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To make various kinds of Catapults and Trebuchets (a kind of catapult) and learn about force and propulsion.



An understanding of the difference between catapults and trebuchets, from construction to force and propulsion.


Application of understanding by building both a catapult and trebuchet from given schematics.


Designing and building their own Trebuchet and Catapult.


There are lots of interesting designs for both Catapults and Trebuchets. Some are under craft ideas others are found science orientated sites. In doing each activity reinforce, either at an opening or closing group discussion, the basic design of a Catapult and/or Trebuchet. This will add as not only a reinforcer but also as a check in to determine children’s understanding of the each project’s design. In addition, group discussion along with mentor guidance and completion of projects will prepare children for the final project - construction of a Catapult and Trebuchet.

Activities are ordered in increasing concept and complexity.

Indoor Slingshot

Spoon Launcher

Tissue Box Catapult

Popsicle Catapults

More Catapults

Marshmallow Catapult (can be messy in hot weather, the marshmallows melts)

Here is a great beginning activity to kick off the Trebuchet unit;

(need to add pic) begin with two squares made from popsicle sticks,two popsicle sticks at the base for support and two at the top as the platform for the throwing arm -spoon attached to an attentional popsicle (used for counter weight - in this case we used our hand to introduce the concept of counter wieght)

Other Designs

Basic Trebuchet, students will need adult assistance, shows counterweight set up clearly

Interesting Trebuchet design with paper

Trebuchet Kit

This kit is beautiful and easily assembled. Kids will need adult help. Oakland Ballistics has given us a bulk discount in the past, so make sure you ask!




Resources and Design ideas

Simple Trebuchet and More advanced

Youtube example of building a Trebuchet ( this design could be modified to use)

== Final Project: ==

Using various materials, kids will construct a catapult and a trebuchet to illustrate their understanding of the concepts and skills related to this unit.

Materials for Projects:

Collect a variety of recycled and other materials for the above projects.

Here’s a list of materials; popsicle sticks, tongue depressors, toilet tissue and paper towel rolls, tissue boxes, squares of wood-varying sizes, clothes pins, rubber bands, spoons, bottle caps, pencils, corks, washer for counterweights in trebuchet designs (or other objects), and of course lots of hot glue guns.

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