/UX updates
  • Minor fixes
  • Code clean up
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