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= Open Lab Projects =

Open Lab projects are meant to be single projects, not part of a particular badge (though they can be incorporated into badges if you want). They can be used for your Guild or Sparks, or as an opportunity to invite the larger community to come and participate.

All of our projects are Open Source, meaning this information is free for use by anyone.

Please add any projects you come across that would benefit this list, or any notes that might be helpful as others engage in these activities!


Kite Challenge OpenLabKites Our first Quarterly Challenge; information on aerodynamics and kite building
Biosphere [ ] Do not do in winter! Pond muck life is not diverse or abundant enough!
Cardboard Challenge [ ]
Extreme Rubber Band Guns
Screen Printing %SCRIPTURL%/edit/Learning/OpenLabScreenprinting
Archery Bows OpenLabArchery
Trebuchet OpenLabTrebuchet Amazing kit from Oakland Ballistics! Great size, easy to put together, and there is nothing more satisfying than launching objects from your very own trebuchet! Oakland Ballistics may be willing to provide other Hacker Scouts locations with a discount on this kit.
Compressed Air Rockets [ ]
Hydrolic Judo Bots OpenLabJudobots This awesome project involves constructing a robot that uses a simple hydraulic system to power a lifting arm and a pivot. Two robots can face off and try to throw each other off of a table!
Origami Polyhedra OpenLabOrigami
Wookie Cushion [ ]
Mousetrap Racecars
DIY Brush Bots and Habitats [ http:/ ]
DIY Backyard Batteries [ Lemon Batteries - ]
[ Onion Batteries -]
TinyMatrix LED Pendant [ ]
Folding Wing Gliders [ ]
Star Wars: Lightsabers [ ]
And a Storm Trooper Helmet! [ ]
DIY Stomp Rockets [ ] We did these ones and used pool noodles (dollar store) cut in 1/4 with duct tape over the top. Worked great!
Crash Test Cars [ ]
Ice Cream in a Bag [ ]
Vector Ray Gun [ ]
Cigar Box Amplifiers [ ] Like this, but we hacked the parts from Jameco
Micro Crossbow [ ]
Solar Powered Radio out of Altoids Tin [ ]
Video Games – Installing Mods
3D LED array [ ] can also do 3x3x3, 8x8x8, etc.



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