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Merge branch 'master' into openelec-1.0

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2 parents 3aaf4b6 + 8ba1d25 commit 3441a0f4233a48fa510edef4438721610ae9a2ce @sraue sraue committed Jan 24, 2011
@@ -15,11 +15,11 @@
<string id="2122">Netwerk apparaat of MAC adres</string>
<string id="2130">IP instelling</string>
<string id="2131">Statisch IP adres</string>
- <string id="2132">Netmask Prefixlength</string>
+ <string id="2132">Netwerkprefix lengte</string>
<string id="2133">Netwerk gateway</string>
- <string id="2134">DNS servers 1</string>
- <string id="2135">DNS servers 2</string>
- <string id="2136">DNS servers 3</string>
+ <string id="2134">DNS server 1</string>
+ <string id="2135">DNS server 2</string>
+ <string id="2136">DNS server 3</string>
<string id="2150">WLAN Instellingen</string>
<string id="2151">WLAN SSID (router naam)</string>
<string id="2152">WLAN beveiliging</string>

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