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The Idiotware Shield is a learning platform that offers both novices and advanced Arduino users, the opportunity to bring hundreds of projects alive quickly.

idIoTware Shield Top View

Idiotware Shield provides an extremely flexible environment to express ideas and bring interactivity to simple projects, as well as providing for an easy way to implement, learn and prototype advanced projects and applications.

It is the “first of its kind” Arduino shield that offers this large variety of wireless communication options, input sensors, outputs and device extensibility. While offering high integration and compactness, the Idiotware Shield offers a large selection of latest hardware and features, accompanied by tested libraries, code and use cases. A must-have for the enthusiastic Arduino user.

Hardware and Schematics

You can download a PDF of the schematics from here Idiotware Schematics

The following images show which component is included on the Shield and its location

Idiotware Shield Component Placement 1

Idiotware Shield Component Placement 2


Projects for the Idiotware Shield are listed here, sorted by Platforms

Hackster Logo

Video Tutorials

Videos can be watched here

Idiotware Youtube Channel


You can register interest by signing up here

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