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A cross platform dynamic library to make developing applications and tools compatible with the Burst blockchain easier. Providing secure access to the BRS functionality even on external nodes. Because the library signs transactions and encrypts messages locally. It also gives direct access to Burst Extensions such as CloudBurst and BurstCoupon.

It is a bridge between the BRS (Burst Reference Software) REST API and a standard C interface. Making it ready to be called from a wide range of programming languages such as C, C++, C#, ruby, python, java, scala, php, lua, ect. The exported functions are listed in the BurstLib.h header.

Use it

Use the TestClient example Main.cpp as a guideline. It is a simple command line program through which you can up and download cloudburst files and messages. It is written in C++ and uses the c-interface to the library. However the same calls can be made from other languages. For example Pinvoke for .NET / C#).

For C/C++ The bare minimum would be to include the BurstLib.c and .h files in your project. Then you first create a handle to the binary with BurstLib_LoadDLL (and matching BurstLib_UnloadDLL !). Next you create a handle to the BurstLib itself with GetHandle (+ DeleteHandle). And then call SetNode to set the url of your node.

After that you can call all the lib functions, they are named just like the The Burst API functions and use the same arguments. With an exception for for the secret pass phrase, which you set with BurstLib_SetSecretPhrase. Then only when needed your transactions are locally signed and parsed before being (optionally) broadcast. So it doesn't publicly sling your keys over the internet and ensures validity by parsing the transaction.

There are 3 layers to this lib;

  1. The BurstLib is the C wrapper to BurstExt.
  2. BurstExt includes the extensions CloudBurst and BurstCoupon. Which in itself is inherited from BurstKit
  3. BurstKit is the main bridge to the BRS API and includes the crypto + 3rd party libraries.


  • Include messaging system tagged to other transactions
  • Simplify message encryption
  • Include AT tx services Escrow/DSG/Assets


You can build the library from the projects in the Builds folder. And separately the TestClient, which demonstrates a commandline version of CloudBurst. The 2 binaries should be placed next to each other. Because the TestClient will check the current working dir for the BurstLib binary.

  • Windows MSVC (2013)
    • Open the BurstLib.sln file and add your boost++ include folder to the 'Additional include directories' in the BurstLib project.
  • MacOS XCode
    • Open the BurstLib.xcodeproj build settings and add your boost++ include folder to the 'Header search paths'
  • Linux make
    • Open the LinuxMakeFile folder and execute make CONFIG=Release (have libcurl and boost++ installed)

Repeat the same steps to build the TestClient but no extra libraries or headers are needed.

Libraries used

All sources and libraries except boost++ (and libcurl for linux) are included in this repository.

https://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/ (for linux)


Andy Prock and "Daniel Jones" and many thanks to umbrellacorp03 for the The Burst API. Big shout out to whole Burstcoin community !

Value for value

Please support the developers of the software you use


contact: Discord, twitter or curbshifter at protonmail

Released under GPL v3 License - Copyright (c) 2018 CurbShifter