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first human pair creators
creative mother source everything
nature creator
hermaphroditic creator
eagle creator man
spider creator
potter creator
creator dragons head
creator two horns head
dwarfish creator
creator clothed bearskin or leaves
creator hammer chisel hands
creator sun moon hands
creator appearance negro
creator comes chaos
creator offspring dual powers nature
creator comes east
creator born egg
creators grandmother
creators son
creators daughter
creators wife
animal creators companion
bird creators companion
creators companions unicorn phoenix tortoise dragon
falcon crow joint creators
conflict good evil creators
devil works gods sleep creation
lucifer causes fall man
devil serpent form tempts first woman satan eve
poisonous water created devil
creator ancestor heaven earth
creators death
creators works survive him
creator goes make afterworld
creator goes sky
creator buffaloes
creation match goddesswife godhusband
supreme god
supreme god creator
omniscient god
omnipresent god
opposition good evil gods
gods demons quarrel supremacy
goddess rebels father forbidding marriage
revolt evil angels god
revolting devil banished hell
gods darkness light
god living dead otherworld
god dead
mother gods
birth gods
god incestuous union
god adulterous union
gods borne human woman
elementary spirits borne human woman
totemistic gods
gods emerge hole tree
twin gods
twin goddesses or trinity goddesses
twin daughters god
first men created eternal life become gods
mortal translated heaven deified
god shapeshifter
god many faces
god many eyes
god many heads
god many arms
god three legs
goddess oneandahalf buttocks
lotus plants grow navel vishnu
god deity girdled snakes forehead shines moon
luminous god
god luminous countenance
god blazing eye
goddess body full fire
deity human form
goddess war shape hag
goddess war shape red woman
mutilated god
blind god
oneeyed god
god evil eye
god single eye lid passes polished handle lid lifted
god one leg foot
god one hand
gods animal features
deity cats head
god rams head
god tigers skin
horned god
goddess pigs teeth
god animal form
god successive animal forms
deity snakechildren
monkey god
beargod goddess
bird deity
goddess form bird
dog wolfgod
cow god
god tortoise
giant god
giant goddess bestrides entire land
giant orderly gods
god rides bull
god rides bird
god rides flying elephant
deity rides buffalo
deity rides lion
goddesss chariot drawn onefooted horse
gods chariot goes air
pictorial representations gods
god hammer
god axe
god club
god wheel
wheel symbol
god goddess basket
god goddess cornucopia
squatting god
bull three cranes
smallpox deity rides nude ass half winnowing fan umbrella swing one hand broom other
goddess represented mounted drake attended eight chief snakes attended snake jewels
god long white beard white moustache
gods supernatural beings many names
tortoise footstool god
dragon god
vampire goddess
ugly god
greedy god
god makes automata vivifies them
smith gods
god blacksmith
brazier gods
carpenter wright gods
physician gods
champions gods
home gods
home gods high mountain
home gods inside hill
garden gods
home gods sea
god indra palace milky way
deity resides tree
god sea milk
food gods
magic food gives immortality gods
gods food gives supernatural growth
banquets gods
moon steals food banquet gods
sun moon wind dine uncle aunt thunder lightning
food gods meat cow plenty
gods accept blood
gods preference cooked food
cannibal gods
drink gods
magic drink gives immortality gods
gods discover liquor
milk gods
gods keep mosquitoes pets
gods elephant
goddess sleeps bed snakes
god dairies buffaloes
chariot gods
hierarchy gods
conflicts gods
fight gods giants
combat god light dragon ocean
brahma cursed gods temples
god reborn human woman avenge self giant
battle gods orderly giant plague
gods play chess
marriage liaison gods
brothersister marriage gods
motherson marriage gods
adultery among gods
polygamy among gods
krishna plays cards three wives
matriarchy among gods
polyandry among gods
jealous wife god
messenger gods
birds messengers gods
cupbearer gods controls waters
army gods
magician gods
council gods
gods ride air
god drives chariot waves
gods intervene battle
gods deposed time
gods imprisoned
god reduces elements order
god ordains ceremonies regulations
god dupe trickster
god prophet
god rathbuilder
gods relation mortals
god serves menial earth
god clears plains
god cultivator
deity cares favorite individuals
god helps mortal battle
deity accompanies mortal journey guide
god resuscitates man
god judge men
mortal umpire quarrel gods
gods goddesses love men
philandering god
gods ancestors mankind
gods notgods
god summoned weeping
man cheats god throwing dice
god jealous mortal
goddess throne shakes mischance befalls faithful worshipper
deity appears human prayers
deity ascertains destiny newborn babe inscribes upon forehead
accountants god keep lists good bad acts human beings
early period gods men lived together gods ruling men ordaining live originating various customs
goddesses come earth silken thread offended raja produce drought
mortal adopted son god
goddess protects animals hunters
gods forced mortals take refuge underground
great age gods
death gods
old god slain young god
resurrection gods
decree gods irrevocable
spirit deity animates earthen jar placed beneath banyan tree
deitys child becomes fire soon born
wind drives buffaloes god
god heaven
god air
sungod commits adultery
sungod couples moon
sungod family
son sun
sun fatherinlaw
goddess north star
goddess light
goddess dawn
god thunder
thunder god spirit long mouth
thunder spirit lives world earth
god lightning
lightning weapon gods
raingod windgod brought back order make liveable weather
god underworld
god world dead
rank gods hades
god earth
gods earth
goddess earth
mother earth
local gods
household gods
god roads streets
god crossroads
god boundaries
gods quarters
deity particular mountain
god water
river goddess
stream wife deity
god vegetation
goddess vegetation
god fertility
goddess fertility
goddess dryness sterility
god agriculture
god plants fields
plowman god
goddess agriculture
corngod goddess
god ricefields
seven grain sisters
goddess god flowers
bamboo goddess
fig tree god
god animals
god goddess domestic animals
goddess buffaloes
god goddess wild animals
god of many arts
god smithwork
goddess smithwork
god healing
goddess healing
goddess sailors
god wisdom
goddess beauty
god fate
god fate shape golden frog
god justice
god poetry
goddess poetry
goddess music
god eloquence learning
goddess dance
god happiness
god prophecy
goddess prophecy
god wealth
angel poverty
goddess wealth
goddess prosperity
god youth
god goddess longevity
god love
goddess love
goddess love thousand faces
goddess childbirth
goddess cradle
god goddess smallpox
god goddess cholera
god fevers
devil leprosy
god intoxication or wine
goddess illluck
spirit illluck son god
goddess good luck lakshmi
goddess mercy
god war
goddess war
valkyries shieldmaidens
god death
death kills whose time die
god destruction
goddess protection
god strength
god travelers
god metals
god fire
goddess fire
god furnace
god seasons
echo invisible
deity stone
goddess hair
demigods culture heroes
culture hero god
culture hero reborn
birth rearing culture hero demigod
culture hero speaks birth
culture hero son mortal halfmortal father
culture hero posthumous child
culture hero born three times
culture hero reared seclusion
culture hero reared educated extraordinary supernatural personages
culture hero son god
demigods descend heaven
culture heroes brothers
twin culture heroes
sworn brothers culture heroes
father son culture heroes
culture hero blood brother
culture hero faithful attendant
culture hero dupe trickster
coyote culture hero
mink culture hero
blue jay culture hero
raven culture hero
spider culture hero
giant culture hero
giant sword culture hero
culture hero marvelous dogs
culture hero marvelous horses
extraordinary weapons culture hero
culture hero god slays grandfather
culture hero wounded
culture hero mighty hunter
culture hero irresistible beauty spot ball seirc
culture hero three heads hair different colors
culture hero seven pupils eye seven toes foot seven fingers hand
culture hero angry subject contortions
culture hero performs remarkable feats strength skill
culture hero turn feet knees backwards
culture hero precocious
culture hero knowledgegiving member thumb tooth
culture hero magician drai
culture hero poet musician
culture hero supernatural helpers
culture hero demigod overcomes monsters
culture hero banishes demons
culture hero banishes snakes
culture hero conquers sea monster
culture hero stays current river
culture hero swallowed recovered animal
demigods fight allies mortals
culture hero saint defends ireland foreign invasions
culture heroes clear plains
culture hero builds raths
culture hero teaches arts crafts
culture hero god agriculture
culture hero establishes customs
culture hero establishes social system
culture hero dispenses food hospitality
culture heros demigods departure
divinitys departure west
divinitys departure east
remarkable longevity culture heroes
dying culture hero
return mortal reincarnation celestial country gods mission accomplished earth
culture hero still lives
culture hero asleep mountain
culture hero still alive hollow hill
culture hero still alive mysterious island
departed deity grants requests visitors
culture heros divinitys expected return
culture hero divinity returns
culture hero returns assists mortals
culture hero returns aids followers battle
culture hero returns prove power saint
semidivine hero granted free access mens wives
creation universe
creation universe creator
fiat creation
druids creators
universe parts creators body
creation universe clay pot set afloat primeval waters
universe congealed vapor
world parents skyfather earthmother parents universe
raising sky
heaven earth originally connected navel string
sky receded upward struck womans pestle
raising sky striking broom
preexisting world gods above
new creation shouted away
cosmic egg
primeval woman cut pieces houses etc
hierarchy worlds
nine worlds
four heavens
seven heavens
series lower worlds
tree heaven
tree heaven goddess necklace hangs branch
primary elements universe
music heaven
chairs heaven
cleansing fountain heaven
bridge heaven
windows heaven sixtysix seventytwo windows firmament
selfilluminating precious stones heaven
sweet odor heaven
heaven surrounded seven walls
land saints surrounded fiery circle
inhabitants heaven divided companies
saint sees vision three cities heaven city gold city silver city glass
girls dancing heaven
plains heaven
mountain supports sky
ladder heaven applied saint
eight symbolical steps ladder heaven
language heaven
hell located north
entrance cave gate hell
hell confused fairy land
horrible sights hell
serpents hell
fires hell
dragons hell
gnats hell
toads hell
scorpions hell
griffins hell
birds made iron hell
lions hell
scratching cats hell
tigers hell
frigidity hell
coldness hell
rugged icy mountains hell
alternate heat cold hell
stygian river
ferryman river lower world charon
dogs hell
judges lower world
smith hell
miller hell
world one room contains dead another contains souls unborn waiting enter wombs women third contains evil spirits
dark puddles hell
foul odor hell
hunger hell
dogs incited devour souls hell
miscellaneous worlds
islands blest
overseas otherworld west
intermediate future world
christian paradise
christian paradise terra repromissionis corresponding pagan celtic otherworld ireland
creation heavenly bodies
heavenly bodies vomited creator
woman four children sun moon fire water
sun moon stars forged smith
sun moon purchased
sun moon stars nourished fire
sun moon darkness gods three children
creation sky
nature sky
sky solid vault tent
sky blue
marriage earth sky
sky measured bird
origin clouds
nature clouds covered skin
creation sun
sun man left earth
sun cannibal
originally moon sun
originally sun
sun moon belly fish
sun moon metal mirrors sky
sun grindstone full fire
sun moon spangle falls creators forehead urine
sun moon eyes rama tore brothers death
wooden circles sun moon animated human sacrifice blood
sun moon born goddess impregnated wind
sun moon born ogre
sun moon breasts mother earth
hero makes sun moon tree sends alternately sky
hero makes sun moon tree vivifies blood creators son
sun head youth offered sacrifice
nature condition sun
formerly seven suns
formerly great heat sun causes distress mankind
sun shut pit
theft sun
great darkness due awk swallowing sun
stolen sun restored sky
pale sun made right using egg yellow grass etc
suns night journey land dead
sun night closes doors
sun hidden night afraid wander
sun sits back male buffalo
dawn sun comes play moon
sun moon remain half time underworld
chariot sun
sun golden bowl rim sits peacock bowl peacock crystal box rests flying chariot
man controls rising setting sun
sun set year power saint
sun originally hot threatens life
sun caught snare
sunsnarer burnt mantle
sun visits earth form black bull caught man thus causing night
sun king sky earth
slave shoots arrow leg suns horse
sun hides cave
pursuit sun moon
sun moon pursued dark planet black chariot
sun moon man woman
sun sister moon brother
sunbrother moonsister
sun moon married
sun moon brothers
sun brother rise set alternately
sun moon sisters daughters skygod
children union sun turn bit blood daytime soon exposed sun take human form shape sunset
sun moon friends
suns affection human girl rouses moons jealousy
original moon changed sun sun moon
sun cursed moon
contest sun moon
causes eclipses sun moon
origin eclipse moon
eclipse caused monster devouring sun moon
cause eclipses mothers curse laid upon third son
toad causes eclipses sun
ghosts suns children return cause eclipse
moons eclipse caused moons interfering attacker person attacked
sun hides face shame eclipse
sun edge sky
war sun
sun brothers works month plays eleven work together world would burned heat
reason variations seasonal heat sun
sun red
sun sets refuses rise must coaxed back underworld
creation moon
chest sacrificed youth becomes moon
moon grinder brings fire sun
moon made shining fragments
heavenly smith hammering moon
mother moon distant star sky
moon younger brother sun
person transformed moon
man moon
man moon person thrown sent punishment
man moon rabbit hare animal
man moon frog jumped persons face remains there
man moon dung ashes moons face smeared sun
mark mothers hand seen moons shoulder
mark tigers paw moon
moon spots tattoo marks
cotton tree nettles moon
spots moon banyan tree planted creator diminish light
man moon old woman busy spindle
man moon woman threshing corn dog side
rows palm trees black spots moon
marks moon
moon wooer
moon married mortal woman
moon deceives sun
moon steals garden
moon kept box
moon buried pit
causes moons phases
sacrifice made free moon sickness allow waxing
moon cut two sun hence waxes wanes
moon cut half
moons waning caused menstrual period
sun moon divine heros wedding presents
moon pale
moon hare covered silver lives crystal house fifteen windows
formerly seven moons
creation condition stars
star union girl peacock
ascent stars
chariot heaven takes couple live sages great bear
stars transformed lovers
stars fires hearths ghosts
star descends human being
mortal marries stargirl
stars objects thrown sky
stars arrows shot sky
stars hung god heavens decorate it
stars children moon
stars children sun eaten father
sun eats children except morning star moon keeps children hiding
stars children sun moon
stars drops moons blood
brilliant stars children sun others children moon
stars transformed spittle moon
origin constellations
stars trees growing clouds
origin particular stars
origin great bear ursa major
origin orion
origin pleiades
origin hyades
milky way smoke ashes
milky way race track
planets comets etc
origin venus planet
origin morning star
origin jupiter planet
relation planets human life
shooting star one come graze
shooting stars spirits coming earth make woman pregnant
shooting stars stardung
shooting stars unfaithful wives
origin rainbow
rainbow snake
rainbow transformed king lesser rainbow kings wife
rainbow gods emptying drinking cups
rainbow horse raingod
rainbow comes anthill
origin rainbow transformed butterflies souls lovers
creation earth
china first land appear world
primeval water beginning everything covered water
primeval water subside specified time
earth brought bottom primeval water
earth diver
creator sends crow creating her scout earthnucleus
raft primeval sea
lotusleaf raft primeval sea
creator rests tree stake
earth object thrown primeval water
earth sand strewn primeval water
earth scattered circuit four directions primeval water
earth primeval water mixed seeds tobacco
earth lotus seed placed water
earth egg breaking primeval water
earth creators spittle falling primeval water
earth spittle primeval potter spreading surface water
earth turtles back
ocean world
god causes primeval sea roll back leave bare hills
earth made lac
earth made mud shaken back primeval boar
world transformed mud parrot golden cage
earth made cups earth placed spiders web
earth made transformation broken ground
earth made first couple dancing bit cloth laid water
earth sets like curds
earth made drying primeval water
earth worm scratched creators nails
earth excreted worm
creation earth creator
earth body son deity
earth giants body ymir
earth sacrifice son daughter first couple
earth murder first brother sister
earth body murdered child
earth body slain animal
earth body divine suicide
gods create earth dead victims blood bones
creation creators lonesomeness
earth creators cuticle
creator prepared earths nucleus one would rice cake
support earth
four worldcolumns fastened immovably two gods mothers hairs
four worldcords
twelve iron pillars steady earth
four earthnails
goddess standing head supports earth
old woman supports earth head
earth supported post
earth rests turtles back
earth rests horns bull rests upon fish
earth rests tortoise serpent elephant
earth rests elephants back
earth rests cobras head
earth supported great boars tusk
earth supported vast number birds legs
serpent supports earth
making earth larger
opposite present
hardening earth
primeval earth hardened wind
ground previously wet dries first woman cuts little finger blood drips ground
steadying earth
earth becomes warm wet two huge copper vessels steaming fire underneath earth
creators giant servant puts valley earths crust heavy mountain light stabilize it
creators giant servant puts trees hold earth together slipped
earth square four quarters
taprobane eastern end world
unextinguishable fire end earth
four rivers rising paradise water primitive world
river flows around world
seven seas encircle world
earth great clouds
midgard serpent
leviathan surrounds globe
topographical features caused experiences primitive hero demigod deity
topographical changes landmarks due battle gods
topographical features earth arranged creator
two creators go different route establish features earth
bodies water remnant flood
waters created divine twins
bodies water tears
origin tides
tidal wave surge marks place death person
tub drips high tide holds water low tide
mountains push water westward
origin lakes
inexhaustible buckets source lakes
lake bursts forth drown thief
lakes burst forth commemorate birth death battle etc
lakes originate tears
lake urine horse
lake created fairies
lake bursts forth drown impious people
woman transformed pool water
lake bursts forth blind king plucks rushes
lake milk formed virtue saint
lakes daughters gods
lake originally filled palm wine
origin streams
river urine goddess giantess
river slaver fenriswolf
river vagina first woman
rivers burst forth commemorate birth death battle etc
rivers god drags staff
rivers originate saints prayer drought
hailstorm leaves twelve chief rivers ireland
river bursts well pursuit
stream unexpectedly bursts side mountain
origin river girl drowned well
girl reincarnated river god vishnu lie bed form stone
person transforms self river
goddess anger breaks five parts hence five branches river
origin river transformed flowing honey
peacock shows rivers way big valley go round round
origin falls cataracts
mist certain river fanned away pair eagles wings
origin springs
origin particular spring
springs originate horses hoofprints
spring urine horse
spring breaks forth fairy horse lies down
spring striking earth sword
spring breaks forth magic spear strikes ground
spring breaks forth commemorate place death burial
spring breaks forth primitive heros need
spring breaks forth power saint
spring breaks forth saint smites rock
spring breaks forth power saint place leper pulls clump rushes
spring breaks forth animal delivers book left behind saint
spring breaks forth saints stolen cow found
cloth goddess spread holy man spot causes water spring earth
breaking forth springs partial cause flood
origin land
river valley licked giant beast
contours land caused rooting swine
contours land caused occult hero driving harrow
origin islands shape
islands cow calf transformed evil eye oneeyed god
islands stones cast giantess
islands webs woven primeval spiders
creation mountains hills
mountains spring scattered parts slain giant serpents body
hills heros striking earth sword
origin hills ridges pieces shattered gods head
mountains hills former sons daughters gods
hills represent loads cultureheros shoulders
soil dropped form mountains
hills stones cast giants
hill anvil cast supernatural smith
hill unfinished tower built likeness nimrods tower
holes hills result fight gods
mountains fight other cause present shape
battle demons hills torn up
one mountain love another stretches leg meet her origin mountain chain
mounds horns cast cattle
cliff lovers leap
mountain buried giant
cloud lofty male mountain induced beautiful female mountain bow feet hence present shape
mountains valleys formed great fire
hills sky asked earth wrinkle feet
origin crevasse
indentions rocks prints left man beast
indentions rocks imprint gods saints
indentions rocks footprints christ
indention rock footprint angel
holes stones caused piercing saints finger
holes stone caused saint warrior
imprint horse rocks
indentions rocks head infant hero saint
chasms rocks mark leaps giants heroes etc
indentions rock paws king arthurs dog
indentions rocks weapons knees elbows of persons slain hero
rocks hilltops flat persons gods slept cooked them
hole stone caused weapon warrior
indentions rocks caused giants
great fish killed hero cut sixteen pieces great stones may still seen
rocks transformation people stone
certain stones druids transformed power saint
certain stones transformed giants
fire producing rock result contest god fire god rain
origin particular rock
certain stones cheeses transformed saint
pile stones certain chapel formed fragments salmon transformed saint
stone column membrum virile ancient hero
two rocks split transformed lapdog
origin emeralds marvelous vase broken pieces
cairn marks burial place
dark brown patches soil mark place marvelous cow glas calf lay
roads marked supernatural cows
certain stones druids saints seats chairs
pile stones cairn marks site battle
origin villages
origin sacred places
origin sacred post placed ancestral culture hero
ground bursts open temple rises it
five great roads ireland discovered night kings birth
origin clay
mythical animals
animal elders
animal totems
dog totem animal
fantastic beasts birds etc
dragon transformed horse
dragon transformed man lying treasures fбfnir
form dragon
dragon compound animal
manyheaded dragon
feet dragon
horns dragon
wings dragon
tail dragon
scales dragon
firebreathing dragon
dragon enormous size
blood dragon
dragon jewel head
dragons home bottom sea
dragons visit sky
dragon lives ground
dragons live hell
flying dragon
dragon travels sea land
talking dragon
dragons power selftransformation
dragons power magic invisibility
dragons miraculous vision
dragon helps hero gratitude
dragon guards treasure
dragon feeds treasure
dragon guards holy land
sandalwood tree guarded dragon venomous breath
dragon rainspirit
dragon guards lake
dragon power good
dragon power evil
sacrifice human dragon
dragon eats people rent
dragon devours children
fight dragon
dragon combats attack showers fiery spines
woman dragonslayer
dragon doubles demand mens rebellion
dragon cannot killed weapons
dragons shriek makes land barren
fiery dragon
dragon hear child cry even great distance
humandragon marriage
animal body horse legs hound
hybrid monster calfsheep
manyheaded animal
animal head bone
animal unusual horns
manyhorned animal
deer giant antler
animal usually harmless horns
animal horn head pointing sky
animals unusual eyes
oneeyed pig
animal snout iron
animals unusual legs feet
animals many legs
bull human hands feet
animals unusual limbs members
bird head gold wings silver
ghormuhas mens bodies horses heads one leg cannibals
leopard nine tails
boar nine tusks jaw
cow tallow liver
animal unusual skin
animal one head two bodies six legs
eel fiery mane
bird fiery beak
bird tail fire
monster hands palms hand nails palm
devastating animals
beasts destroy vineyards steal fruit
tormenting beast mans stomach
maneating monster in cave
monster cat devastates country
devastating dog hound
devastating swine
maneating cattle
destructive sheep
devastating tiger
giant lion overcome hero
devastating elephant
destructive deer
giant maneating mice
devastating bison buffalo
devastating fish carries daily victim
leviathan casts gorge spreads disease
giant devastating serpent
devastating crocodile
devastating shellfish
mandevouring turtle
giant maneating ants
bloodsucking chafer
destructive locusts with wings iron eat wheat crop
devastating spider
devastating centipede
hostile animals
hostile beasts
ferocious animals loosed attackers
hostile dog hound
hostile cattle
hostile horse
hostile cat
hostile animals
hostile seabeasts
hostile griffin
hostile raven
hostile scorpion
mythical horse belonging waterspirit
glowing animals
burrowing swine heat ground
fiery serpent
sheep fiery collar
hound flame fire night
herd came heaven
cows sun
eternal bats
centaur manhorse
body hands human head ears horse
man horses mouth
man two horns head
man dogs head
dogheaded man mane horse cattle
dog human head
girl tigers legs ears
man cats head
giant swimming raven
giant birds
giant blackbird
giant bird pulls oak tree roots
maneating birds
devastating birds
devastating birds wither everything breath
devastating birds destroy grass
black birds destroy crops
devastating birds poisonous spells wings
bird dawn
milkproducing bird
immortal bird
bird paradise
flying horse
winged bull
flying buffalo
airgoing elephant
winged camel
flying crustacean
flying ape
flying fox
siren mermaid form
sirens song causes sleep
mythical fish
flying fish
horned watermonster
sea horse
sea cow
three seacows one red one white one black
monster halfman halffish
woman water world
mermaid marries man
mermaids tear mortal lovers pieces
appearance mermaid
mermaid halfbeautiful halfmonstrous
giant mermaid
mermaid swallows man
mermaids singing causes sleep
giant mermaid man cast ashore
mermaid captured
mermaid lives three hundred years lake
mythical serpent
horned snake
skytraveling snake
seaserpent dilates contracts
lakeserpent monster
serpent causes flood
mythical spider
mythical crab
beast human head shape smiths bellows
mythical frog
mythical animalsmiscellaneous
treasure animals
bird golden head
bird wings silver
stag golden antlers silver feet
monster whale golden teeth
serpent jewel head
cow silver horns
mongoose golden hair silver ears
golden bird
golden peacock
golden goose
golden horse
golden deer
golden fish
fish silver
golden calf
silver calf
treasureproducing turkey
magic bird produces unlimited food
goldproducing serpent
magic jewel obtained elephant
treasure received tiger
cow drops gold dung
goldproducing dog
goldmaking deer
goldmaking bird
magic tortoise fed salt gives pearls
treasurelaying bird
goat giving coins instead milk
serpent jewel mouth
dog vomits gold silver
serpents bite produces ornaments clothes
destructive bird killed barn found full gold
deer string pearls around neck
fish ingot gold inside it
magic spider catches pearls
centipede plays night pearl
treasureproducing birdheart
treasureproducing sheepskin
animal horn plenty
animal tail plenty
dog whose skin turns water wine mead
armadillo silver plate forehead
wise animals
animals second sight
dog magic wisdom
infallible huntingdog
fox alchemist
bird magic wisdom
wise magpie
wise golden peacock
wise owl
prophesying parrot
bird adviser
bird reveals druidic secrets
bird announces time sunrise sunset
wise mother eagle distinguishes stupid intelligent eaglets
bird summarizes history
cock helper advises coming enemy
wise serpent
salmon oldest wisest animals
salmon knowledge
bird truth
truthtelling owl
bird reveals murder
bird reveals treachery
bird betrays womans infidelity
bird warns hurry
truthspeaking cow
truthtelling ass mule
horse warns hero danger
horse refuses carry one speaks falsehood
horses refuse remain owner cursed clerics
truthtelling dog
dog betrays womans infidelity
truthtelling dog tells incest
dog betrays murder
dog animal warning
dog warns coming
dog chooses opposing tribes
dog returns dead clear master murder
truthtelling cat
prophetic animals
prophetic goat
prophetic horse
horse weeps masters saints approaching death
dog transformed man prophesies coming enemy
prophetic cow
prophetic fox
jackal gives warning
prophetic bird
owl prophetic bird
crow prophetic bird
bird gives warning
warning crow
warning peacock
warning parrot
falcon saves master drinking poisoned water
captured goose warns tortoise released gratitude
bird describes doomsday
king fishes prophesies heros birth
prophetic tortoise
prophetic worm
animals furnish omens
beasts illomen
birds furnish omens
bird good omen
bird illomen
animals furnish omens
oracular animals
horses determine road taken
bull determines road taken
fox determines road taken
fly indicates successful suitor
dog indicates hidden treasure
location determined halting animal
building site determined halting animal
city founded spot cow lies down
village founded spot cock crows dog barks mithian bellows
location settlement place cow stops milk flows itself
pursued animal indicates city built
animal determines burial place saint
whistling bird leads searcher
birds drop quill man requires pen
horse lies grain wheat falls load
cleric goes saint cow follows
vultures chicks eat dead heros leg since know treacherously murdered
wisdomgiving animals
wisdom serpent
power seeing whether dead go heaven hell gained serpent
supernatural knowledge eating magic fish
animal languages learned serpent not eaten
cobra writes letters princes tongue having heard kinds creatures talk understand them
magic chicken hen cock
demicoq crows kings body king eats him
magic fighting cock
magic bird
magic birds song
magic birds song brings sleep
magic birds song dispels grief
magic birds lure hunters certain places
magic birds chained couples
magic osprey transformed man produces lightning
magic birds cause hosts sleep shaking wings
innumerable birds black birds fly tower steeple fire
bird steals island
magic fish
magic salmon carries hero water
magic serpent
serpent deceiver paradise
magic snake compress minute size expand giant size
magic seaturtle sucks men bottom
magic crab
cat remarkable powers sight
magic tiger
magic dog
magic dog vomits liquor required him
magic hostile bitches issue elfmound
dog sight renders game helpless
dog hound night sheep day
dog hound day flame fire night
magic dog fragrant
magic bitches in human form enchanted fairy music
magic mouse
magic mouse flayed
magic mouse causes disease
magic horse
horse mule magic speed
magic horse water world
magic horse travels sea land
breath magic horse blows sucks pursues
flight magic horse
magic horse avenges heros death
magic horse makes prodigious jump
magic invulnerable horse
magic cow ox bull
magic ox
magic swine
magic boar
magic pig
magic deer
magic fighting goat
magic sheep
wethers leap well payment saints baptism
animal magician
oxdemon magician
tiger magician
rat gives magic medicine
bird magician
magic animal killed
magic birds die owner killed
magic pig burned prevent resuscitation
rainwithholding deer killed rain released
treasureproducing bird killed please paramour
otter carries flaming wood mouth
magic animal used hero contest grows bigger every round
animals human traits
speaking animals
formerly animals man spoke language
animal uses human speech
animals speak praising god night christs nativity
speaking sheep
speaking goat
speaking horse
speaking hog
speaking cow
speaking camel
speaking dog
speaking cat
speaking stag
speaking wolf
speaking hare rabbit
speaking seabeast
speaking mouse
speaking rat
speaking monkey
speaking bird
speaking goose
speaking parrot
speaking dove
speaking sparrow
speaking crow
speaking fish
speaking snake serpent
speaking frog
animal understands human speech
kinds animals understand language heaven
animal whistles sings etc
singing boar
singing dog
singing crab
singing hippopotamus
singing elephant
whistling toad
laughing toad
weeping toad
animals taught one anothers language
bird language
serpent language
lizards language
insects language
ant language
knowledge animal languages
animal language learned
animal languages learned eating animal
animal languages learned eating serpent
animal languages learned ghosts spirits
stone deity image of confers upon man powers understanding animal language
animal kingdom or community
kingdom monkeys
kingdom rats
land mice
village wertigers
land pigeons
land peacocks
land parakeets
land parrots
kingdom fishes
kingdom serpents
snake kingdom sea
parliament animals
parliament birds
council fishes decide get rid men who eat fish
school animals
secrets discussed animal meeting
animal parliament elects king
animal king chosen result contest
election king birds
bird council assigns coats different birds
king animals
rabbit king animals
wild man king animals
lion king animals
minister lionking crane
tortoise king animals
gazelle king animals
buffalo king animals
tiger king animals
elephant king animals
crocodile king animals
king monkeys
king cats
king rats
king mice
king tigers
king jackals
king boars
king antelopes
king mongooses
man transformed beast becomes leader herd
king birds
wren king birds
hornbill king birds
pelican king birds
owl king birds
king crows
king doves
king kites
king pigeons
king peacocks
king quails
king sparrows
king fishes
eel king fishes
king serpents snakes
queen watersnakes
king frogs
turtle king
king sultan flies
king bees
king dragons
religious animals
animals rejoice christs birth
animals worship infant jesus
animals honor saint cleric
animals sing honor saint
fish perform races welcome saint
wolves lick saints shoes
fly habitually buzzes cleric returns matins
birds beat waters wings welcome saint
deer lick saints tomb daily noon
seamonster honors saint others
birds lament saints departure
cow gives twelve measures milk twelve apostles ireland
animals sing songs praise
birds otherworld sing religious songs
animals pray
beast invokes saints protection
animals fast
animals keep religious precepts
animals lick christchild
animal monks
birds in otherworld call canonical hours
priest snakes
wolves annual church feast
fox fasts penance
spider performs penance
miracle wrought animal
animal servant saint
animal deluded saint
birds nest saints hand cowl
birds perch hands head saint
deer furnish bier bear saints corpse church
boar serves saint
boar guards holy mans swine
boar makes music holy man
boar acts physician holy man licks wounded feet
tiger sweeps temple saint
stags plow saint
fly wren fox live cleric
wolf returns sheep stolen saint
whale raises back voyaging clerics land celebrate
bees build church wax contain consecrated host
animals refrain spoiling consecrated food
birds wings drip blood birds hear day judgment
war birds quadrupeds
bat war birds quadrupeds
tame elephant accepted wild brethren
war birds reptiles
war groups birds
war monkeys grasshoppers
single combat animals
fight animal houndpack
fight eagle fish
duel buffalo tiger
fight snake millipede
fight ape tortoise
animals continually rend other
animals fight
thirsty cattle fight well
animal soldiers
army apes
army birds
army mice
army snakes
insect army
army tigers
army cows
army cats
army hyenas
lawsuit owl kite
lawsuit owl mouse
parrot sparrow argue right inherit property left man
animal judge
animals eating corpse holy man die
animals revenge criticized bird nest destroyed
animal jury
captured animal ransoms self
covenant animals
saint makes covenant wolves
animal weddings
wedding mouse cockroach
wedding wolf
wedding monkey
wedding rat cockroach
wedding fish
wedding carp
wedding cockroach rat
animal messenger
animal tried messenger
bird messenger
raven messenger
crow messenger
dove messenger
falcon messenger
goose messenger
parrot messenger
vulture messenger
eagle messenger
hawk messenger
swallow messenger
horse messenger
dog messenger
fox messenger
hare rabbit messenger
bee messenger heaven earth
snake messenger
animal servant man
animals human child slave
baboon shepherd man
animal domestic servant
monkey domestic servant
bird domestic servant
doe furnishes man milk
stags plow man
wild oxen plow man
tiger plows man
dog plows man
bird sings console man
otters supply man fish burning wood daily
frog works fields benefactor
chicken laborer
rat servants cut jungle down till soil master
tiger carries load wood saint
serpent saints whip
animals dance
monkeys money stolen
monkey buys liquor
dog sells rotten peas market punished animals
animals hold fairs
parrot transacts business trader
rabbit elephant partners trading expedition
tortoise dog partners thieves
animals go ajourneying
bull lows musically
animal plays musical instrument
bird plays timpan
toad chameleon play drum xylophone
women transformed bitches enchanted music
animal takes revenge man
eagle takes revenge man
owls crows dispute merits night day vision
animals discover liquor get intoxicated
bear asks boy stay cubs
sympathetic animals
animal mutilates self express sympathy
animal fasts express sympathy
birds weep man cuts hand
animal physician
festival animals
tigers build bridge
animals cultivate crops
helpful animal
faithful animal
faithful dog helps open mistress gravedies it
faithful horse lays head slain masters breast
faithful horse weeps tears blood master
faithful horse joins keen heros death
faithful cattle fight masters grave cast horns
faithful cattle shed horns grief death man
faithful cow refuses move grief masters death
faithful cows lose milk kings death
faithful lapdog dies mistress dies
faithful dog helps open mistress grave dies it
congenital helpful animal
helpful animal foster brother
helpful animals gift
helpful animals obtained exchange
helpful animals bequeathed hero
helpful animal purchased
helpful animal reincarnation parent
helpful animals transformed animals
helpful animal sent god or god
hero feeds flesh helpful animal
helpful birds demand food
animal bribed food
faithful falcon killed misunderstanding
faithful horse killed misunderstanding
llewellyn dog
woman slays faithful mongoose saved child
faithful dog killed overhasty master thinks mistakenly returned home orders
faithful parrot killed mistake
helpful animal killed heros enemy
treacherous wife forces husband kill helpful dog
life helpful animal demanded cure feigned sickness
unsuccessful attempt enemy kill helpful animal
wife demands magic parrot accused her
helpful cow killed refusal help stepdaughter
helpful animal killed threatened ungrateful hero
weapons made bones helpful horse
truthtelling dog killed hide murder
helpful animals injunctions disobeyed
cat leaves house report made death one companions
large reward given return helpful animal
grateful animals
animals grateful rescue peril death
animals grateful rescue pit
animal grateful rescue drowning
animal grateful rescue net
animal grateful rescue trap
insect fallen back grateful turned over
animal grateful rescue mud
animal grateful rescue young
bird grateful rescue young
animal grateful rescue mate
animal grateful release relative
animal grateful ransom captivity
lion spared mouse mouse grateful
lion spares fly fly grateful
release animal hunter fisher
fish returned water grateful
fish grateful transferred tank river
frog returned spring grateful
bird released grateful
squirrel released grateful helpful
monkey released grateful
rat released grateful
leopard released grateful
serpent released grateful
jackal released grateful
animal grateful relief pain
thorn removed lions paw androcles lion
thorn removed monkeys tail
animal grateful removal bone lodged throat
serpent relieved sand blown eyes grateful
tigress grateful opening abscess
tiger grateful woman assisting tigress midwife
cobra grateful cure ulcer
animal grateful food
child feeds snake milkbottle
cobra grateful prince milk
snake grateful man feeds young snakes milk
snake grateful pouring milk hole
hero divides spoil animals
buffaloes grateful care calves
buffaloes grateful cleaned combed
cows grateful heros housekeeping them
helpful domestic beasts
helpful horse
helpful waterhorse
helpful ass
helpful camel
helpful cow
helpful bull
helpful ox
helpful buffalo
helpful bison
helpful bullock
helpful sheep
helpful goat
helpful hog
helpful boar
helpful dog
helpful cat
helpful wild beasts
helpful leopard
helpful lion
helpful tiger
helpful otter
helpful ichneumon
helpful mongoose
helpful fox
helpful jackal
helpful wolf
helpful bear
helpful seal
helpful wild beastsrodentia
helpful rat
helpful bandicoot
helpful mouse
helpful squirrel
helpful monkey
helpful ape
helpful deer stag doe
helpful antelope
helpful elephant
helpful hippopotamus
helpful wild ox
helpful hedgehog
helpful bat
helpful birds
helpful nightingale
helpful wren
helpful crow
helpful raven
helpful magpie
helpful sparrow
helpful vulture
helpful eagle
helpful hawk
helpful kite bird
helpful dove
helpful woodpecker
helpful owl
helpful seabird
helpful heron
helpful crane
helpful stork
helpful swan
helpful goose
helpful wild goose
helpful duck
helpful wild duck
helpful cock
helpful guineafowl
helpful turkey
helpful parrot
helpful paroquet
helpful fish
helpful whale
helpful insects
helpful ant
helpful termite
helpful bumblebee
helpful wasp
helpful hornet
helpful fly
helpful cricket
helpful spider
helpful serpent
helpful lizard
helpful crocodile
helpful worm
helpful centipede
helpful angleworm
helpful turtle tortoise
helpful frog
helpful toad
helpful crab
helpful lobster
helpful dragon
magic power animals
animal gives part body talisman summoning aid
merry horn angry horn summoning buffalo
kite teaches rhyme may summoned help
animal gives jewel summoning need help
birds give hero feather burn difficulty
magic object received animal
magic object received animal brotherinlaw
magic song received fish
snake healer
helpful hedgehog forces snake suck poison bitten raja
magic pig heals wound skin touches
magic pig heals wounds licking
rat cures man wound
bird heals man
vulture cures blindness
medicine shown animal
remedy learned overhearing animal meeting
snake gives man antidote poison
resuscitation animals
sight restored animal
animals save persons life
animal warns fatal danger
animal warns poison
horse advises hero wash water as false wife told to eyes pop out
animal warns man drinking
animals warn attack
fleas bite alarms king
dog warns pursuit
owl warns birds limed net
animals warn wife husbands danger
animal saves man death sentence
serpent shows condemned man save princes life
kite steals jewels thus saves condemned man
eagle carries condemned child
spiderweb hole saves fugitive
whale fights monster pursuing saint
animal overcomes mans adversary
animals overcome mans adversary force
dogs kill attacking cannibal dragon
dogs rescue fleeing master tree refuge
wolf defends masters child serpent
helpful buffaloes tramp heros enemies death
helpful bird kills snake attacking masters wife child
horse kills masters attacking enemies
shut elephants blackbird orders ants burrow elephants brains
grateful hawk attacks heros enemies
helpful centipede kills ogre
hero contests demons using fighting animals cock goat bull horse wild bull peacock
hero saved ravaging snake crab companion
animals overcome mans adversary strategy
helpful bees hornets sting opposing army
helpful snake protects man attack
supernatural bird prevents mother killing babe
broom transformed porcupine drives away wouldbe ravisher
grateful hare raises animal army hero
faithful dog kills wouldbe murderer sleeping master
tiger hides woman tigers
animal saves man death drowning
fish promises spare man coming flood
animals sow bitch mare hide boy belly protect him
animals nourish men
mythical frog host woman
animals provide food men
infants fed bees
does tigresses shewolves milked pond becomes pond milk
helpful animal recovers magic foodproducing skin river bottom
helpful animal drops magic food
birds save man hunger pitching roast fire made
animal nurse
cow nurse cares children
bandicoot large rat nurse
goat nurse child
dog nurse child
abandoned prince grows eagles nest
frog nurse child
bird nurse child
tiger nurse child
sheep oxen protect exposed child
eagle cares baby mother works field
crab nurse child
goat feeds animals body
animal nurses fight real parent children
helpful bird cares blinded master
animals adopt mysterious housekeeper
bird gives shelter wings
wolftail blankets
helpful horse rescues children
fish swallows man rescue sea
fox rescues man sea
bird rescues man sea
bird flies man safety
eagle carries man safety
bat rescues man height
measuring worm rescues height
escape flying horse
transportation fairyland griffins back
animal finds stolen person
animal helps quest vanished wife
bottlefly finds stolen woman sky
animal finds stolen goods
stolen child rescued animal nurse
elephant rescues stolen girl
animal rescues captive
animals help imprisoned master
rat mouse gnaws net
animal rescues man well
frog rescues man kingdom snakes
animals recover lost wishing ring
martens recover lost magic ring kite
otters recover lost magic ring fish
fish recovers ring sea
fish recovers key sea
fish recovers lost fishhook sea
fish recovers lost urn sea
otter retrieves lost magic object bottom lake
jewel recovered sea helpful parrot
animal rescues cave
hero saved ravaging snake crab companion
animals carry men
animal carries man across water
fish carries man across water
aquatic bird carries man across water
parrots carry couple across sea
crocodile carries man across river ocean
water snake carries boy across river
man carried bird
man carried peacock
indra carried cock
animals serve bridge across stream
seabeast allows voyager land upon back
unusual animal ridinghorse
saint carried wild oxen
man carried deer
person carried lion
person carried cat
person carried cobra
person carried locust
person carried tiger
hero rides animated wax elephant
hero rides winged elephant
hare rides winged elephant
person carried peacock
jackal rides fox
person carried frog
boat drawn swans geese
deer hitched wagon
man carried toad
animals advise men
animals advice leads man wealth
animal shows man treasure
hogs root gold treasure saint
horse kicks jewel
animal advises investment
animals direct man journey
horses carry lost riders safety
chimpanzee leads lost hunter home
birds point road hero
squirrel points road
animal leads cleric holy place
animal leads lost man home
parrot gives advice queen playing chess always wins
owl advises old man projected visit gods in disguise
owl advises old man plant crops listening council gods concerning rainfall distribution year
animals serve men
animals perform tasks man
bear husks millet man
animals build palace house man
animals domestic servants
animal constant attendant man
wild animals kept dogs
animal guard
animal guard person house
guardian animals evaded
robbers frightened grateful dog
animals guard treasure
fish guards cow master
animal accompanies man journey
helpful cow strikes flies boy eats
animal corrects examination paper rescuer
animals help repair leaky pot
serpent acts rope collect wood man
faithful dog offered security debt
animal helps men wealth greatness
animal brings wealth man
animal wooer
animal wins wife master puss boots
animals help hero win princess
rat digs underground passage girls chamber hero
swan matchmaker
bee matchmaker
animal gives treasure man
grateful whales disgorge gold
animal gives man gifts
fox holds mouth beautiful flower gives hero
magic horse wins jumping contest man
fly helps loathly suitor pass suitor test
eagle regains throne deposed king
lion kills wolf killed mistress sheep
horse kicks death masters murderer
animal helps saint setting fire neglected church
cow gives marvelous supply milk virtue saint
boar confederate adulterous wife
deer confederate adulterous wife
cock hen build pyre benefactor
animal helps person pass test
marriage person animal
various animals tried wives
various animals tried wives none accepted
marriage bear
bear steals woman makes wife
marriage dog
marriage rat
marriage leopard
marriage elephant
marriage lemur
marriage monkey
person plans marry monkey
marriage tiger
marriage deer
marriage jackal
marriage cat
marriage hare
marriage fox
marriage jaguar
marriage wolf
marriage coatipuri
marriage bird
marriage eagle
marriage fulmar
marriage pigeon
marriage crane
marriage parrot
marriage kingfisher
marriage fish whale
marriage snake
marriage tortoise
marriage turtle
marriage crocodile
marriage lizard
marriage frog
marriage dragon
girls animal lover slain spying relatives
bear paramour
dog paramour
horse paramour
seahorse paramour
lakehorse paramour
deer paramour
monkey paramour
rat paramour
tapir paramour
fish paramour
snake paramour
snake woman paramour
crocodile paramour
lizard paramour
bird paramour
daughter promised animal suitor
tiger suitor
leopard suitor
pig suitor
horse suitor
serpent wooer
crocodile wooer
tortoise wooer
crane wooer
owl suitor
cock suitor
halfman halffish wooer
offspring marriage animal
human offspring marriage animal
son warns animal mother
animal mother man helps him
human beings descended seals
fish bears menchildren
lioness bears man child
cow bears man child
tigress bears menchildren
human offspring marriage person jaguar
human offspring marriage person snake
animal offspring marriage animal
monstrous offspring animal marriage
monstrous offspring seahorse woman
wolf boy girl running around wolf cubs recovered parents six years recognized scar
child mortal deer deers hair temple
culture hero licked deer mother
son dog cu person
son three dogs con persons
offspring human animal intercourse
marriage beast day man night
marriage person dog form
marriage woman deer form
marriage man deer form
marriage person horse form
marriage person monkey form
marriage person opossum form
marriage person bird form
marriage person caterpillar form
marriage person fish form
marriage person toad form
marriage person frog form
marriage person crocodile form
marriage person snake form
marriage person form fiveheaded snake
marriage person crab form
man becomes deer marries deer
marriage animal human form
marriage fox human form
marriage buffalo human form
marriage lion human form
marriage dog human form
marriage deer human form
marriage tiger human form
marriage squirrel human form
marriage leopard human form
marriage woodpecker human form
marriage fish human form
marriage python human form
marriage serpent human form
mythical tiger family jaguars
relatives kill animalhusband wife throws pyre
fanciful origin jackal
worm monster caul born child
magic stone animals head
luminous jewel animals head
earthworm light tail
tortoise liver teeth
spider blood body
double snakemale female
fanciful color animal
horse crimson mane green legs
artificially colored horses
striped horse purple mane white feet
cow white ears
cow red ears
hound every color
hound half white half green
blue dogs cats
fancifully colored deer
stag stripe every color
fawn golden lustre
red green swine
purple wether
ram green feet horns
multicolored worm serpent
blue serpent
silver fish gold fins
animals spiritsighted
bird gives milk
bird sheds tears
horse sheds tears of blood
dog sheds tears
fish coat wool
animals skin revolves flesh bones remain stationary
magic cock elixir body makes people light
bellow bull heard entire land
birds spit fire
firebreathing dogs
animal travels extraordinary distance
indestructibility leech
bear could formerly lift mountain
snake shoots rapids mighty river
unusual sexual union animals
peacock pregnant without intercourse
crabs offspring born chest
animal calls dawn
animal attacks throwing pebbles
snake lays aside crown bathe
snake attaches womans breast draws away milk sleeps
snake drinks milk
jointed snake join segments broken pieces
snakes may killed die
poisonous snakes certain region venom
serpent reduces man heap ashes fiery gaze
palm tree grows serpents body
salamander subsists fire
swans live pearls
animal tamed maidens beauty
animal tamed holiness saint
animal tamed saints prayer
fish trained answer persons call
wild animal performs king
animal feels agitation sight native land
venomous sheep destroy enemy
venomous hound
venomous dog loosed saint
pig venomous bristles
venomous boar
blood animal considered venomous
blood toad venomous
blood lion venomous
blood snakes venomous
blood otter venomous
blood bear venomous
venomous worm
venomous serpent
breath bird withers
sheep sleeps anyone ties shoe ear
swine maddened smell oak forest
patient fed salt animal comes water
animal wards spirits
monkeys always copy men
birds mock ascetics devotions
bats keep fireflies light houses
helpful horses descended heaven
sacred armadillo
sacred animal cow
sacred buffalo
sacred cat
sacred swan
sacred fox
animals debate elder
ages animals birds fish compared age human beings
wild animals herded
wild pigs kept demigod domesticated
animals chained couples
cow calls calf cattle graze
birds perch ears cows
grazing herd cows eats amount
animal avenges injury
animal extraordinarily heavy size
giant cow
giant boar
giant sheep
giant goat
giant cat
giant dog hound
giant elephant
giant lion
giant walrus
giant mice
giant armadillo
giant eagle
giant fish
giant eel
giant whale
whale cast ashorethree golden teeth five ounces teeth
giant whale cast ashore night christs nativity fifty men upper parts head there was limit vision two them
giant salmon
giant serpent
giant crocodile
giant tortoise
giant sea monster
giant water monster attacks man
giant sea monster overpowered saint
djun gigantic ferocious river animal
flock birds numerous shakes trees upon perches
tabu profanely calling spirit devil etc
druidism forbidden
old man death
oath may devil take
adversity summoned king says heard people speak adversity never seen it genius adversity appears
wish starhusband realized
wish animal husband realized
tabu offending supernatural wife
tabu looking supernatural wife
tabu looking supernatural wife naked
tabu disobeying supernatural wife
tabu questioning supernatural wife
tabu boasting supernatural wife
tabu striking supernatural wife
tabu revealing secrets supernatural wife
tabu giving garment back supernatural divine wife
unfaithful husband loses magic wife
tabu offending supernatural husband
tabu looking supernatural husband
tabu wife seeing transformed husband
tabu showing surprise supernatural husband resumes true shape
tabu questioning supernatural husband
tabu asking name supernatural husband
tabu asking supernatural husband comes from
tabu asking caste supernatural husband
tabu touch soon supernatural husband visit
offending supernatural child
tabu mentioning origin supernatural child
tabu offending animal wife
tabu mentioning origin animal wife
tabu burning animal husband
tabu offending waterspirit
tabu skating water spirits offended
tabu poisoning fish causes storm
tabu offending woodspirit
tabu offending spirit banyan tree
tabu cutting certain trees lest treespirits offended
tabu breaking promise fairy death twelfth day
tabu offending gods
tabu offending goddess fortune
tabu touching possessions god
tabu profaning shrine
tabu using altar secular purposes
tabu breathing sacred fire
tabu allowing drop fall upon altar
tabu wearing unauthorized sacred robe jewel
tabu cutting sacred trees groves
tabu stealing wife god
tabu violating refuge saint
tabu revealing name god
tabu spying secret help angels
tabu spying secret help fairies
tabu imitating god
tabu touching stone image deity unwashed hands
tabu giving away idol
direct communication god fatal except special devotees
tabu refusing credit god
tabu rivaling gods
tabu defecating carrying image god
tabu stopping enroute carrying image god
tabu fraudulent sacrifice
man wound sacrificed goddess
tabu eating offerings made gods
tabu profaning sacred day
tabu failing heed message god
tabu changing ritual
tabu stealing spirits
tabu stealing garment rock
tabu stealing fruits sacred tree
tabu killing sacred calf
tabu killing shrewmouse sacred gods
tabu killing scaldcrow goddess war
tabu trespassing sacred precinct
tabu sleeping saints bed
tabu digging churchyard
tabu crossing bridge sacred gods
tabu slaughtering buffalo temple
tabu use palanquin within temple
tabu cutting tree wherein resides deity
tabu erecting fort holy ground
tabu uncivil answer holy or supernatural being
tabu failure give alms brahmans
tabu mocking animal
tabu rudeness sacred animal
tabu ringing church bell nun
tabu refusing homage saints bell
tabu disturbing austerities ascetic
tabu giving security one excommunicated
tabu using miracle trifling purpose
tabu resurrecting cat trifling purpose
tabu facing sun sungod urinating
tabu urinating fire firegod
sex tabu broken child born without bones
tabu sexual intercourse
tabu loss chastity
tabu incest
tabu son seeing mother perform sex act
sex tabu manniece
nuptial tabu
tabu violating woman
tabu violating insane woman
tabu sexual intercourse illness
tabu sexual intercourse religious festival days
tabu intercourse worship
tabu intercourse night
tabu failure sleep guest unaccompanied husband
tabu connected puberty
tabu girl going forth puberty
tabu connected menses
tabu going forth menses
tabu menstrous woman go near cultivated field crops ruined
tabu enter cowshed menses
tabu sexual intercourse menses
tabu eating hands menstruating women
ground defiled menstrual blood
tabu touch certain things menses
tabus pregnancy
tabu violence woman pregnancy
tabu refusing unreasonable demand pregnant woman
pregnant woman eat food baked overnight
tabu marrying queen certain race
tabu fairy girl marrying mortal
tabu marrying unmanly person
tabu neglecting sexual relations marriage
tabu forcing wife
tabu marriage person whose blood one drunk
boy plays marriagegame finds actually married spirit invisible ceremony
woman marries spite warning dream
tabu lay basket carrying bride wedding journey
motherinlaw tabu
sisterinlaw tabu older brother must avoid younger brothers wife
tabu confined women
tabu woman touch husbands drum magic object
tabu women climb roof
tabu baiga women tie cloth legs
tabu bondo women wear clothes
grave of man upon women look without foolish laugh sine crepitu ventris eius
tabu women eat pork
tabu saora women wear gold earrings
tabu men fishing certain place
tabu mortal lusting goddess
tabu refusing elope woman desires it
tabu consorting woman
tabu woman ones dwelling
tabu trysting woman certain place
tabu embracing village gate
tabu taking advice woman
tabu asking kings daughter marriage
tabu eating general
tabu eating ones fill
tabu eating certain place
tabu eating world
tabu eating fairyland
tabu eating land ghosts
tabu sky dwellers eating earth
tabu fairies eating mortal food
tabu eating cooking hearth
tabu eating certain things
tabu eating flesh certain animal
eating totem animal or animal namesake
tabu eating animal helper
tabu eating animals genitals
tabu eating heart animal to commemorate relative whose heart removed king
tabu eating forbidden herbs
tabu eating certain fruit
slayers tigers must eat certain plants
tabu eating griddle cakes in garden eden
tabu eating salt
tabu eating certain time
tabu feasting week
tabu eating certain time
tabu girl eating called father
tabu eating offering woman food
tabu eating house host righted
eight handfuls food eaten ceremony
tabu eating journey
tabu eating flesh maundy thursday
tabu eating guest
tabu feasting night beginning harvest
tabu eating food gods
tabu tasting milk cow plenty dedicated gods
tabu eating food supernatural lover
tabu eating person certain caste
tabu eating food kept animals
tabu drinking
tabu drinking certain fountain
tabu drinking certain river two darknesses
tabu drinking certain things
tabu drinking milk
tabu drinking palmdrink prince allowed break it
tabu drinking water certain bottle
tabu drinking without presence dead heads
tabu refusing feast
tabu leaving feast ended
tabu eating without giving thanks
tabu eating alone
tabu eating company
tabu partaking certain feast
tabu consuming feast without discovering new wonder
tabu refusing eat food demanded supplied
looking tabu
tabu seeing supernatural
tabu looking ghosts
tabu looking fairies
tabu looking werewolf
tabu observing supernatural helper
tabu man looking woman
tabu man looking nude woman
tabu man looking nude goddess
tabu looking princess public appearance
tabu looking daughter twelve years
tabu princess never see male person
tabu looking sun
tabu looking water
tabu looking certain well
tabu seeing herd redheaded whitestarred
tabu king forbidden look son
tabu seeing dead man killed weapons
tabu looking box pandora
tabu opening much magic box time
tabu opening gift box prematurely
tabu looking bag
bag winds
tabu looking magic calabash
tabu looking certain bell soon
tabu opening corpsewrapping
tabu looking back
tabu looking back left shoulder
tabu looking back flight
tabu looking around
tabu looking cemetery walls lest one see ghosts
speaking tabu
tabu speaking certain time
tabu king speaking druids speak
tabu people speaking king speaks
silence preserved fairyland
tabu asking questions
tabu asking marvels one sees
tabu expressing surprise lower world dead
tabu uttering secrets
man woman persuaded reveal fatal secret
tabu speak certain happening
tabu uttering secret overheard
tabu revealing secret supernatural husband
tabu revealing identity certain person
tabu disclosing source magic power
tabu revealing experiences world
tabu uttering secrets heard spirits
tabu revealing sacred mysteries
tabu revealing knowledge animal languages
tabu revealing secret song
tabu revealing help grateful animal
tabu uttering secrets
tabu mentioning secret water spring
name tabu prohibition uttering name person thing
tabu uttering name supernatural creature
tabu uttering name malevolent creature eumenides
tabu uttering spouses name
tabu uttering name supernatural wife
tabu uttering name close relations
tabu uttering name sisterinlaw
tabu disclosing identity
tabu mentioning original form transformed person
family dares discuss tigers fearing son form tiger return
tabu mentioning land persons birth
tabu boasting
laughing tabu
tabu bearded man laughing shaken
save beggar substitute save tomorrow
tabu expressing astonishment marvel
tabu using except one certain phrase
we threefor goldthat right devils bargain
we threefor goldthat right phrases foreign language
tabu speaking dead
speaking tabu one forbidden expressionsorrow eternal
tabu complimenting
tabu touching
tabu burning saja wood terminalia tomentosa
tabu lying tree
tabu harming tree way burning it
tabu touching ground
tabu dismounting horse
tabu plowing certain place
tabu digging
tabu digging certain stones
tabu disembarking boat return world
tabu touching iron
umbilical cord cut iron
tabu touching water
tabu clean houses cowdung
tabu touching horse moving dead cat dog
tabu touching bones murdered person
tabu taking corpse hanged man
tabu contact things journey hell
tabu tiger lion killed man touch certain animals cow buffalo pig deer wild goat
tabu touching horse moving dead cat dog
tabu touching food another caste
tabu things done certain class
tabu slave going near fetish
tabus kings
tabu king traveling alone
tabu king physical blemish
tabu king allowing rapine reign
tabu king settling quarrel among thralls
tabus chiefs
tabu chief alehouse storytelling
tabu chiefs troop herald
tabu chief large company without wolfhounds
tabus bearded men
tabu labor bearded man
tabu bearded man lazy
tabus heroes
tabu fish hero snaring bays land
tabu birds feeding heros land without leaving something
tabu women leaving heros land without knowing it
tabu women marrying hero chosen husbands
tabu warriors heros land without receiving challenge him
tabu eloping kings daughter
tabus poets
tabu poets ignorant national literature
tabus thief
unique prohibition
unique prohibition announced mysterious voice
one forbidden place
forbidden chamber
forbidden door
prince given eighth key ruled five years
forbidden ladder
forbidden forest
forbidden road
forbidden direction travel
forbidden direction north
forbidden direction south
forbidden direction west
tabu going direction either sunset sunrise
tabu going wicket gate
hero swim certain lake
lake forbidden certain time
tabu rest near lake
tabu feasting visitor certain place
forbidden country
forbidden perilous ford
forbidden hostel
tabu going wild boars haunt
forbidden horse fair
tabu women certain island
tabu partaking one forbidden object
forbidden tree
forbidden drinking horn
forbidden well
well upon one look without losing eyes
tabu opening bottle
tabu one forbidden time
tabu breaking sabbath
tabu journeying sabbath
tabu washing hair sabbath
tabu going abroad halloween
tabu giving ring certain time
tabu making war certain tribe
tabu making war certain tribe tuesday
tabu making peace certain tribe
tabu turning left side chariot toward certain place
one forbidden thing returning home country marrying fairy
one compulsory thing
customs connected unique compulsion
peacock steeple kings golden temple accepted dowry
one must eat death vegetable whenever one sees it
compulsion bathe certain waters daily
injunction marry first woman met
injunction cohabit first woman met battle
injunction protect certain stone molestation
compulsion go certain place certain time or year
curse laid upon man stories fails tell creep belly asleep talk
compulsion give food everyone met journey
compulsion answer cry
compulsion regard hunting cry follow hounds
compulsion catch blackbird alive yearly
compulsion kill one certain hogs yearly
compulsion leap yearly stone ones size held palm hand
compulsion hold festival certain intervals
injunction forsake woman arouses love
tabu refuse help woman
injunction visit saint daily
tabu wife supernatural husband seeing old home
tabu beasthusband staying long home becomes sick
one present asked home spirit soninlaw
tabu speaking fairyland
tabu removing hats otherworld
tabu bathing
tabu bathing certain time
tabu bathing certain place
tabu bathing clear stream
tabu bathing without straining stream afterwards
tabu attending call nature certain time
tabu use water attending call nature
tabu resting
tabu resting journey
tabu sleeping
tabu sleeping certain time
tabu bearded man sleeping sunrise
tabu sleeping certain place
tabu sleeping world
tabu sleeping empty hut
tabu king hero sleeping sunrise capital
tabu sleeping house lighted sunset
tabu sleeping two nights place certain result attained
tabu rest sitting lying answer certain question learned
man must killed first blow others harm him
tabu putting house order one man
tabu accepting invitation
tabu heeding pleas old woman food warmth
tabu watching game without helping losing player
tabu allow creature raft
time tabus
tabu thing certain time
tabu lighting fire certain time
tabu lighting fire king lights one
tabu sleeping certain wife midsummers eve
tabu convening certain hunt certain time
tabu going water monday may day
tabu making treaty certain time
tabu leaving capital every ninth night
tabu thing sunrise
tabu certain place sunrise
tabu thing certain time
tabu thing sunset nightfall
tabu bringing arms capital sunset
tabu crossing certain plain sunset
tabu single person entering ones house sunset
tabu allowing person come feast sunset
tabu casting graveyard sunset
tabu thing certain time
tabu leaving house within certain time
tabu coming ireland time peace
tabu going certain place march
tabu sitting certain sepulchral mounds autumn
tabu hunting hottest season
tabu ringing bell certain time
tabu going home adventure completed
tabu entering chariot less three weeks eaten horseflesh
tabu thing soon
tabu destroying animal skin enchanted person soon
tabu telling adventure otherworld soon
monster born hasty inconsiderate wish parents
tabu remaining journey long
tabu staying long certain place
tabu staying two nights one place certain event brought pass
tabu staying long meadow otherworld
tabu using magic power often
tabu whipping magic horse journey
tabu taking one fruit certain tree
tabu building high tower
tabu making unreasonable requests
tabu asking great magic multiplication coins
tabu counting possessions
tabu lending
tabu trying save provision another day
tabu crossing river except source
tabu turning aside anyone
tabu turning back beginning journey
tabu driving horses ashen yoke
tabu going dry feet certain river
tabu traveling beyond spot feat skill performed duplicating it
tabu proceeding mishap chariot
tabu going certain place speckled garment speckled steed
men sent mission prohibited fishing quarreling
tabu refusing combat anyone
tabu bearded man refusing combat
tabus concerning weapons
tabu failing make gift magic lance
tabu allowing spearhead touch stone
tabu putting spearhead teeth
tabu slaying woman spear
tabu reddening weapons without satiety
tabu giving arms pledge
tabu going leaving certain place without combat
tabu fighting certain person
tabu fighting hag
tabu loosing bridle selling man transformed horse
tabu killing certain animals
clerics voyage unsuccessful sailed boats skin
tabu wounding animal must killed outright
tabu killing animal takes refuge one
tabu hunting birds
tabu burning caterpillars
tabu hunting pig
tabu killing swan
tabu killing totem animal
tabu killing deer
tabu killing antelope
tabu killing certain fish
tabu killing cat
tabu exposure sunlight
tabu working iron direct rays sun
tabus concerning war
tabu bringing head slain enemy within village walls
tabu giving away gifts received fish
tabu sleeping bed made totemtree
tabu throwing living fire river
tabus concerning entry assembly
tabu holding meeting certain place
tabu going assembly women certain place
tabu thing certain manner
tabu making withershins circuit
tabu inciting horse certain place
tabu swimming certain birds
tabu following three red men certain place
tabu running race
tabu abusing women children
tabu refusing request
tabu bearded man refusing request
tabu turning away refusing requests of poets
tabu breaking revelry end
tabu carrying child ones back house
tabu leaping camping place
tabu concerning clothing
tabu wearing satin
tabu wearing silk
tabu going battle without clothed silk
tabu grumbling narrowness certain boat
tabu watching game without aiding loser
tabu crossing graveyard without alighting
tabu halting unloading horse
tabu allowing horse lose bridle stray stale
tabu listening fluttering birds sunset
tabu listening groans women violated
tabu listening certain lute
tabu house fire weapon dog
tabu uncleanliness
tabu riding dirty blackheeled horse across certain plain
tabu bearded man going dirty bed
tabu urinating fire
tabu stranger play someone without asking permission
tabu hiding iron
punishment breaking tabu
tabu imposed
tabu imposed certain person
tabu imposed son father death
tabu imposed druid
tabu imposed lover
tabu imposed host
tabu imposed fairy
tabu imposed saint
tabu imposed birth
tabu imposed magic
king breaks tabu meets punishment set violation it
animals escape forbidden baskets opened
animals escape forbidden calabash opened
tabued pot broken town appears
mare water world disappears scolded halter used common purposes
marvelous cow offended disappears
death breaking tabu
death children breaking tabu
death wife breaking tabu
immediate death breaking tabu
death smothering breaking tabu
death drowning breaking tabu
death thirst breaking tabu
death rattlesnake bite breaking tabu
man woman vanishes breaking tabu
burning punishment breaking tabu
person turned dust
falling ashes punishment breaking tabu
death insanity punishment breaking tabu
shame disgrace threatened refusing love forthputting woman
death paralysis breaking tabu
loss fortune breaking tabu
building falls breaking tabu
loss wife husband breaking tabu
luck hunting lost breaking tabu
elves set country afire broken tabu
helpful animal disappears tabu broken
gods favor lost breaking tabu
immortality lost breach tabu
rulers inferior character tabu broken
punishment breaking tabu water withdrawn lake
punishment broken tabu good money turns counterfeit
sickness weakness breaking tabu
daughters sickness fathers breaking tabu
leprosy breaking tabu
swelling limbs breaking tabu
sores body breaking tabu
paralysis punishment broken tabu
loss strength broken tabu
loss magic strength smoking
magic horse becomes powerless broken tabu
weakness seeing woman fairy naked
womans breasts dry broken tabu
magic forgetfulness breaking tabu
limb broken stepping grave
magic power lost breaking tabu
mutilation punishment breaking tabu
mouth expanded broken tabu
nose cut punishment breaking tabu
tongue woman breaks tabu protrudes entwines around post home
mans liver snatched away broken tabu
head shattered breaking tabu
sickness weakness breaking tabumiscellaneous
insanity breaking tabu
baldness breaking tabu
immediate return world broken tabu
person carried world breaking tabu
transformation breaking tabu
transformation stone breaking tabu
transformation wood breaking tabu
transformation tree breaking tabu
transformation anthill breaking tabu
transformation animal breaking tabu
person returns original animal form tabu broken
person returns original egg form tabu broken
person returns original vegetable form tabu broken
valuable object turns worthless breaking tabu
person beaten whips breaking tabu
sea rolls land sides sea serpent comes broken tabu
disastrous lightning breaking tabu
skin changes color broken tabu
teeth blackened punishment breaking tabu
foul breath breaking tabu
abduction animal breaking tabu
curse punishment breaking tabu
quest imposed breaking tabu
snake bite broken tabu
transformation general
enchanted person
enchanted castle building
enchanted valley
transformation person different sex
ogre unique powers exchange sex human being
transformation woman man
transformation ogress man
woman transforms bird lends female organ boy
transformation man woman
transformation person different social class
transformation man low caste takes princes appearance transforms prince take his
transformation swineherd
transformation cleric monk
transformation leper
transformation giant
transformation person different social classmiscellaneous
transformation churl bachlach
transformation juggler
transformation likeness another person
transformation likeness another woman
transformation resemble mans mistress able kill him
god guise mortal
god transformed giant three heads six arms
spirit takes shape man
transformation mortal guise deity
dog turned god
mortal guise spirit
kings exchange forms kingdoms year
gods exchange forms
transformation likeness monster
mortal temporarily takes shape demon
transformation normal men ogres
spirit takes form
fairy transforms monstrous head ape thin legs sharp claws fish scales bristles
magic changes man himself
magic change different appearance
transformation man becomes hideous
transformation sick man
magic change persons size
person becomes magically larger
man magically stretches self overcome cliff
transformation person giant
person becomes magically smaller
dwarf contracts self enter nostrils cannibals
transformation adult child
hero reduces size small enough get mango seed
magic change persons age
transformation older person
hair skin turn color gold
transformation man ogre
transformation normal man ascetic
transformation man witch
transformation children horsemen
transformation man animal
transformation god animal
transformation demon animal
assembly group transformed animals
transformation man lion
village lionmen
transformation man tiger
transformation man lynx
transformation man leopard
transformation man buffalo
transformation man jaguar
transformation man wolf
god goddess assumes form wolf
transformation man bear
transformation man fox
transformation man jackal
transformation deity jackal
transformation man hyena
transformation man deer
transformation man eland
transformation man hartebeest
transformation man buffalo
transformation man elephant
transformation man peccary
transformation man boar
transformation man wild goat
transformation man zebra
transformation man mouse
transformation man hare rabbit
transformation man bandicoot
transformation man marmot
transformation man ape
transformation man woman monkey
transformation man badger
transformation man seal
transformation man otter
transformation man horse
transformation man ass
transformation cow bull calf etc
transformation cow
transformation man bull
transformation man calf
god assumes form calf
transformation man goat hegoat shegoat kid etc
transformation man shegoat
transformation man kid
transformations supernatural goat
transformation man sheep
transformation man lamb
transformation man swine
transformation man dog
men women transformed dogs druidic spell
transformation woman bitch
transformation girl puppy
transformation man cat
transformation woman cat
transformation man bird
transformation man finch
transformation man crow
transformation man raven
transformation man blackbird
transformation man hawk
transformation god hawk
transformation man eagle
transformation man vulture
transformation man osprey
transformation man kite
transformation man owl
transformation man hornbill
transformation man dove
transformation man pigeon
transformation man parrot
transformation man swan
transformation man gander
transformation man crane
transformation man cock
transformation man peacock
transformation woman waterfowl
transformation magician paddybird
transformation man toucan
transformation man fish
transformation man carp
transformation man eel
god assumes form eel
transformation god crab
transformation man salmon
transformation man woman catfish
transformation man trout
transformation man sardine
transformation man shrimp
transformation man insect
transformation man spider
transformation man bee
transformation man bumblebee
transformation man cricket
transformation man fly
transformation woman fairy fly
transformation man flea
transformation man gnat
transformation man butterfly
transformation man serpent snake
lucifer serpent
transformation man worm oftensnake
transformation demon in human form worm
transformation man caterpillar
transformation man tortoise turtle
transformation man crocodile
transformation man alligator
transformation man frog
transformation man toad
transformation man lizard
transformation man iguana
transformation man snail
transformation man dragon
transformation man object
transformation man woman orange
transformation man woman pomegranate
transformation woman man belfruit
transformation man woman mango
transformation man peach
transformation man woman flower
transformation man woman rose
transformation woman lotus
transformation man cockscomb plant
transformation man thorns
transformation man plantain stalk
transformation man ricegrain
transformation man maize
transformation man tree
transformation man woman mulberry tree
transformation man woman mango tree
transformation man stick
transformation man woman paddysheaf
transformation man gourd calabash
transformation man peanut
transformation man stone
transformation man millstone
transformation man marble column
mass transformation wedding party marble statues etc
transformation man shell
transformation woman golden stool
transformation man coral
transformation man dish
transformation man saucepan
transformation man pot
transformation man needle
transformation man fiddle
transformation man ring
transformation man necklace
transformation man mat
transformation man pickhandle
transformation man lard
transformation man feather
transformation man wind
transformation man whirlwind
transformation man lightning
transformation man woman pool water
transformation man fire
transformation god fire
transformation man smoke
transformation man mound
transformation man anthill
transformation man pillar earth
transformation man mountain
transformation animal person
transformation wild beast mammal person
transformation lion person
transformation tiger person
transformation leopard person
transformation canine animal person
transformation fox person
transformation wolf man
transformation bovine animal wild person
transformation antelope person
transformation deer woman
transformation gazelle person
transformation elephant person
transformation rat person
transformation mouse person
transformation squirrel person
transformation hare rabbit person
transformation monkey person
transformation otter person
transformation calf person
transformation goat person
transformation dog person
transformation bitches women
transformation cat person
transformation bird person
transformation eagle person
transformation woodpecker person
transformation parrot person
transformation swan person
swan maiden
swan maiden finds hidden wings resumes form
transformation duck person
transformation fish man
fish cleaned girl becomes man
transformation crab man
transformation salmon person
transformation spider man
transformation serpent snake person
transformation frog person
transformation toad man
transformation lizard person
transformation snail person
transformation waterdragon person
transformation one animal another
transformation white rat whitewinged elephant
transformation antelope dog
transformation antelope goat
transformation monkey animal
transformation monkey eagle
transformation monkey candlemoth
transformation monkey ant
transformation monkey ox
transformation mouse cat
transformation seal another animal
transformation seal horse
transformation fox snake
transformation gorilla eagle
transformation domestic wild animal
transformation cat dog
transformation oxdemon pig
transformation oxdemon tiger
transformation oxdemon leopard
transformation oxdemon bear
transformation oxdemon elephant
transformation pigfairy fish
transformation pig fish
transformation pig dragon
transformation horse another animal
transformation packhorse palfrey
transformation dog another animal
transformation dog dove transformed man
transformation hound lapdog
transformation dog otter
animal hound day sheep night
transformation dog leopard
transformation ass horse
transformation sheep grasshoppers
transformation bird another animal
transformation hawk salmon transformed man
transformation mantis hartebeest
transformation python gorilla
transformation snake dragon
transformation serpent mosquito
transformation worm dog
transformation sea dragon serpent
transformation animal object
transformation antelope nut
transformation doe bubble water enchanted woman
transformation elephant object
transformation elephant lotus
transformation elephant stone
transformation tigress mortar
transformation stag wind
transformation bear bow
transformation horse stone
transformation dead dog money
transformation dog pumpkin
transformation dog statue
transformation pig object
transformation pig bread
transformation quails sticks pebbles
transformation duck precious stone
transformation butterfly bamboo
transformation snake stone
transformation snake jewel
transformation snake garland
transformation frog tree
transformation dragonking gust wind
transformation dragon stone
transformation flower person
transformation rose person
transformation tree person
transformation leaf of tree person
transformation fruit person
transformation grass soldiers
woman emerges plant
transformation reed person
transformation root bulb plant person
transformation mineral form person
transformation stone person
every piece shattered cowrieshell turns armed man
transformation ruby person
transformation utensil person
transformation coffin cover person
transformation statue comes life
transformation dolls change fairies flute played
image boy made flowers comes life
wax prince animated serpent becomes human being
transformation stone lion man
picture comes life
transformation utensil person
transformation coffin cover person
human bone transforms self person
transformation feather person
transformation spittle person
transformation coal person
transformation egg person
woman emerges egg
transformation moon person
fire takes form woman runs away
transformation object animal
transformation vegetable form animal
transformation branch tree animal
transformation faggots chargers
transformation log bear
transformation fern animal
transformation banana leaf fish
transformation embers animal
transformation sticks wood animal
transformation piece cotton snake
transformation straw snake
transformation stone animal
transformation earth dirt animal
transformation gold animal
transformation pill white rabbit
transformation booksatchel bird
transformation mortar tigress
transformation dress butterfly
ducks sandals transformed part feet
transformation image animal vivified
image horse vivified
image horse vivified one person
images parrots vivified
transformation hair monkey
transformation hair insect
transformation skull watermonster
transformation blood drops toads
transformation brain giant serpent
magic charm turns sweets bugs
transformation treasure ducks
transformation object another object
transformation tree object
transformation ash hazel
transformation plant object
transformation rush leek
transformation wheat barley
transformation oats wheat
transformation cotton leaves
transformation fruit object
transformation apples grain
transformation coconut philosophers stone
transformation flowers object
transformation blade grass horse
transformation blade grass knife
transformation blade grass gun
transformation grass beard
transformation pieces grass turned stone steps
transformation stick weapon
transformation leaves cotton
transformation leaf knife
transformation rock hut
transformation stone firebrand
transformation sand rice
transformation dirt pepper
bread tree springs crumb bread
transformation one article clothing another
transformation handkerchief object
transformation belt bridge
transformation needle object
transformation thread object
transformation milk sack sheet water
transformation pot object
transformation bowl object
transformation necklace object
transformation spear object
transformation slingstick boat
transformation writing tablets bundle
transformation pieces chalk tins oil
transformation instruments torture lotus flowers
transformation blood rubies
transformation blood milk
transformation drops blood flowers
transformation milk blood
meat received spirits transformed banana leaves
transformation scurf body palm tree
transformation feather tree
transformation finger ax handle
transformation cutoff hand plant
transformation moustache grass
transformation bulls eye hornets
transformation bonedust becomes blazing fire
transformation animal dung object
transformation foxs heart rattle
transformation egg mist
transformation egg house
transformation smoke bridge
transformation chain arrows bridge
transformation material object changed
transformation house stone
transformation housedoor stone
transformation cheese stone
transformation salt stone
transformation tree stone
transformation poison stone
transformation food muck
transformation object becomes bloody
transformation water becomes bloody
transformation cake becomes bloody
transformation butter milk blood
eyes stone lion become bloody
transformation objects gold
transformation coals gold
transformation rice gold
transformation brick tile gold
transformation earth gold
transformation copper gold
transformation hair gold
paste smeared princesss body turns gold
transformation putrescence gold
mucus turns gold reward piety
transformation food gold
transformation axe becomes golden
transformation flowers gold silver
transformation leaves meal served turn gold plates
transformation fingernails gold
transformation water money
transformation money ashes leaves
transformation money pewter
transformation earth silver
transformation stone silver
transformation silver dish becomes wooden
transformation stones jewels
transformation dishes jewels
transformation peas pearls
tears become jewels
transformation fingernails jewels
transformation hairs jewels
transformation ice becomes grease
transformation sand rice
transformation sugar ashes
bacon changed iron
transformation horse meat mutton
transformation object becomes wine or vice versa
transformation water becomes wine
transformation brine becomes wine
transformation water milk
transformation water ale
transformation water fire
transformation water marvelous drink
transformation water mead
transformation iron tools earth
transformation magic charm makes root bitter
transformation goose egg becomes hens egg
transformation basket things iron
hut transformed golden palace
size object transformed
transformation stretching tree
stretching lily plant
transformation stretching cliff
stretching sepulchre
grave equals five times length persons foot
river expands becomes sea
monkey becomes feet high
oxdemon becomes feet long
compressible objects
magic folding mule
magic dog shrinks size
compressible magic box
compressible table
inability transform self presence others
transformation expressing astonishment marvel
transformation excessive grief
transformation disobedience
transformation wish
transformation magic word charm
transformation playing flute
transformation curse
petrification womans voice heard
transformation putting skin
transformation fish catching fishtrap
transformation horse ass
transformation changing clothes
transformation donning hood
transformation donning cloak
transformation eating drinking
transformation eating fruit
transformation eating apricot
transformation eating flower
transformation eating manioc
transformation eating flesh
transformation eating bread
transformation placing pill mouth
transformation eating rice mixed perspiration
transformation eating snake eggs
transformation drinking
transformation jumping over
transformation rolling
transformation somersault
transformation bathing
transformation application water
transformation urine
gods urine makes chilly fiery
human urine softens rock
transformation encircling object thrice
transformation smelling
selftransformation smelling stick
transformation smelling flower
transformation smelling powders
transformation touching
transformation touching ground return fairyland
midas golden touch
transformation touching rod
transformation licking
transformation twisting ones ear
transformation kiss
transformation sexual intercourse
transformation touching water
transformation touch magic dogskin
transformation touching flower
transformation striking stone
transformation horse spurring
transformation decapitation
transformation turning magic hood
transformation throwing rice person
transformation magic object
transformation means magic stone
petrification magic written formula
transformation throwing ashes
transformation burned
transformation braiding hair
transformation stepping footprint
damsel whose voice turns suitors stone
transformation sticking nails feet
transformation magic needle
transformation binding string around neck
transformation tying charm around persons neck
transformation fish throwing sea
transformation baptism
transformation blowing
transformation immersing magic well
transformation likeness another sleeping arms mantle
change sex exchange yaksa ogre
transformation rubbing ointment
transformation application blood
transformation placing something head
transformation placing bewitched flower head
offer make pups born woman shape hound human
repeated transformation
goddess repeatedly transforms herself
protean beggar person assumes successive forms order beg
protean sale man sells youth successive transformations
transformation combat
transformation contest magicians
transformation contest master pupil
fairies gods transformed animals fight
transformation combat saints
periodic transformation
daily transformation
animal day man night
tree day man night
flower day girl night
ugly day fair night
magic dog shrinks night
sheep day dog night
young man issues conchshell every evening
transformation werwolf every friday night
yearly transformation
fairies become birds every year
yearly transformation person different sex
transformation disenchantment will
power selftransformation received god
power selftransformation received fairy parent
size changed will
person changes size will
person changes appearance will
dogs large small will
compressible canoe
sword large small will
compressible load
bed large small will
island canoe
transformation reach difficult place
lover bird visits mistress
girl bird visits lover
transformation able woo maiden
transformation gain access enemys camp fortress
transformation travel otherworld
transformation escape difficult situation
transformation escape captivity
transformation escape death
transformation escape lover
pursued sweetheart becomes tree
transformation escape ambush
transformation escape notice
transformation hide ogress
transformation escape ogress
transformation falcon order rescue condemned man gallows
man transformed deer decoy people execution saints friend
transformation travel fast
transformation test heroes
transformation picked caught
transformation fish caught
transformation child pet adopted
transformation seek lost or unknown person
faithful brother transforms self deer seek sister
transformation eagle scour country lovely woman bride king
transformation defeat enemies
transformation kill enemy
transformation magic object animal kills enemy
demons assume human form revenge brothers death
queen transforms defeat god death
transformation frighten enemy
transformation destroy enemys property
transformation protect hero enemy
transformation receive food
transformation steal
transformation flying horse abduct king
transformation order steal fire
transformation seduce
transformation animal seduce woman
transformation husbands lovers form seduce woman
transformation sex seduce
transformation seduce man
transformation animal woman seduce man
seven girls guise seven parrots come boy spurned them
transformation animals fight
transformation show displeasure
sea dragon serpents form accompany hero
transformation eagle carry hero safety
transformation obtain blessing
transformation test fidelity
transformation another form persuade man go battle
transformation lure hunters certain place
transformation order drive buffaloes milking
transformation woman fly help hero pick weapons among many
transformation punishment
transformation revenge repulsing amorous advances
transformation woman goddess preserve chastity
transformation enemy rid him
transformation rival love marriage rid him
transformation stepchild rid him
jealous cowife transforms other
king birds transforms quails sticks pebbles king hunters hawks cannot kill them
magic flight
transformation flight
fugitive transforms self stone
fugitive transformed helper escape detection
obstacle flight
magic objects decoy pursuer
gradual transformation
partial transformation person animal head
partial transformation person animal hair
partial transformation animal human mind
partial transformationcolor changed
magic mantle changes color hourly
spirit poetry hideous youth becomes beautiful
transformation magician
transformation witch sorceress
transformation saint
transformation evil spirits
transformation fairy
transformation offspring fairy mortal
transformation angel god
transformation druid
transformation magic animal
transformed mother suckles child
transformed cow advises daughter
food left transformed person
man transformed woman children
transformation sleep
magic loin cloth transform anything
eyes heros buffalo friend turn two powerful dogs protect wife
person disenchanted
gradual disenchantment
cats paw cut off womans hand missing
castle disenchanted
disenchantment rough treatment
disenchantment decapitation
head transferred one man another second mans head first mans hand
disenchantment cutting person two
disenchantment flower breaking stalk
disenchantment flower plucking it
disenchantment leaf breaking tree
disenchantment fruit plucking tree
disenchantment cutting reversing bodily members
disenchantment cutting two
disenchantment throwing fire
disenchantment striking
disenchantment striking missile
disenchantment throwing stone
disenchantment throwing flower
disenchantment beating
disenchantment wounding
disenchantment shooting
lizard human form killed corpse lizard
disenchantment driving stake body
disenchantment throwing objects transformed person
disenchantment laying collected bones sevenfold cloth spreading another it
disenchantment burial revival
girl destroys crab shape husband disenchants permanently
disenchantment removing skin or covering
disenchantment hiding skin covering
disenchantment destroying skin covering
disenchantment holding temporarily disenchanted person
disenchantment fruit flower opening it
disenchantment taking bridle
disenchantment removing chain neck
disenchantment removing string neck
loathly lady
loathly bridegroom
disenchantment animal admission womans bed
disenchantment kiss
beauty beast
girl disenchants animal husband enduring embraces without fear
son disenchants animal father enduring caresses without fear
disenchantment faithfulness others
disenchantment accomplishment tasks
disenchantment long absent spouse faithfulness partner
disenchantment destroying enchanter
disenchantment eating enchanters heart
disenchantment defeating enchanter single combat
disenchantment eating drinking
disenchantment eating certain salmon
disenchantment removal enchanting pin thorn
disenchantment bathing immersing water
disenchantment water command
disenchantment touching water
disenchantment application blood
disenchantment rubbing pigs blood
disenchantment tears
disenchantment bathing milk
disenchantment using wand
disenchantment drinking golden vessel
disenchantment medicine
disenchantment transformation means magic sword
disenchantment sprinkling consecrated rice
disenchantment covering cloth
disenchantment physical contact
disenchantment touch holy man
disenchantment touching earth
disenchantment produced hero winning series contests seven demons
disenchantment song
disenchantment repeating magic formula
disenchantment shaking certain tree
girl disenchants tigerhusband putting garland around neck sprinkling sand water him
disenchantment end specified time
disenchantment end two hundred years
disenchantment end nine hundred years
disenchantment done wife
transformed mother called child
enchanted person attracts attention dancing
disenchantment proof truth
disenchantment means
children disenchanted long period aged
valley disenchanted rises level surroundings
ownership magic object
magic object effective struck ground only
magic charm formula used injudiciously brings death owners wife children himself
magic object gift
magic object received god a god
magic object received goddess
magic object falls heaven
magic needle thread fall heaven result prayer
magic object received saint
magic object received demigod
magic object received devil
magic object received ghost
magic object received dead lower world
magic object received genie
magic object received temple demons
magic object received lady dream
magic object received man dream
magic object received angel
magic object received giant
magic objects gifts magician
magic object received ascetic
magic object received maidenspirit
magic object received fairy
magic sword received lady lake
magic object received maiden otherworld island
magic object received mother
magic object received father
magic object received grateful person
magic object received man return rescue child
magic object received grateful father redeemed snake
magic object received return shaved
magic object received astrologer
magic object received magician
magic object received maiden
magic object received catwoman i
magic object vomited conquered monster
attempt learn magic object spying
magic object acquired trick exchange
magic objects acquired acting umpire fighting heirs
magic object acquired exchanging letters
magic object acquired foolish bargain
magic object acquired stealing
stolen objects powerful magic
magic object taken ogres house
prince procures magic object bathing fairy steals clothes
man poisons couple owners magic gong gains possession it
magic root acquired tricking mother bird searching order disentangle young
fairy dun acquired tricking owner
magic object found
magic object accidentally found
magic object found underground room
golden cot found magic castle
magic object found fort
magic object found heart whale
magic object acquired exchange
magic object purchased
magic horse wooden made carpenter
magic object acquired reward vigil
magic object acquired reward religious austerities
magic object reward good deeds
magic object born hero
magic object obtained reaching certain cardinal direction
magic object chosen among identical worthless objects
magic object obtained compensation loss entire herdthe spirit herd resides last goats tail old woman keeps
loss magic object
death follow loss magic object
loss magic object causes madness
magic object stolen
magic object stolen local deity
magic object stolen host at inn
magic object stolen neighbor
magic object stolen rival wife
magic object stolen rivals emissary
magic horn carried bird
magic objects stolen owner daughter spends night
magic object carried away child allowed play it
magic object taken away force
magic ring carried bird
magic object destroyed feigned sickness
magic object disappears owners death
magic mango returns tree broken tabu
magic object exchanged worthless
exchange common cow golddropping cow made daughter father stops home night
magic treasure animal killed
magic object loses power overuse
magic wishingring loses power touching water
extraordinary flower preserves freshness long remains unperceived anyone owner
magic object voluntarily restored giver
magic sword returned lake whence received
magic sword thrown lake dying hero
recovery magic object
recovery magic object cures madness
magic object recovered using second magic object
recovery magic object use magic cudgel
stolen magic object stolen back helpful cat dog
recovered magic articles dropped rescuing animals sea
stolen magic object stolen back man disguise
magic marvelous object given back placate crying child
thief forced vomit stolen magic object
magic object recovered recitation magic formula
prognostications weather phenomena
magic rain
magic mist
druidic mist
magic hail
magic storm
magic wind
magic darkness
magic body water
magic sea
magic wave
magic virtue nine waves
magic river
river produced magic
river contained birds ears
sabbatical river
magic flood
magic lake pond
lake pond produced magic
lake produced belches magic draught
lake supernatural smith lives
lake milk created merit saint
magic tank
magic fountain
fountain magically made
magic well
magic spring
magic spring guarded demons monsters
magic spring guarded druids
spring runs dry as result fratricide
magic rock stone
stone produced magic
stones fixed earth certain magic powers
stone saint baptized is born magic powers
magic coal
magic soot
magic ashes
magic lampblack
mountain created magic
magic sod
magic earth soil
magic clay
magic dust
magic brick
magic island
magic plain
magic forest
forest produced magic
magic hedge
magic tree
magic tree guarded serpent dragon coiled around roots
magic tree bottom lake
magic hazel tree
magic oak tree
magic peach tree
magic ash tree quicken rowan
magic lime tree
magic apple tree
magic alder tree
magic birch tree
magic hawthorn
magic yew tree
magic yew tree created fairies
magic bamboo tree
tree produced magic
magic tree springs fairyland berry
magic twig
origin magic twig
magic twigs grow buried magic vessel
magic birch twig
magic bough
magic leaf
magic faggot
magic thorn
magic garden
garden produced magic
magic bush
magic plant
honeysuckle king trees
magic mandrake
magic calabash gourd
magic mistletoe
mistletoe used druids
magic corn
magic grass
magic barley plant
magic roots
magic seed
magic black cummin
magic grains
magic ricegrains
ricegrains magically produced gourd
magic flower
magic lotusflower
magic herbs
magic fruit
magic apple
magic apple garden hesperides
magic peach
magic berry
magic pumpkin
magic pomegranate
magic yam
magic nut
magic hazelnut
magic acorn
magic bodily membershuman
magic hair
magic pubic hair
magic head
magic horns grow persons forehead
magic toe
magic hand
magic right hand
magic left hand
magic finger
magic brain
magic private partshuman
magic animals
person comes life
dead man reenters body speaks experience heaven
dead tree comes life
dead animal comes life
sun revived power killed moon
resuscitation beating
resuscitation striking arrow
resuscitation jumping stepping over
resuscitation stepping corpse
resuscitation dismemberment
resuscitation burning
bone man burned jumps fire
resuscitation boiling
resuscitation sweating
resuscitation stewing
resuscitation licking corpse
resuscitation snake licks bite inflicted upon victim
resuscitation tickling
resuscitation withdrawal wounding instrument
resuscitation removal poisoned apple
resuscitation removal poisoning cobra flesh dead mans mouth
resuscitation removal poisoned comb
resuscitation removal poisoned slippers
resuscitation sucking poison wound
resuscitation shouting dead
resuscitation command arise
resuscitation biting victims bone
resuscitation pricking anus
resuscitation plucking flower one incarnated
resuscitation felling tree one incarnated splitting trunk two parts
resuscitation cutting heads birds contained soul dead person
resuscitation arrangement members
limbs dead voluntarily reassemble revive
resuscitated eaten animal
eaten person resuscitated
dismembered pigs come alive bones preserved
resuscitation missing member
cooked part white cow brown resuscitation
resuscitation misplaced head
resuscitation head backwards
resuscitation fragments body
resuscitation sewing parts body together
failure resuscitate premature disturbance members left cask certain time
resuscitation replacement soul
resuscitation returning dead persons soul breath body
resuscitation excrement one eaten person animal
resuscitation ashes dead man
resuscitation dust
resuscitation magic
resuscitation magic charm
resuscitation fetish
resuscitation mummified dog
resuscitation music
resuscitation song
resuscitation blowing trumpet
resuscitation weeping tears
resuscitation shooting arrow
resuscitation fasting
resuscitation prayer
resuscitation staff
staff life death
resuscitation magic cauldron
resuscitation saints bell
resuscitation saints bachall
resuscitation holy grail
resuscitation magic feather
resuscitation magic robe blanket
resuscitation sacred relics
resuscitation ring
resuscitation yaks tail
resuscitation magic stone
resuscitation leaf
resuscitation bird dung
resuscitation magic baskets
resuscitation handkerchief
resuscitation kiss
resuscitation breathing corpse
resuscitation cremated man blowing ashes
resuscitation wishing
resuscitation smelling moss
resuscitation incantation
resuscitation waving magic object
resuscitation passing helpful animal corpse
resuscitation reversing positions two blocks wood
water life
resuscitation bathing
resuscitation bathing milk
resuscitation wet cloth corpse
resuscitation water in basket overnight
resuscitation holy water
water life death
water death
tree life
sun moon steal wonderful tree revives dead man animal
resuscitation medicines
resuscitation salve oil
resuscitation magic liquid
resuscitation magic milk
resuscitation sprinkling ambrosia
resuscitation herbs leaves
resuscitation magic pill
resuscitation magic powder blown nose
resuscitation blood
resuscitation spittle
resuscitation god
resuscitation power goddess
man sent back earth death yet time die
resuscitation christ
resuscitation virgin mary
resuscitation saint
resuscitation holy man priest etc
resuscitation demons entering corpse
resuscitation magician
resuscitation druid
resuscitation fairy
resuscitation snake
resuscitation son
resuscitation friends
resuscitation laying flesh pyre covering cloth
resuscitation covering body certain time
deer foster parent hero comes alive burial hill youth returns spot carries jungle again
resuscitation ghosts deceived cannot find way back grave
resuscitation polishing sword contains dead mans life
human bone found demons stomach wrapped silk bow arrow becomes boy
resuscitation decapitated princess hero imitating ogres actions night before passing sword three times throat
resuscitation touch child first walking
repeated resuscitation
periodic resuscitation
slain warriors revive nightly
soldiers magic army constantly revived
nightly resuscitation man external soul
person dead day revived night
woman alive day dead night
slain pigs revive nightly
calf slain night alive next day power saint
king eaten every morning revived daily
killed game revives flies away
resuscitation impossible certain length time
resuscitation great length time
man kept alive consecrated sword
resuscitation wife husband giving half remaining life
husband resuscitated wifes nose cut thrown grave
return dead granted definite time
cooked animal comes life
flayed animal resuscitated
death thought sleep
resuscitation order baptize
resuscitated man relates visions beyond
means resuscitation learned
husband advised resuscitate wife lift turn around head rests upon brick feet
man advised resuscitate mother break waternuts head would revive live one year nut broken
student revives whole family following instructions given demon
dead body incorruptible
resuscitation murder discovered
resuscitation murderer buried earth wood laid him lighted lamp top
attempted resuscitation fails overanxiety
malevolent return dead
dead wife returns reprove husbands second wife
dead wife returns reprove husbands second wife abusing stepchildren
dead mothers malevolent return
return dead reveal murder
return dead slay wicked person
ghost returns slay enemies
return dead avenge death murder
ghost unjustly executed man
return dead punish indignities corpse ghost
ghost returns demand proper burial
dead man speaks demanding proper funeral rites
ghost returns corpse properly burned
return dead punish kicking skull
corpse saint sits looks people open grave come claim body
ghosts punish intruders ghost town
ghosts punish failure provide wants
ghosts punish failure sacrifice them
vampire brought life fed human food drink
vampires eat corpses
ghost sucks peoples breath
god form characteristics vampire
ghost tries kill person food
ghosts eat corpse
ghosts seek firewood roast man
corpse bites womans nose
ghosts may eat female animals
wandering ghost makes attack
wandering skull pursues man
speaking skull tells previous life reveals future events etc
hero attacked revenant half head carrying man half body
dead carry living
ghost revenant kills spewing water mouth halloween
ghosts blow smithy air
ghosts haunt house
hungry ghosts haunt house seeking food
friendly return dead
dead lovers friendly return
dead man visits wife every night
dead wifes friendly return
dead wife returns asks husband go spirit world
dead wife returns form bird
dead wife returns live husband death
return dead remarriage husband
dead mother returns suckle child
dead mother returns care neglected baby
dead mother returns aid persecuted children
dead mother in animal form returns aid persecuted children
advice dead mother
dead childs friendly return parents
voice son answers mother grave called pet name
dead sisters friendly return
dead brothers friendly return
dead fathers friendly return
dead father returns form bird
grateful dead
dead grateful corpse ransomed
dead grateful spared indignity corpse
dead grateful food
dead grateful prayers
grateful priest returns save gambler devil
dead return fulfill bargain
dead returns replace boundary marks removed
dead returns repay money debt
dead returns restore stolen goods
tear upper world mortals falls departed lower world
return dead give consoling message
dead son tells mother mortal escapes death
ghost substitutes bride wedding journey
ghost returns protect living
ghost murdered girl appears lends jewels needed ball exchange flowers
return dead ask forgiveness
return dead give counsel
talking bones eaten man advise hero
return dead preach repentance
person spent two years hell speaks importance religious experience
saint returns dead give blessing
return dead prophesy coming christ
return dead convert christianity
return dead reveal whereabouts stolen goods
return dead repeat forgotten epic
poet sings day death
money received ghosts reward bravery
womans hand rises grave gives man performing vigil letter salvation
dead returns life tells journey land dead
return dead prevent flight thief
saint returns dead exonerate cleric
return dead rescue drowning
anchorites body rises river favor disciple
return dead protect friends
ghost confederate man
ghost summoned
summoning souls punished hour mans death overwhelm him
jellinek zs
ghosts summoned sacred book
ghost summoned blast horn whistle
vigil husband wifes grave calls forth
husband ignored discouraged ghost wife
ghosts revenantsmiscellaneous
voices dead heard graveyard
ghostly voice heard battlefield
unquiet grave
ground trembles rumbles ghost rises grave
ghost shakes earth rises grave
dead cannot rest sin
horse unable draw evil dead man
earth rejects buried body
saints body miraculously moves laid properly north south northeast southwest
adulterous person cannot rest grave
unbaptized person cannot rest grave
dead without proper funeral rites cannot rest
person otherwise killed accident cannot rest grave
ghost unlaid iron hid life found
return dead uncover secretly buried treasure
soul wanders demands temple built him
lovers buried apart found one grave morning
fate ghosts persons eaten tigers
spectral ghosts
invisible ghosts
ghost visible one person alone
ghost visible dogs alone
hanged man thirsty demands water drink
headless revenant
revenant chicken feet
revenant black
revenant horse
revenant swine
revenant rabbit hare
revenant tiger form
revenant mouse
revenant squirrel
revenant bird
revenant dove
revenant owl
revenant eel
revenant man
revenant piper
revenant child
defense ghosts dead
test presence demons corpses
limbs dead fettered prevent return
decapitating order prevent return
coin placed mouth dead prevent return
coffin iron band made keep corpse returning tiger
ghosts placated sacrifices
possessions buried dead
animals sacrificed dead food way world
ghosts pleased human sacrifices
ghosts killed sacrifice buffaloes
magic protection revenants
revenant forced away shooting
walking ghost laid
corpse exhumed heart cremated lay ghost
ghost laid piercing grave corpse stake
ghost laid burial outside village far side stream four iron nails driven corners grave
ghost laid saying masses
ghost laid confessor priest
ghost killed thus finally laid
corpse magically killed laid
ghost laid beating body pieces
slain ghost carried ghosts
ghost laid pushing water
corpse cannot laid confided secret magic charms
ghost laid vow fulfilled
ghost laid treasure unearthed
ghost laid cockcrow dawn
dead quiescent day
ghost invisible day
man raises corpses gets shrouds lays again
ghost laid skull thrown ganges
fight revenant living person
revenant rewards conqueror
cohabitation living person ghost
offspring living dead person
abode dead
men must enter spirit world armed
land dead
spain land dead
quarrel dead living causes removal dead land
land dead lower world
land dead across water
bridge land dead
boat land dead
land dead north
land dead west
land dead sky
account book men summoned death kept heaven
venus land dead
king world dead
land shades
land skulls
glowing beds dead
mans spirit land dead prophesies future death
dancing afterworld
culture hero gambles ruler afterworld result death increase game
judas iscariot appears midst sea rock washed alternately fiery icy waves
living cannot go land dead
land dead dead walk grass without bending mud without sinking
procession dead
dead men dance
ball game lower world
ghostly marriage party
marriage ceremony ghost
pot heavy ghosts girl cannot lift it
dead lower world complain odor human visitor
wild hunt
dogs wild hunt
sleeping army
revenants eat
food placed returning souls dead
dead come forth eat graveofferings
revenants drink
amputated head asks drink
dead beg food living
dead speak
words uttered tomb
dead silent
dead speak halloween
thirsty hanged corpse asks water halloween
holy man converses entombed dead
fairy converses dead
dead holy man begs gravedigger bury sinner top him
corpse exclaims miracle
ghost chooses requiem
ghost directs man hidden treasure
dead hear saints bell
heads slain people magicians house advises hero
dead sing
dead make music ribs
ghost becomes log day
dead man smokes pipe
ghosts forced labor
man died returned life becomes diviner
dead persons build fires
ghosts warm around fire
whirlwind ghosts vehicle
dead persons draw chariot
spectre rides castle every seven years
revenant revisits earth nightly
revenant revisits earth yearly
dead returns soon burial
dead returns third day burial
dead return second day burial
dead sent back life name heavenly roll
ghosts walk halloween
lamp lighted house period fourteen days ghosts take dwelling
ghost works human being
corpse leaps emotion saints passing nearby
death return life rids man disease
locked doors open touch ghosts
human transported ghost
origin reincarnation miscarried message immortality
science reincarnation taught
reincarnation former lives remembered
man magic sees wives former incarnations dog sow
reincarnated benefactor helped man befriended former life
punishments earned one life paid next reincarnation
reincarnation form determined death
limited number souls world necessitates reincarnation
seven reincarnations
reincarnation another human form
reincarnation change sex
reincarnation woman reborn man
man reborn woman
reincarnation god reborn man
reincarnation man becomes god
reincarnation man becomes spirit
reincarnation prince becomes common man
reincarnation common man becomes prince
man reincarnated child
reincarnation child within fish
horseheaded men reborn moneylenders
reincarnation punishment sin
reincarnation complete unfinished work
bones dead collected buried
bones dead collected thrown river
person transforms self swallowed reborn new form
person swallowed reborn
reincarnation fasting
cauldron regeneration reincarnation
reincarnation animal
reincarnation man animal man
reincarnation donkey
reincarnation cow
reincarnation bull
reincarnation calf
reincarnation buffalo
man reincarnated swine
man reincarnated wild boar
man reincarnated goat
god reincarnated cat
man reincarnated dog
reincarnation wolf
reincarnation deer
reincarnation seal
reincarnation mongoose
reincarnation bear
reincarnation hyena
reincarnation jackal
reincarnation bird
reincarnation murdered child bird
reincarnation girl eaten tiger bird
reincarnation duck
reincarnation sheldrake
reincarnation owl
reincarnation hawk
reincarnation eagle
reincarnation heron
reincarnation snake
reincarnation lizard
reincarnation crocodile
reincarnation tortoise
reincarnation frog
reincarnation insect
reincarnation butterfly
reincarnation flea
reincarnation weevil
reincarnation bedbug
reincarnation fish
reincarnation salmon
reincarnation goldfish
reincarnation leech
reincarnation scorpion
reincarnation plant tree growing grave
twining branches grow graves lovers
flower grave bears letters
plant blood slain person
speaking bleeding trees
tree innocent mans blood
flower grave
lily grave
reincarnation lotus
reincarnation cockscomb
herbs grow grave healer
dead ogress reincarnated bramblebush prevents escape fugitive
reincarnation tobacco plant
reincarnation peanut plant
reincarnation eggplant
reincarnation musical instrument
speaking bones murdered person reveal murder
reincarnation water
reincarnation bag water
reincarnation ball of gold iron
reincarnation salt
dead lovers two stones lying together
smoke funeral fires two lovers mingles sky
reincarnation rainbow
reincarnation slain boy gold silver
reincarnation meteor
reincarnation manobjectman
reincarnation woman bird nettles stone woman
god reincarnated monster
reincarnation animal man
men behave irrationally without plans reincarnations animals
repeated reincarnation
reincarnation body becomes marble wall robe grass eyes pools etc
reincarnation snake flowers
reincarnation punishment
bad woman cursed reborn bat
mean person reborn hyena
tricky potter reborn crab
jealous woman reborn chilly
cruel woman reborn firefly
youth reincarnated root punishment incest
reincarnation revenge
drowned girl reborn leech take revenge murderers
woman reborn bedbug take revenge husband
woman reborn scorpion take revenge husband
reincarnation compensation
hungry ghost reborn jackal
frustrated woman reborn tobacco plant
frustrated boy reborn lizard
childless woman reborn fish
gradual reincarnationman tiger
bird reincarnated murdered girl resumes original form persecutors blood poured her
vulture eats reborn human beings next birth
external soul
ferocious animal guardian separable soul ogress
soul kept object
soul egg
soul plant
soul calabash gourd
soul flower
soul chilly plant
soul pomegranate
soul coconut
soul bamboo
soul jewel
soul necklace
life stick
soul stone
soul golden apple
soul golden ball
soul sword
soul snow
soul dice
soul arrow
soul axe
soul bird cage
soul hidden tree
soul hidden safe
soul hidden urn
soul hidden box
soul hidden pillar
soul hidden fish basket
soul hidden series coverings
soul hidden apple ball salmon appears every seven years certain fountain
soul or life kept special part body
serpents life gold crown
soul life heart
eaten heart gives one owners qualities
soul life breath
soul life thumb
monster life neck
giants soul mole hollow palm
ogres soul pale spot right ear
life soul entrails
separable soul bird
separable soul parrot
soul crane
soul starling
separable soul fish
separable soul bee
separable soul fly
separable soul hornet
separable soul snake
separable soul toad
multiple separable souls ogres separable spirits live tree plant fish honey bee
soul journeys body
mark inflicted wandering soul seen body souls return
soul wanders body sleep
soul sleeper prevented returning body
wandering soul cause sickness
madness spirit leaving body comes back cough
wandering soul assumes shape wolf
soul leaves body visit hell heaven
soul leaves body converse dead
soul leaves body death
soul black white entity
soul borne away cloud
soul borne away wind
condemned soul forked body satan
saved soul leaps body hearing heavenly music
soul taken away god angel
soul cannot go far grave
soul wanders till corpse decays
soul visits places birth death baptism burial leaving body
soul leaves one body enters another
soul leaves mans body enters animals
ghost possesses girl speaks dialect unknown her
soul enters body animates it
soul unborn son comes mothers mouth in form stone kept her later given son
debate body soul
soul curses body
soul vital principle
body dependent soul
evil spirit possesses person
soul animal form
soul form dog
soul form bird
soul form dove
soul form serpent
soul form butterfly
soul form fly
shooting star signifies someone dying
shooting star signifies birth
soul light
soul shadow
soul reflection image
soul lotus flower
soul ghi clarified butter
soul mannikin child
soul small replica body
perils soul
soul cannot enter heaven till body buried
dead person good life goes bridge otherworld without fear
perilous valley on way to land dead
soul leaves possessions road final resting place
souls judgment day
two resurrections
souls weighed judgment day
souls await judgment day shapes birds
four five groups judgment day
souls sinners spend seven years waters sea doomsday
resurrection take place sunday
judgment day monday
lost souls
fiends play ball soul
souls dead captured leaving corpse
soul carried demon devil
soul bound hell given sight heaven
lost soul gnawed worms
souls dead eaten skyspirits
saved souls
condemned soul recovered
condemned soul saved prayer
condemned soul saved penance
condemned soul saved holy person
condemned soul released god
condemned soul released hell christ
grains earth river bed translates soul destined evil future paradise
condemned soul released tears living
saved soul goes heaven
souls carried heaven angels
burial certain ground assures going heaven
resurrected boys choose return heaven
souls heaven
heavenly hierarchy
river heaven burns wicked gives joy righteous
souls hell hades
souls chains hell
ghosts gather wood hell fires
dead flailed demons
devils torment sinners hell
dialogue christ souls hell
souls purgatory
souls dead imprisoned tree
soul dead temple
devils angels contest mans soul
soul devil card game
saint wrests soul demons
saved soul woman assists husbands soul battle demons
soul prays
soul strives heard living
angel gives soul information concerning mortal
life index
life token
life token water turns blood
life token horn fills blood
life token blood fish calls out
life token milk becomes bloody
life token staff stuck ground
life token staff stuck ground shakes
life token staff stuck ground falls
life token tree flower fades
life token bamboo stalks grow joints upside down
lifen token fruit decays tree
life token fruit falls tree
life token charm dries
life token sword rusts
life token beads cling together
life token milk turns dark
life token object breaks bursts
life token stone breaks
life token troubled water
life token milk becomes red
life token leaves full tree
life token great wind blows
life token flaming shield goes out
life token arrow falls down
life token paddy productive unproductive
life token rings exchange places girls fingers
life token direction dagger points determines ogress killed
life dependent external object event
life bound animal
life bound object
life bound calabash
life bound tree
father die daughter marries
mother die daughter wooed
father die daughter bears son
person die year marries
person die drinks horn
snake die gives away hoarded treasure
vital bodily members
vital body kills attacking enemies
eyes successfully replaced
substituted eyes
prince regains eyesight theft eyes water maidens
eyes borrowed animal
limbs successfully replaced
substituted limbs
hands restored
substituted ribs chariot ribs
arms restored
substituted arm
severed legs regrows
vital head
head cut successfully replaced
severed head reddens whitens
severed head opens eyes
vital head speaks
headless body vital
headless man lives four seven years
dead head grateful burying it
flesh regrows
vital skin
substituted skin
ewes hide grafted skinless head wounded man
stomach borrowed animal
vital bodily membersmiscellaneous
organs exchanged animal
man forgets count dies immediately after
journey world
names otherworld
journey otherworld dream vision
translation otherworld without dying
supernatural husband takes mortal wife heaven
journey otherworld invasion
journey otherworld hunt
journey otherworld penance
departure otherworld fairyland attributed death
journey upper world
journey heaven upperworld paradise
journey see deity
journey skygod
grieving mortal taken god dead otherworld identify son died
men taken brahma siva petition personally
journey heaven see buddha
visit starworld
man seeks mother starmaiden upper world
visit land moon
visit land sun
inhabitant upper world visits earth
child deity visits earth
child deity stolen brought earth
god visits earth
cloudfolk visit earth
divine cow descends earth
divine elephant comes heaven feed disport himself
four skyropes
spiderweb skyrope
vine skyrope
rope gods hair
skyrope mucus
ladder upper world
ladder glass upper world
ascent upper world arrow chain
tree upper world
tree stretches sky
plant grows sky
mountain reaches sky
mountain stretches sky
rocks piled sky
skywindow digging uprooting plant tree upper world
bird pecks hole skyroof give access upper world
road heaven
narrow road heaven
persons tongue path sky
pursuit game leads upper world
ascent sky cloud
ascent sky feather
ascent sky sticking magic feather
ascent sky eagledown rope
transportation heaven mist
ascent upper world smoke
bird flies upper world
birds carry person upper world
birds carry person upper world
cock carries god upper world
person carried upper world deity spirit
mortal taken heaven heavenly maidens
journey upper world keeping thoughts continually heaven
giant shot upper world means magic bow
journey skyworld riding unseen supernatural wifes chariot
ascent upper world magic
ascent heaven holding elephants tail
journey lower world
descent lower world dead hell hades
wife goes land dead procure dead husbands heart
journey land dead visit deceased
journey hell retrieve soul mother
hell women south otherworld
journey otherworld secure bride
door gate entrance lower world
pit entrance lower world
person swallowed earth taken lower world
entrance lower world mountain
entrance lower world making hole ground
hole underworld kingdom snakes
water entrance lower world
boat lower world
lake entrance lower world
path world dead
path grave lower world
broad path hell
rope lower world
trip lower world tiger
return lower world vulture
escape lower world miraculously growing tree
escape lower world bird
escape lower world horse lightning
escape lower world spiders thread
hero shoots monster or animal follows lower world
sound drum followed ghost town
rescued princess leaves necklace behind flight hero returns left underworld
boy follows nut lower world
youths tutored vulcan smith hell
people lower world tall broom
people lower world come evenings drink dance
journey terrestrial otherworlds
wonder voyages
journey earthly paradise
four earthly paradises
journey isle laughter
voyage land promise
island tir tairngire land promise cannot reached boat made dead soft skins animals
paradise blessed subterranean world
land creatures friendly one another
voyage land without evil
journey land women
fairyland ireland inhabited settled women only
separation sexes otherworld
man island fair women overcome loving women
land men
journey inside earth
journey land immortals
voyage land youth
journey land thunders
journey world spirits
journey land giants
journey land little men pygmies
journey land demons
journey otherworld people made whole cured
journey land without sky takes whole life
journey animal kingdom
subterranean palace bottom lake belonging king serpents
journey land elephants
journey land crocodiles
journey land men heads only
journey isle tears
voyage isle truth
voyage isle shape
voyage isle dead
journey land return
hero takes mare ride land return mare foaled brings back anxiety foal
land everyone wise raja throne beggar bazaar
journey land naked people
location otherworld
spain otherworld
ancient ireland location otherworld
otherworld hollow mountain
mountain fairhaired women
dwelling fortune lofty mountain
submarine otherworld
marine counterpart land
empty underwater house
submarine monastery
otherworld island
series otherworld islands
hebrides isle man falga otherworld
otherworld island disappears leaving voyagers boat sea
otherworld island divided four parts
divine swans inaccessible island middle seven seas
bruidhen banquetinghall otherworld
distance otherworld
water barrier otherworld
otherworld beyond water confused otherworld water
otherworld beyond water confused otherworld hill
river barrier otherworld
perilous river barrier otherworld
mist barrier otherworld
storm snow hail barrier otherworld
waves form high wall around otherworld isle