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Git Extensions for SalesLogix

Git Extensions for SalesLogix is an addin for the SalesLogix Application Architect that integrates Git Extensions into Application Architect and provide all basic Git functionality into working with SalesLogix models & customizations. In order to use "Git Extensions for SalesLogix" you must have "Git Extensions" installed. For more information see Announcing Git Extensions for SalesLogix and the Customer FX Open Source Initiative. To install Git Extensions for SalesLogix see the Installation page of the project Wiki.

Git Extensions

Git Extensions is a toolkit to make working with Git on Windows more intuitive. Git Extensions is a required part of Git Extensions for SalesLogix and is installed separately. To use Git Extensions for SalesLogix, it is assumed that you have mSysGit & Git Extensions installed and configured correctly. Download Git Extensions (which will also install mSysGit as well).

Project Contact

For contact information about this project, contact:

Ryan Farley Customer FX Corporation