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Curiosity Hacked LED Badge


badge available from CH or Adafruit

Guild Throughlines

1. What kinds of ideas and projects catch my attention and make me excited to explore and learn? What concepts and skills would be valuable to me?

2. What steps do I need to take in order to take charge of my own learning?

3. How can I use the resources available to meet my goals?

4. How can I share what I learn with others?

5. How will mastery of a concept or a skill assist my goals?

Badge Design Process


Identify goals


generate ideas










redesign (and repeat 4-7 as necessary)



Badge Overview

(what is the intention of this badge? Why are we doing this? Why is it important?)

A Light Emiting Diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that produces light from an electrical charge. When the diode is forward-biased, or given power, electrons free photons in a process called electroluminescence. The color that is produced depends on the energy gap of the diodes semiconductor. Today, virtually all colors of the visible light spectrum, and even some UV and IR can be produced.

LEDs can be used for illumination (brightness or decorative), status indicator, displays, and communication.

The LED badge is an exploration of the possibilities that LEDs contain. In this badge, young hackers will learn concepts and skills related to the requirements and identify a project using LEDs that they would like to work on.

Badge Objectives

(what info needs to be acquired, retained, and applied for skill/concept mastery?)

  • Young hackers will understand the difference between LEDs available and how to use them in their projects.

  • Young hackers will successfully illuminate LED’s using a variety of methods (ie copper tape, conductive ink, conductive thread, soldering a circuit).

  • They will utilize an LED to be a status indicator.

  • The will use LEDs to create a display and to communicate.

  • Young hackers are able to apply a variety of these requirements into a self-selected project.

Mentor Resources:

(websites, etc we have found helpful for supporting mentors in guiding this badge)

[https://dogtrax.makes.org/thimble/LTEwNTkxOTI4MzI=/illuminating-poetry-with-paper-circuitry Illuminating poetry with paper circuitry]

Lessons and Activities to support Badge Objectives:

Note: These are activities and resources meant to help facilitate the acquisition and retention of the skill or concept being mastered. They are not, however, mandatory. A dialogue between the Mentor and young hacker should result in a plan to meet the requirements of this badge with the child’s vision as the guide. That may include some or all of the activities below, or it may be designing a new project. The mentor will help to shape the plan so that the child can master the skills through what he or she deems valuable, while still ensuring a comprehensive education in this skill/concept.

Additional Resources: (any other resources that may be related to the badge skill, but not essential to the objectives)


How can I share my knowledge with others? Did I document my project through notes and/or photos? Did I find an activity or resource that was particularly interesting or helpful?

Mentors will help our Curiosity Hackers finish their badge by sharing the above on our wiki in the appropriate badge section.

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