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To add Git Extensions for SalesLogix to the Application Architect, complete the following steps:

Installation of Git Extensions for SalesLogix has been streamlined to automatically install via ClickOnce and will auto-update as well after installation.

Watch a video of the installation process

To Install Git Extensions for SalesLogix

  1. Ensure that Git Extensions is installed and set up (See Git Extensions)
  2. Close Application Architect
  3. Open the following URL to start the ClickOnce installer:
  4. Click the Install button to start the installation and the wizard will begin
  5. If you need to set proxy server information, click the “Set a proxy” link. If you would like to disable auto-updates (not recommended) then you can do so by clicking the “Disable auto-updates” checkbox (if you disable auto-updates, you can rerun the wizard at any time to update Git Extensions for SalesLogix)
  6. Click the Start Installation button to add Git Extensions for SalesLogix to Application Architect


If you previously had a version of Git Extensions for SalesLogix install that required editing the SalesLogix.xml file, you must first remove that version manually by following these steps:

  1. Open the file “C:\Program Files\SalesLogix\AppConfig\SalesLogix.xml” in a text editor
  2. Locate the <Modules> section
  3. REMOVE the following line:
<Include ModuleName="FX.SalesLogix.Modules.GitExtensions.GitExtensionsInit, FX.SalesLogix.Modules.GitExtensions" /> 

Manual Installation Steps

It is recommended that you use the ClickOnce installer mentioned above. This will ensure that Git Extensions for SalesLogix is always up to date as it will automatically install updates for you of both the addin itself and the installer. However, if there are reasons you’d like to manually install Git Extensions for SalesLogix, follow these steps:

  1. Download the manual installer
  2. Copy the installer to a location where it will not be deleted or moved (you must keep the installer file in the same location since Application Architect will check for this when it closes to check for updates of the Git Extensions for SalesLogix addin – unless you check the box to disable automatic updates)
  3. Run the GitExtensionsInstaller.exe file. If you need a proxy configure the proxy settings. Click Next through to start the installation. The installer will download and installer the latest version of the DLL and install for you.
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