Guild Projects

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So you've got a great group of kids and you've worked your way through the Hackerling Circuit, now what?

Here are some ideas and projects that other Guilds have done.

Long Term Projects

  • Design your own boardgames
  • Really get into design desicions and game play
  • Then design the board and make all the pieces, custom dice? Sure why not!
  • Prop replicas
  • Pick an object from popular culture and try to recreate it
  • The skill used by this are as varied as the creativity of the kids
  • Halloween Costumes and decoration
  • Really get into it.. go the extra mile; it's the maker's holiday
  • Programming
  • Could be anything from Scratch to C
  • Web design? Legos? Minecraft Mods?
  • Something that will run on the Hackerling Circuit?
  • Robots
  • As varied as the skills of the kids and mentors and the time you want to put into it
  • Combat robot? Line follower? Two continuous rotation servos and the Hackerling Circuit?
  • What is a robot anyway?
  • Woodworking
  • Hammer and nails all the way to planing and joining
  • Fire as a tool
  • We did this as a Summer long series
  • What is fire?
  • How to start it and put it out, safely..all take turns with an extinguisher
  • Fire dancing exhibition, flame thrower toys shown off (Demonstration only)
  • Match rockets
  • Sugar and salt peter smoke bombs
  • Powdered coffee creamer explosions
  • Vice grip a model rocket motor and watch it's stages
  • Propane torches and copper pipe soldering
  • Propane torches and glass bead making
  • Propane torches and glass enameling
  • Wood burning as art
  • 2d to 3d
  • Start with drawings in a vector graphics program and use the design (printed , laser cut, or traced) to build a three dimensional object from cardboard or plywood.
  • Nerdy Derby
  • Anything goes car racing!
  • Leather working
  • Access to a laser cutter makes cutting patterns and poking holes easy.
  • Sculpting and lost wax casting
  • There are many low temperature melting metals you can use for casting parts that don't require furnaces.

Short Term Projects

  • Take something apart
  • Start by talking about the object (usually ewaste or a garage sale find). What does it normally do? What parts would be needed to make that work? What do you expect to find inside? Are those buttons electronic or mechanical?
  • Take it apart. What tools do you need? Does it look like it was made to be taken apart? Where did the manufacturer make it easy/hard? Could the inside be dangerous? How?
  • What's inside? What's that do? What kind of part is that? Remember, you don't need to have all the answers. But help the kids ask the questions, including.. How could we find out?
  • Anything with popsicle sticks and a glue gun
  • Anything done for an Open Lab
  • Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
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