1 d. Expectations

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'''Young Hackers''':

Curiosity Hacked Guilds are learning to be leaders in their communities. They are responsible for setting a good example in their words and deeds. In particular, Curiosity Hacked Guilds should use their knowledge of technology and science to help those around them, including teaching others how to use new technologies in an informed and responsible way. Curiosity Hacked Guilds are also charged with preserving a culture of free and open discourse, by sharing ideas and working to make information more accessible. Young Hackers must pay strict attention to safety guidelines. They are true to themselves, respectful of others, and wear closed-toed shoes.


Parents assist the guild by contributing time, expert knowledge, and resources. They are expected to sign up to assist as mentors or helpers when they can, and support the Guild Leadership when asked. Curiosity Hacked parents support their children in their interests, and encourage further investigation between meetings.


Guild leaders and mentors guide children in their pursuit of knowledge by teaching fundamental skills, modeling patience and curiosity, and encouraging creative inquiry. They teach the children how to use technology responsibly, and to work cooperatively with others, so that they can be successful as future leaders.

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