This sample source code presents the simplest usage of FindSurface SDK.
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FindSurface-Samples / BasicSample /

CurvSurf FindSurface™ SDK Samples - BasicSample


This sample source code presents the simplest usage of FindSurface SDK.

The sample program reads file and automatically finds primitives around pre-defined positions. Without the file, it won't work at all, so make sure that you download the file here.

The sample only runs with our FindSurface SDK library files (FindSurface.dll, etc.).

You must either request a free trial or purchase a license to activate the library files.

Quick Start

Before building the sample

Download FindSurface SDK library files at our developer website.

Windows: Visual Studio

Copy the lib directory in the zip file to BasicSample/vs14/libFindSurface. Or you may update the library path in the BasicSample.vcxproj file.

Linux: Makefile

Open Makefile script and change DUMMY_PATH variable to your dummy library file path.

Sample data used in this sample application

The sample point cloud data used in this simple FindSurface application is captured by the Google Tango Tablet.
The captured point cloud data is stored in file. The scene of sample point cloud data looks like below:

Figure 1. Captured Scene Figure 2. Point Cloud

Getting Started to develop your own application

Our developer website provides detailed instruction on how to develop by using FindSurface SDK.


Send an email to to contact our support team.