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Scientific innovation is developing at dizzying speeds, but many people still don’t understand the basic technology they use every day. Hands-on learning is often the best way to retain information in complex areas, but very few schools are able to offer this kind of curriculum. Understanding scientific concepts and learning physical skills empowers people to comprehend and affect the world around them. And, in addition to the educational benefits, Curiosity Hacked offers fun, friends, and mentor support. The program is also unique in that it is all-inclusive (open to members of any gender, sexuality, religion, or ability), and focuses on the open-minded search for knowledge.

Curiosity Hacked benefits kids, but also mentors and the community. It fosters family engagement, leadership and business skills, pedagogical training, and the opportunity to contribute to a better future with a more educated population. Starting a Guild requires only a moderate investment of time and money, that can be distributed among members of the group. We provide tested lesson plans and resources to make the process as simple as possible. Adults involved in Curiosity Hacked have a great opportunity to develop their own skill sets, take time to experiment, and share their creative ideas with an eager group of participants.

Click on the links below to learn about joining or starting a Curiosity Hacked program in your area!

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