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Due to lack of time and motivation, and mostly because I stopped working with TYPO3 on a daily basis, this project is not maintained anymore. If anyone wants to maintain it, please feel free to contact me; creating an issue seems to be the best way to discuss about it.

NotiZ NotiZ • Powerful notification dispatcher

“Handle any type of notification in TYPO3 with ease: emails, SMS, Slack and more. Listen to your own events or provided ones (scheduler task finishing, extension installed, etc…).”

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NotiZ is a TYPO3TYPO3 extension allowing to easily manage notifications in a TYPO3 instance.

Notifications listen to events fired within the application and can be dispatched to several channels: emails, SMS, Slack messages…

To ease editors lives, everything can be managed directly in the TYPO3 backend.



See Installation chapter from the documentation.


Find the documentation on

Slack Join the discussion on Slack in channel #ext-notiz! – You don't have access to TYPO3 Slack? Get your Slack invitation by clicking here!

Change log

See CHANGELOG for more information on what has changed recently.


See LICENSE for more information.