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A Nintendo GameCube binary loader for Ghidra
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Ghidra GameCube Loader

A Nintendo GameCube binary loader for Ghidra.

Includes optional symbol map importing, automatic namespace creation, and demangling support.

Supported Formats

  • DOL Executables (.dol)
  • Relocatable Modules (.rel)


This loader requires the Gekko/Broadway processor definitions for Ghidra. These must be installed prior to using the loaders.


  • Ensure you have JAVA_HOME set to the path of your JDK 11 installation.
  • Set GHIDRA_INSTALL_DIR to your Ghidra install directory. This can be done in one of the following ways:
    • Windows: Running set GHIDRA_INSTALL_DIR=<Absolute path to Ghidra without quotations>
    • macos/Linux: Running export GHIDRA_INSTALL_DIR=<Absolute path to Ghidra>
    • Using -PGHIDRA_INSTALL_DIR=<Absolute path to Ghidra> when running ./gradlew
    • Adding GHIDRA_INSTALL_DIR to your Windows environment variables.
  • Run ./gradlew
  • You'll find the output zip file inside /dist


  • Copy the zip file to <Ghidra install directory>/Extensions/Ghidra.
  • Start Ghidra and use the "Install Extensions" dialog to finish the installation. (File -> Install Extensions...).
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