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= Hacker Handbook =

At the first meeting, many Guild Leaders choose to give every Hacker a Handbook and their first badge, the Curiosity Hacked logo badge. This Handbook serves more as a functional workbook and a place to document their building knowledge and interests. While the Hackers should have autonomy over their binders, teaching them about organization and documentation is valuable and useful.

Generally, the Handbook can be made using a binder with the Curiosity Hacked logo on the front. Inside, you can use divider tabs. The first page can be an engineering style table of contents, where Scouts control what information they are storing, where, and how it relates to their own projects. The next section should be our Intro, Expectations, and Core Values. Following should be an area for any handouts Leaders and Mentors give the Hackers. Finally, we also like to put some graph paper in the back for the kids to use when designing their own projects, either independently or for badge work.


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